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Babylon.js: Framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL (babylonjs.com)
31 points by NicoJuicy on May 15, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Hi! To avoid having too long loading time, we have the support for incremental loading. But we definitely need to work on optimizing the size of our scene format also.

You are one of the developers of BabylonJS? I saw an article based on babylon because on Coding4Fun :)


I thought it was weird that i didn't found any links to babylonjs here :)

Seems like a great framework!

Yes, I am. :)

We have great things coming on babylon.js in the next days. It's mainly a personal project we have as a small team with David Catuhe, Michel Rousseau and Pierre Lagarde. We have great feedbacks so far!

The robot demo was nice but it took out the browser.. visually scrambled everything.

Maybe needs a warning label for slightly older systems.

We are sorry for the loading times, we have a lot of people on the site (Running on my own computer)

demos look quite nice but wow they take a long time to load, took about 5 minutes to download 50mb for a short scene, makes me wonder if download times are going to be a limiting factor in webgl games.

I think their website is getting hammered from Hacker News. I've seen it load faster than what I saw today. :)

You're right. Looks like our server has difficulties to handle the load. I'm going to work on hosting it elsewhere.

Once it's loaded, it should be faster to reload as we've implemented support for offline via IndexedDB.

There are a lot of screenshots on the frontpage, i think that doesn't really help with the HN requests ;)

Looks very cool, this is going on the list of libraries to play with!

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