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An online organizational space for HOA's. It would allow HOA members to view the budget, see the monthly meeting agenda, file proxy votes, see any open issues, and vote on board members.

I have the feeling (based on personal experience) that some HOA managers prefer to operate in obscurity, so it may be tough to market.

I rented a house in a gated, golf-course development last year and my neighbor asked me to build something like this (he was on the board).

I think it could work–could be tough to sell, though.

Damn good idea, but as you suggest I can't see the managers being too keen on it.

I saw a suggestion on reddit once that you can canvas your neighborhood to get proxy votes for any HOA meeting. Using the proxies, you can bring forth a motion, second it with one of the proxies, and then (typically) win the vote. So the marketing campaign could push this idea to frustrated HOA members.

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