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[dupe] In about 2 hours it’s 1400000000 unix time
28 points by Profpatsch on May 13, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments
date +"%s"

Roughly every three years, the "exciting" change will be in 2033 when it rolls over into 2000000000.

The MOST exciting time will be when it hits 2147483647.

Not sure why people suggest programs that people must run several times to view that timestamp, instead of solutions for everyone.

Here's a webpage for it: https://thefiletree.com/jan/html/time.html

If you use Windows, UNIX time probably isn't very relevant to you.

  while true; do echo "I'll have a life in $(expr 1400000000 - $(date +"%s")) seconds" && sleep 1; done

Basic countdown timer; tried to get that updating every second, what am I missing here?


It should be setInterval(updateClock, 1000) not setInterval(updateClock(), 1000)

I remember having recently survived Y2K having to go through all our code and databases again before UNIX time went from 9 to 10 digits in September of 2001.

Why does anyone care about a decimal milestone? I thought the excitement would be when you flip a big bit.

It's because I got 10 fingers on my hands. So that kind of makes it interesting, I guess.

Unix time is representing seconds, and seconds are a human measurement which use decimal notation.

Seconds are base 60 actually, just like minutes

I thought about that too, but then we would just be encouraging people to watch as the year wraps around at midnight on 1 January. That milestone is usually overshadowed by other things.

  package com.example;
   * 	./Main/src/com/example/Main.java
  public class Main {
  	public static void main(String[] args) {

Hacky shell script...

while [ True ]; do sleep 1; clear; echo $(date +%s); done

The title of this post seems to be rather out of date.

6000 seconds. That’s still about 2 hours. :)

For unix people:

watch -n 1 date -u +%s

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