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I'm not gonna lie to you, many - MANY places you interview are going to do the "CS Secret Handshake". They may have you whiteboard some problems to see how you think. (this is completely legitimate) But they might ask, "ok, so tell me about the efficiency of this algorithm in Big-O notation." You can learn that! Many tech interviews are done by tech people that have no interviewing skills... so they go look up ridiculous interview questions on google, and ask you to solve them. Then they don't do YOU the favor of letting YOU look up solutions! You can combat this by learning how to solve problems methodically. I agree with the other commenters about learning data structures and algorithms as a bare minimum. Then do something like Rebecca Murphy's JS-Assessment (if you're into Javascript). A bunch of math is no substitute for raw problem solving talent... although they often overlap.

Re: CS Secret Handshake--years ago, I found the Programming Interviews Exposed book. I own the first edition. It's a lot of concise explanations of different Computer Science topics. The authors focus on things that are likely to come up in an interview. The book provides a few tricks and an orientation to topics that are worth looking at further.

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