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Looks good, particularly the support for host networking; this will be a boon (I think) for those of us using Docker to run lightweight VM style containers which we wish to have directly accessible on the network by other machines/devices, and resolved via an existing router's DHCP/DNS. Is there a way to assign a MAC address to a container under this mechanism so I can setup the corresponding DNS via my router (or dnsmasq)?

(comment copied from the other item about Docker today)

Agree. Couldn't believe this wasn't in there when I checked it out before. Isn't using bridged interfaces with VMs/containers a major use case? It's certainly my primary config, but maybe I'm doing it wrong.

I think Docker was originally designed for PaaS "app container" usage where containers are too cheap to waste an IP address on, hence the NATing and port forwarding. For VMs or "system containers" it makes sense to give each one its own MAC and IP address.

I'd also consider it very important to be able to run Docker on any host - for instance a small VPS server that only has its own single IP address.

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