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SEEKING WORK, San Francisco or remote. Ruby Javascript full-stack Developer. I've built several mvp's and am currently working on my own startup. Interested in doing freelance work while I bootstrap my company.

I have 6 years programming experience in various contexts. I have a CS degree with a focus in ML and AI.

keywords: java, javascript, angularjs, ember.js, css, sass, scss, compass, yeoman, bower, grunt, ionic, html5, mobile, phonegap, cordova, heroku, postgresql, mongo, nodejs, coffeescript, rails 4, devise, aws, amazon web services, s3, machine learning, artificial intelligence, python, numpy, scipy, jquery, unix, bash, bootstrap, zurb, d3.js, ruby on rails, nodejs, node.js, sails

blog: morenoh149.github.io

email: username at gmail

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