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Ask HN: How would you raise $200 in 3 days?
2 points by gremlinsinc on May 11, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
I've been in transition for 4months with zero income, not for lack of trying. I'm a junior Dev though and everyone wants mid to senior level.

i have $4 to my name, but need just a little to tide me over for two weeks. I'm going into a top 15 accelerator this week and should get some funds from that, any suggestions? i tried a teespring campaign teespring.com/geekyhusband but no sales.

Sell something you own. Offer a service to a neighbor. Tutor someone. Pan Handle. Busk.

Ask your mom. It's 200 dollars, not 200k.

yeah - no family to ask, on my own. I tried tutoring, wordpress installs, posted ads all over facebook and craigslist no bites - it sucks when you know you can code, but are missing something when it comes to getting that first job, least I have my startup, I may have to go to panhandling soon, but at the end of the summer could get 500k or more in funding, and that would go a long way towards growing the company, and my career.

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