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While I've heard good things about oDesk(I think there was another one, eLance?), I have to agree with the sentiment of this. I spent several weeks trying to get some simple work on freelancer.com so I could build up some credibility, and every project was either not worth your time("please create a site just like Facebook, I will pay $100"), or someone who had more projects completed will come in with a modest offering and be the one who gets approval for the work. It was pretty irritating. I tried to take an exam for C# that was offered by the site, but the payment system kept crapping out on me, and I'm pretty sure I got charged for it without being allowed to take the test.

I want to do remote work, but going through these sites makes me grateful that I'm actually part of a company that pays me a salary.

Rentacoder, freelancer, etc are definitely bottom of the barrel in terms of income and quality of projects.

I've always found the quality and cost of eLance and oDesk to be higher. Now that they've merged, I think there is something there, the development talent in Eastern Europe is excellent.

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