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Very clear explanation! Thanks. RemoteForward is often not explained with a plausible example.

Hint for an addition: I find it easier to specify tunneling in ~/.ssh/config file (LocalForward and RemoteForward directives).

Thanks! I've actually written this out of frustration with the existing tutorials and kind of for self reference, since every time I want to do a tunnel I spend 15 minutes googling it :)

I just set this up and there was one gotcha, the syntax is slightly different at least on my version (OpenSSH_6.6p1 Ubuntu-2ubuntu1).

The LocalForward and RemoteForward takes two arguments instead of one, so I had to use:

    LocalForward localhost:8000 localhost:80
There were a lot of examples online of the syntax being just like the command line, so mine's either very outdated or it was recently changed.

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