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It mostly has to do with the way you squint and look at it. You're a smart guy, give it a few goes and it'll make sense.

To whoever downmodded the parent: I'm pretty sure it was sarcasm. That is, I'm pretty sure when he says "it has to do with the way you squint and look at it", he's saying that there really is not much difference.

sarcasm generally does not add signal to the conversation, so it is downvoted here like humor and other noise.

I felt that that particular piece of sarcasm added more to the conversation than a simple statement of my agreement, which is distinct from an upvote, however, I was also unaware of this general policy/behavior of the forum as it is mentioned in neither the FAQ nor the guidelines. Thanks for the heads up.

edit: just to be clear, this is not sarcasm.

Of course sarcasm itself does not add signal, but a valuable comment can be sarcastic. It is only noise if it wastes time.

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