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> We're starting with New York and London, but in the coming years we hope to head to Asia, South America and Africa.

I hope they have India on their radar! It would be awesome for the Indian Startup scene to hear all those great speakers live!

I doubt YC would want to enter India market. For all the talent and entrepreneurial spirit that Indians have our startup culture sucks. There are several reasons:

1. The infrastructure: India doesn't have the tech infrastructure. Take the 3 major e-commerce requirements for example: internet access, online payment and delivery. Even the basic internet infrastructure in India sucks. Most people access the internet over their phones because getting home internet is still a pricey affair for most people. A pretty small number of people have access to credit cards and for those who do, processing payment online is a huge pain. The postal infrastructure is also pretty bad. India post is flaky and other courier companies are pretty bad or expensive or both.

2. Government interference: Indian government is inconsistent, heavy-handed and has very little interest in improving the tech sector. Most state governments are downright hostile.

3. Lack of exit opportunities: Indian tech sector lacks big players who can provide the entrepreneurs and investors meaningful exits. The culture of acquisitions as a meaningful way to get market advantage is not there. Your only hope is sell to a American or a European company looking to gain a foothold in the region (rare) or IPO (even rarer).

4. Corruption and general apathy: To get anything meaningful done in India is a struggle. From getting setup as a company to getting a good internet connection. You have to fight corruption and apathy of the organizations (both public and private) you are dealing with.

5. Labor laws: Labor laws in India are a joke. They are a relic of the socialist times and are heavily biased on the side of the employees. Setting up any type of manufacturing or operations in India is a legal nightmare. If that's not enough, the trade unions operate as a mafia and its downright dangerous to deal with them.

There is a lot of opportunity in India too but until we overcome the problems that entrepreneurs and investors face, Indian tech startup scene would never take off.

I thought the idea of Startup School was to "sell" YC to founders there, along with the implicit idea of moving to SV. Seems like a stronger case for India than a lot of other places (great founders, but fucked up environment, so they have the most relative advantage to moving, especially if they can keep enough connections to India to continue to recruit for remote or relo.)

I don't know what Sama's plan is but it doesn't scale very well. If you plan to fund thousands of promising startups, I don't know if you would want to bring them all to the US. The biggest reason for that for the first few years startups succeed more in one geographical region (as in one industry industry segment and one customer profile) and asking them to move might not be the best of idea. It will work for some but will destroy some other promising companies.

Oh, it looks very close to situation in Russia except internet connection and online payments. But other is looks close, I guess that setup and operate IT company from Russia is much simple, safe and cheap as offshore (in Cyprus, Belize, New Zealand etc) than local (especially if you would like to build products development oriented business).

That looks like a shopping list of opportunities to me. Exactly the sort of place you'd want to be investing in startups...

How about Taiwan? :) Would be good to have some real-impact project like this over here...

Won't this list be true for every country at some point of time ?

We have to start somewhere.

Just taking an Indian startup and merging it with our organisation, I know there are some fabulous local Bangalore speakers that have great stories to tell. I could fill half a day with just some of my contacts/friends/colleagues.

Why not just organize an event yourself then ?

Maybe we'll do just that.

Same here. Eagerly waiting for YC in India. Hope they start soon in India.

+1 but we can only hope

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