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It might be tough to get hired in that scenario. You might want to bootstrap this idea by first doing some of your own Node projects.

Quite; "pay me to learn technology X" is always going to be a tough sell unless you're bringing another skillset to a problem.

I think you don't understand me right... Simply: i want to find trainee aor junior remote job.

As long as the individual can demonstrate strong existing programming & engineering skills, and their pay scale is modest, I haven't seen it as a problem.

How about "don't pay me to learn technology X"? I wonder if there's such thing as an unpaid remote internship?

Yep, working on my own pet-projects is always sounds good and i'm doing it, but money, even small amount is always better motivation.

Look at it from the other side. Who would want to hire someone remotely and part time so they can learn a new stack? If someone is willing to hire both a part time and remote worker, they will want an experienced dev who can bring value right away.

I learned Django / Python on the job (coming from Perl).

My colleague was always ranting about how much better Python was than Perl. Having inherited her code, I was writing far better code while learning Python than she was after doing a PhD in bioinformatics (~4 years?).

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