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Show HN: Stash, an evernote for command line (trystash.com)
70 points by nyddle on May 2, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 46 comments

Cool as fuck! Will definitely use.

Some issues I noticed:

* When you are signing up and type your email address into the box, it gives you an error if you press enter (but it works if you click the button)

* Typo here: http://i.imgur.com/w6rxsqx.png

* Doesn't seem to work on Windows 8. The package installs fine (via pip) but breaks when I try to use it... http://i.imgur.com/Llokwl9.png

CBF sending this as an email

Thank you! Fixed the singnup box. Haven't tried it on Windows yet (think we'll have to fix some directory code).

Is there something that I can run locally for the data storage yet still hit from multiple computers? I've considered writing a CLI interface to the Etherpad API for just this reason. A lot of what I do depends on code/script snips but I can't store my employer's stuff in someone else's system.

You mean like an internally hosted version of trystash.com?

Yep, that's exactly what I'd like.

Funnily enough, I've been working on a little open-souce evernote clone side project for the last while, and was just contemplating making a cli client for it the other day.


I may have to bump that up the priority list a bit, once I've done some work to make the project more ready for self deployment.

I for one would very much appreciate a self hosted version.

Please, drop me a line so I can ping you when we'll come up with one.

Check out taskwarrior.

Slightly related: an old Scala command line todo app of mine: https://code.google.com/p/whendone/wiki/ExampleSession

This seems pretty cool. Not sure if I will remember to use it but might work better than a txt file I keep handy. Though for my most common annoyingly long commands I normally create an alias.

Indeed. I usually rely on ZSH + the zsh-history-substring-plugin, on Bash + ^r or my .bashrc/.zshrc, but this looks like a better solution.

The synching sound sweet, but I wonder if the data get encrypted. It's opensource so I can just look myself, but I think it's something that should be clear on the homepage.

Right now it is not. We'll add encryption as soon as possible.

See also: Boom (Open-source). The project page is pretty aggressive, but it's a nice little tool.


Stash is actually a "boom in the cloud".

So they should've named it Thunder?

Seems like you could emulate this easily with Dropbox and a couple shell aliases.

Can I run my own server? Is the server part open-source too, or just the client?

Not yet, just the client.

The server is called "redis"

Thanks, but no thanks.

I would suggest adding a privacy policy to your website.

Is there a reason the server isnt open source? Do you have some business model in mind, or just havent got around to it.

Just haven't thought about it yet. But seems like people want a self-hosted version so I think we'll come up with one after polishing the current version.

I just replaced Evernote with Justnotes. It's like nValt but I think with more features (tags, etc). Mapped to a nice keyboard shortcut and it's really fast to access old notes / make new ones. :)

Would love something like this for 1Password. Being able to quickly grab credentials from command line would be great when logging in to boxes not set up for key-based login.

Have you considered using kpcli and Keepass files to store server info for machines not set up with key based login? I use it on OSX with my keepass database and it works pretty well. See http://kpcli.sourceforge.net/

Thank you, will check this out.

Looks really cool and will definitely try it. Was also thinking about forking it and making it save the key value pairs on a file in my dropbox.

Great idea! I think we can somehow add a "remote dropbox" (or whatever) option to the client.

A reasonable first cut might be making the local storage target configurable (if it isn't already), so that the user could point it to a file synced by Dropbox. It doesn't look like there's any daemon involved, so changes made from one box would be visible on the others as soon as Dropbox finished syncing them.

Perfect idea, simple and elegant. Though I wonder if there would not be lock conflicts between the file-syncing dropbox does and the file-reading that stash would need.

Depends on who's locking what, I suppose; I'm not sure about Stash, but I haven't seen the Dropbox client holding write locks.

I think everything should work fine and this kind of locks is very uncommon.

Or you could use org-mode + capture + org-protocol.

That's for real programmers! http://xkcd.com/378/

After I turn off local mode, why does it still say "local" when adding a new key-value pair?

"Item has been updated (local)"

Brilliant! Are there any other tools from the command line that I can use from my web server to make my life easier like this?

Cool tool! How do I save a code snippet if its in a file using stash? An example please?

cat file | stash set snippet_name

Is there any way to do the reverse? e.g., pipe or cat the output from stash into a file?

Cool tool by the way, I've been browsing the source and playing around with it.

stash set snippet_name < file

Looks nice to keep things like urls and some todo lists closer! Will check it!

I get "Method Not Allowed

The method is not allowed for the requested URL."


s/coud/cloud, presumably.

Sure, fixed.

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