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If you like the movie reviews on The Incomparable podcast (the recent WarGames episode, for instance), perhaps you'll agree with me that there should be a web site/app that offers full-length, fan-created movie commentaries that can be played while viewing the movie.

Business model should probably be subscription (who wants spot ads thrown into the middle of their movies?) or something simple like $1 per commentary. The service should seek out talent to create the commentary tracks and pay them for their work.

I don't know about movies (maybe) but for sports this sounds like a great idea; instead of listening to the same old commentators you could have your friends or inspired amateurs, or famous people or who knows who? commenting on the game.

Some kind of youtube-soundcloud-twitter mashup with a strong focus on realtime.

Not sure how it should work but there should be potential.

I like the sports idea. The question is where do you get the content from.

not that interesting. It distracts the focus from the content. plus there are tons of such stuff people do on youtube.

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