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You can actually use CloudFlare and stay on Github pages. In the CloudFlare DNS editor you can point your root at github's cname address and everything will work. If you choose not to enable CloudFlare proxy service you can still use the DNS to flatten Github's cname. See http://blog.cloudflare.com/introducing-cname-flattening-rfc-...

You can, but then you get automated emails from Github Support telling you that your DNS config is wrong and that you should be using CNAMEs rather than A records (since Cloudflare flattens the virtual CNAMEs to As if you do a DNS lookup).

What domain? I'll get an issue filed to stop sending warning emails in cases like this. Thanks!

It's studio.zerobrane.com (pointing to pkulchenko.github.io/ZeroBraneStudio); thanks for looking into it!

If you have a subdomain, there's no need to use Cloudflare - if you CNAME this domain to pkulchenko.github.io you'll use GitHub's CDN automatically.

Oh wow. I’ll update the article now, thanks!

Edit: Done, seeing changes will need an F5.

I don't believe that it is valid per RFC 1034 to set the root domain record to be a CNAME.

I found this out when I asked this question a while back: http://serverfault.com/questions/55528/set-root-domain-recor...

You should try reading his link.

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