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I really like openVPN better for this stuff. Have a RPI listening on just about every port that exists TCP and UDP (via IP tables rules). I travel a lot. Sometimes places like China. I always get out. Of course I keep the RPI outside my local DMZ for security reasons.

+1 for this approach if you need access from China. SOCKS won't help if you have poisoned DNS, so if using ssh you might want to run squid on your server, and use HTTP proxy instead.

Re: using multiple ports for OpenVPN, I do this too, and it works well in conjunction with remote-random configured on the client side. In my experience using the same IP/port for OpenVPN for long periods of time can get that combo blocked after a few days. TCP seems to have better throughout than UDP for me, although this didn't used to be the case.

I am going to China for two weeks. What software and services should I investigate to prepare myself?

Get a local 3G SIM card from China Unicom (中国联通). Just ask someone where the nearest store is.

Subscribe to a VPN service (or rent a cheap VPS and set up your own).

Install these apps on your phone:

- Pleco (chinese dictionary)

- Baidu Maps (百度地图)

- WeChat (微信)

Email me (address in profile) if you want specific advice on VPN etc. or if you want to grab a beer in Beijing

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