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The way I'm integrating Backbone and React that is very simple and has been working well is something like this:

    MyComponent = React.createClass({
        componentDidMount: function(){
            this.props.collection.on('request', function(){
    	       this.setState({loading: true});

            this.props.collection.on('sync', function(){
    	       this.setState({loading: false});

Now you just write handlers to modify the collection and sync. setState takes care of triggering a render when your collection changes. As a bonus, you might want to render something different while in "loading" state.

If you don't want the component to own the collection (if you want to share a collection between multiple components), just pass it as a prop from a parent component; otherwise you can instantiate a new collection on getDefaultProps.

I believe the latest version of React does autobinding on component methods, so you shouldn't need .bind(this). There should be a warning letting you know this (unless it is different for the public version :/).

These aren't component methods so they don't get autobound -- arrow functions would of course work here though.

Ah of course, I was reading it wrong. Thanks.

Thanks! I find this very helpful. Seems like a terrific pattern.

@wingspan: Facebook's runs the exact same code as the open source version, but on master.

Ah right, I thought so. So as long as @hcarvalhoalves is using a recent version they should be fine.

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