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I got hired through WeWorkRemotely fairly recently, I didn't know the competition could be that fierce! :)

Competition for remote work is fierce, and is only going to get more fierce for as long as it remains rare. For most people that are applying for remote work, they are applying not because of the work itself or a strong belief in the company. Their #1 search criterion is for remote work and all other details are probably a somewhat distant second, and until remote jobs are more available you will find it a competitive market.

Do you think the remote full time employee model makes sense, or is it better to switch to something like freelancing for remote employees?

But on the flip side, companies can get quality talent for cheap salaries, no?

They would get a whole lot more productivity out of me. Not being asked to fix users excel errors and being bugged every 5 minutes. (I know this is true, as the organization was a lot smaller 3 years ago when I started, and for the first year I was incredibly productive).

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