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Thanks for writing this. A small feedback: "The power of transformation over APIs... without the hassle." does not really convey what you do to a potential customer. People have very short attention spans and you have only a few seconds at most to convey what your service does. Most people will not scroll down to read more otherwise.

I agree. No idea what they do based on that description.

Same here. Thank you for the feedback. We will try to make it clearer! :)

what we do is to offer a configurable proxy for APIs where someone can configure various aspects of them, e.g. transform and filter request & response bodies, headers etc, simplify and accelerate the work a developer has to do in order to interact with APIs and integrate them with her apps. leting us know that we dont communicate well what we do is probably the most valuable feedback we can get at this point and it is much appreciated!!!

thanks a lot for your feedback! We are trying to make it better. Got your point ;)

PS. I hope the post info will prove useful :)

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