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Great introduction to partitions. I did not know how exactly they are used. And now I think that I do. Thank you!

What I noticed (some improvement suggestions):

1) "the planner could tell (using knowledge from the check constraint) that employees_1 was the only table it needed to look at."

Well, I think it still checks the parent table, right?

2) You could mention that it is possible to create a trigger function which inserts new data automatically into the correct child table (as described in your final link, here: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.3/static/ddl-partitioning.h...).

I think it would be cool if PostgreSQL could create these trigger functions automatically based on the check constraints...

I'm also wondering why foreign key constraints are not inherited?

yes, the parent is also a target table -- but for partitioning you never put anything in the parent. I could probably talk about the troubles of putting data in the parent table.

and yes, a trigger function is possible -- and I could have mentioned it (although this was written as an explanation of partitioning using the gem I created). I should mention the alternatives and why they weren't employed.

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