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Good list. I would add "Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names"[1].

[1] http://www.kalzumeus.com/2010/06/17/falsehoods-programmers-b...


Falsehoods programmers believe about geography


Falsehoods programmers believe about addresses


Falsehoods programmers believe about gender


Falsehoods programmers believe about networks


Falsehoods programmers believe about build systems


Falsehoods programmers believe about time


More falsehoods programmers believe about time

I feel like I have read most of these in a piecemeal fashion, but seeing all these articles together like this really drives home the importance of paying attention to the basics. Great collection; thanks for sharing!

All of these are great resources. Just as "Falsehoods programmers believe about names" they are howevere not resources every programmer needs to read (though they may of course benefit from it).

And honestly, a lot of "falsehoods" are really just nitpicking. I mean yes, you may once in your lifetime encounter a user with a real name longer than 2048 characters (or wherever you've set your limit) but really, if those are your biggest problems you're in a really good position :)

It is usually the simpler issues that bite you when internationalizing. The separation of first and last names don't always work outside the anglosphere (and sometimes even within it). Some users have 5/6 part names etc etc.

So many lists. And so many good additions by people in the comments.

There should be a github repo and site that lists everything so additions can be managed.

Yep, that was the one I thought was conspicuously missing.

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