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2048 in Emacs (bitbucket.org)
67 points by qdot76367 on May 6, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Whoa. I'm the author of this 2048-game.el (the one in MELPA; there are many implementations), located at https://bitbucket.org/zck/2048.el. The coloring is definitely something I've wanted to add to the game, but was holding off on for the moment.

Why? Scoring. 2048 has a score that's also a number. So if you colorize only based on keywords, you'll color the score too. And that's bad.

Edit: I'd happily take patches, suggestions, or pointers to documentation on how to do the colorization properly. Email in profile.

Thanks for working on this! I didn't send a patch because I have terrible colour sense and haven't bothered checking for light backgrounds. I figured you knew about defface and already had plans for that at some point. I haven't played with faces much myself, so it was more of an excuse to share what I was learning with people. =) Looking forward to the upstream-colorized version!

That's just the colorization. Here's actual elisp by Steve Sprang (ssprang):


Correction: Steve's above code is another implementation.

Colorization is against Zachary Kanfer's (zck) implementation in MELPA, which is here:


And don't miss David Thompson's (davexunit) Guile version mentioned below.

I'd much prefer to see these core code packages in the spotlight over the OP's mere colorization link.

I read the source code to this a few weeks ago and got inspired to write my own 2048 clone in my Lisp of choice: Guile Scheme. It was a fun little hack.

Here's a screenshot after I mashed the arrow keys until I lost: http://media.dthompson.us/mgoblin_media/media_entries/3/Scre...

And the source (warning, messy): https://gitorious.org/guile-2d/guile-2d/source/a316893a68ae4...

Please keep it up. I go through the motions of reading about many different languages and technologies, and seeing your HN comments about your Guile work keep me coming back.

Thanks for the encouragement!

You've inspired me to publish my own version of 2048 for PalmOS, that I've written several weeks ago. It is also in Scheme. https://github.com/naa/2048-palm

This is awesome. The source code is very short and concise. Thanks for sharing.

did you use gtk bindings?

No, I used my work-in-progress game engine that uses an SDL and OpenGL.

Actually, the one on MELPA appears to be a different implementation. There was some discussion about it on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/21mklt/2048_puzzle_in...

Since [1] was just adding colors, it seemed fair to change the url to the underlying implementation, so we did that.

[1] http://sachachua.com/blog/2014/05/2048-emacs-colours/

Yeah, I should've dug a bit more into it, just saw Sacha's post on my RSS and went with that since I hadn't heard of Emacs 2048 at all yet. Thanks for the update.

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