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Ask HN: Who wants to be hired?
559 points by jader201 on May 2, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 366 comments
With the blessing of dang [1], I'm starting a thread to allow those looking to be hired by a company a way to communicate that to the HN community. Think of this as the inverse of the "Who is hiring?" monthly threads [2] -- except this is not a whoishiring sponsored or monthly thread (yet).

There are a couple of reasons why this thread may be valuable on HN. One, it gives those interested in looking to hire HN enthusiasts a quick view of who is looking for a job. Second, it also gives the HN community a way to give back by helping other HN members find a good fit through networking.

If you're looking to be hired by a company, please use this thread to let other HN members know.

If you're looking for talent, by all means, check out the candidates below and if you see a good fit, connect! Please no recruiters, unless specifically indicated (opt-in).

If you're not hiring/looking to be hired, take a look over the candidates below and connect with them if you're aware of a potential fit for them.

Up/Down Voting: I would propose that up/down voting be reserved to help promote high quality submissions, and push down those clearly not putting in much effort or are off-topic. Use sparingly.

I am loosely proposing the following format (obviously you're welcome to use any format you'd like):

  [Location], [Remote | Relocation], [Full Time | Contract | Part Time]

  Stack: [Comma delimited list of technologies]

  Resume: [Link to resume]

  Contact: [Email address or other means of contact]

  [Brief overview, what you're looking for in a company, etc.]
Note: Do not use this thread to hold meta discussion. That belongs on the original thread [1]. This thread is reserved for posts by those looking to be hired.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7682189

[2] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7679431

Ontario, Canada; Remote/Local; Contract | Full Time | Part Time

Stack: Python, C/C++, Lisp (Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Hy), OpenStack

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pazy0hnmqpj3ut/cv.pdf

Contact: in cv.pdf

10 years of experience as a software developer.

I want to try something challenging; possibly breaking into the sciences. I'm concerned about the post antibiotic future and coping with climate change (urban planning/architecture design for extreme weather conditions, food scarcity and agritech). I'm passionate about cellular automata, compilers/programming-languages, and computing environments that assist and extend our abilities and talents.

I'm presently investigating chemistry, biochem, a-chem, CA, and T.J. Hutton's work. Developing tools around iPython or extending the idea to enable re-producible, executable experiments. I'd be very interested in developing compilers for scientific DSLs that output vhdl to run simulations and experiments on FPGA hardware. Pushing the boundaries of CA, modelling reactions, trying to tackle retro-synthesis, and simulating life; using machine learning, sensors, and image recognition to optimize farming and reduce/remove the need for antibiotics. Sequencing. I'm wide open to ideas and am willing to jump in to an interesting project (want to co-found a startup?).

Are you into Data Science ? We're looking for Data guys: http://predikt.co (measure your professional data from the social web)

Louisville KY, Remote | Local, Full Time

Stack: C#, ASP.NET MVC, JS/jQuery, SQL Server, Entity Framework, Git, TeamCity

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jeradrose

Contact: jerad [at] jader201 [dot] com

I'm looking for a full-stack web development position. I have extensive (15 years+) experience with the MS stack and have been working with MVC since it was introduced to the MS stack. However, I'm completely open to other stacks if you allow me time to pick it up.

Love to see another .NET developer on HN! The Freelancer and Hiring posts each month usually ignore C# and ASP. Good luck! If you want to chat about .NEt, feel fre to contact me.

I'm a .NET dev too...there's more of us on here than you think

That's right look for Programming languages polls here in HN and you'll find a lot of C sharpers


+1 .NET developer.

For the same reason, moving to Front-End development on my next job (mid-june).

Awesome to see. Windows DevOps guy here.

how does that work??

edit: just found http://www.getchef.com/solutions/windows/ That'll help.

Currently alot of custom stuff. Mainly in .NET with hosted Powershell. Chef also supports Windows as you found but support is abit too strong of a word sometimes.

The reality is that Windows DevOps means rolling alot of your own and integrating back with the System Center suite, specifically Operations Manger, Configuration Manager and Virtual Machine Manager.

What is nice about the Windows world is most of the core services actually have decent either fully managed (.NET) or atleast reasonable native APIs. Powershell is also very widespread now which is quite nice to interact with from C#/.NET.

Wow, first time I've seen Virtual Machine Manager mentioned in the wild. I was on the original team that built that product at Microsoft. How long I fought for a real, native API :( Worst part was that there was a decent one hiding beneath the PowerShell layer that was not exposed.

Yeah.. I am currently loading that assembly up and using it from C#.. I am not sure of the licensing implications but it's not too bad once you wrap it abit.

VMM is actually great. As are the technologies that come with it. NVGRE and the new multi-tenant gateway (net compartments + BGP basically) is awesome.

You should apply to come work with me at Stack Exchange! Your profile/s likes are a really close match to what our likes are, minus the TDD aspect.

We're hiring full stack devs: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/34229/full-stack-web-d...

I did find the lecture from your lead architect funny where he claimed testing was unnecessary when you've got Meta StackOverflow, where people will eagerly find your bugs for free and submit patches too! Pretty sweet deal you've got.

Yeah, it's pretty fantastic. I recently did a talk about how we handled our mobile release process, and getting feedback from our Meta site (and having the feedback be public rather than to just one person) was a god send.

There's some extra details in the speaker notes (in the JS console) here: http://kasrarahjerdi.com/se-goes-mobile/#/7

Thanks for the lead architect, but I am a mere developer :-)

Awesome! I have been looking forward to this thread.

Locations: Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Traveling consultant, or Remote

Open to Full time or Contract

Stack (.NET): C# and Visual Basic, ASP.Net MVC, WebAPI, Signalr, SQL Server, Team System, NUnit, IIS, Secure Web Services, Azure Cloud

Stack (Java): Java server pages, Spring MVC, Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql, SVN, Jenkins, JUnit, TomCat, Apache, WebSphere

Stack (Other): GIT, OAuth, HTML5/CSS/Javascript with NodeJS and JQuery, ANY NoSQL (I am writing THE NoSQL book), XML, OpenStack and Amazon cloud

Full Curriculum Vitae: http://NoSQL.Com

I am looking for full-stack web development or leadership position. I have 20+ years experience and have founded my own companies - I get the job done. I also have been a professional consultant, so I can interface with clients and am willing to travel. Full waterfall and agile scrum master for the full software development lifecycle

I LOVE technology and solving big problems contact Ric [at] NoSQL [dot] com

Ok - First the good news: I was already contacted for a new position!

The bad news: Ageism is alive and well in Philadelphia. I do not mind working with recruiters, but your requirements should NOT say you are looking for a "20-something developer". That is discrimination. He claimed this was a request from the client, but it is still illegal.

Also, yes I do own NoSQL.com and I love working in NoSQL, but I did not 'invent NoSQL'. No one did - it is just a marketing term that I was lucky enough to get the domain. Please - if you are looking to hire technical people, please at least try to understand some of the technology.

A recruiter didn't understand the illegality of specifying an age range? Wow.


[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7682189

[2] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7679431

I strongly suggest that if you contribute to this thread you should upvote the item, otherwise it will sink without trace and your contribution lost.

Bay Area, temporarily at home in India due to extenuating circumstances.

Available for full-time anywhere in 3-4 months. Have a US work visa for a quick transition. Can contract till then.

Looking for Data Science/ Machine Learning/ Algorithmic Development Roles. Recruiters welcome.

Went to a top 5 CS school, published more than half a dozen well-cited papers, wrote production code in various roles. Created a moderately successful startup. Work featured by major tech and general press.

Earlier related work includes recommender systems, combinatorial optimization, question answering systems and general NLP/ AI resource and algorithm development.

Stack: Java/C++/Objective C for production code, Python/R/Julia for scientific computing, HTML/CSS/JS for interactive viz and misc.

Please get in touch at: dataguy1729 at gmail.com

Anywhere☆, Full-time, On-site

PhD Experimental Physics, BS UC Berkeley EECS.

Stack: Matlab, C, C++, Python, (others as needed). (Not a web programmer.)

Resume: http://de.linkedin.com/pub/tobin-fricke/26/162/90a

Contact: fricke at gmail

Looking for something interesting involving physics, data analysis / data science, computer science theory, functional programming, or other fun stuff. ☺

☆ California native, currently living in Germany.

You might consider applying to Galois, in Portland.

Is finance a no-go? I know someone who might be interested, although I haven't seen the job-specs. I'll ask them on Monday and put you in contact if you're okay with it.

Finance could definitely be interesting. Please do put us in contact if there's possible of a match. Thanks!

Haifa, Israel; Remote OR Relocation; Full Time

Stack: Unix/Linux systems programming, Scala, Coq, Lisp, Python, Matlab, C/C++, Python, Ruby on Rails (once), kernel hacking, etc.

Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=33147086 or ("eli" ++ "gottlieb" + '@' + List("g","m","a","i","l",".","c","o","m").foldRight("")((x,y) => x ++ y))

About you: You are doing something real, not just another social-mobile-local roomate's-dog-sexting app or enterprise CRUD backend. You have technical depth and challenge coming out the wazoo. You are not merely "changing the world", you are awkwardly avoiding the words world domination in conversation when people ask what you do. You may create or abolish entire industries. We all have our part, and you are damn well doing yours, and you know it.

(If the above sounds like I'm asking for only the most over-hyped melodramatists among companies... well, think of how you write your job ads.)

About me: I started programming at age 11, wrote my own microkernel in Object Pascal in high school, specialized in programming languages and compilers in university, and have renewed my interest in operating systems in grad-school... while also trying to learn automated theorem-proving, type theory, and machine learning. I want to improve on all of these things (especially the ML); please do not be surprised if I shlep a textbook to work with me. Outside academia, I've worked on an analytics engine, a Ruby on Rails web application, the backend for secure file-storage in the cloud, and a handful of open-source projects.

Currently in my MSc at the Technion, and really pining for the not-Technion world at the moment. Hoping to finish either this semester (August) or next (February... Technion has very weird scheduling). Feel free to pass over me if my uncertainty about graduation date makes me useless to you, though for something really cool I might want to take leave from Technion anyway.

I'm working in EMC XtremIO, we do a high-performance enterprise storage which is a hit in the All-Flash-Array world. We do it in C and it's a game-changer in the enterprise storage world. EMC has essentially stopped saying the VMAX is a performance tier because of us, we kicked the VMAX out of the performance pool.

Lots and lots of interesting problems to work on. See http://israel.emc.com/corporate/jobs/coe/job-offerings/xtrem... for available positions and shoot me an email if interested (email in profile).

Stockholm, Sweden · Remote · Contract

Stack: JavaScript, Redis, Linux, RasPI, Arduino, Lua

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/linus · https://www.linkedin.com/in/linusthiel · https://github.com/linus

Contact: linus@bomben.se

Principled, experienced programmer searching for fun contracts. I only want to do good, not evil. See StackOverflow/GitHub profiles for vanity points.

Why is this limited to developers? That's fairly silly, imho. I know we have a lot of devs here, but we have a lot of non-devs too, and as an employer, I don't actually want to hire any devs, but I am hiring 4 non-dev roles.

I just looked on the GrantTree website only the job ad for marketing is active. Can I have some information on the client management role please?

I hardly see any other non-dev entries here. Added mine, hope others do too.

the only people I know who read HN are other devs

Can you specify what the 4 non-dev roles are?

1 Marketing/Community Manager, 2x Client Manager, and 1x Sales

Brazil/Australia/Europe - Remote | Relocation - Full Time - Brazilian / Italian citizen and 457 Australian visa.

Stack : 7 years on Java stack(Swing, Spring, EJB, Hibernate, Jbehave, Junit and so on...), some skills on Javascript and very interest in Scala and Grails.

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/cfontes - http://au.linkedin.com/in/cristianofontes/

Contact: cristianofontes - google email app.

I am looking for interesting projects.

I would like to work with scala or grails on my next project but that is not a hard dependency.

Happy with client facing technical roles and actually enjoy doing it. Willing to travel.

Toronto, Remote (or Toronto), Contract/Freelance

Stack: Full stack Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Heroku, AWS, Vagrant, etc.

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/fredngo

Contact: fredngo at gmail dot com

I have been working with Rails for 8 years, so I know the entire stack and ecosystem backwards and forwards (still learning every day though!), battle scars from startups, scaling, and all.

I am looking for contract/freelance work with Rails on large or small projects alike. In particular, I like creating MVPs and Prototypes, alone or in small teams.

Canadian citizen and frequently work with US and other international companies remotely.

Georgia, Europe. Remote or periodical onsite.

Experienced C++ engineer with a diverse background, including systems programming and rich cross-platform software development.

Interested in projects involving:

Stack: C++, C, Go (Golang), Erlang, Prolog, Haskell

Domain: Games, AI; Systems programming; Complex desktop or server systems; wxWidgets, Qt; Mobile apps; Logic and functional programming; Compilers/Interpreters/semantics

Contact: zura.jobs 'at gmail.com

London • Relocate (USA|UK dual citizen) • Full Time

Stack: Python (Flask|Pyramid|Django), JavaScript (jQuery|ko|ng|grunt|gulp), Node.js, PHP, HTML, CSS (SASS|LESS), Database (MySQL|Mongodb), Deployment (Git|Nginx|Apache|Ansible), Design (Illustrator|Photoshop)

Resume: http://izolate.net/resume.pdf

Contact: yoshtalwar (gmail)

I'm self taught full stack web developer and UX designer. Hugely passionate about the web, "openness", standards and APIs. And good design.

Culture and people matter the most to me. I want to be surrounded by engineer's engineers. People smarter and more experienced than I. Unix geeks, vim users, open source fanatics. Logical thinkers, tool tinkerers, beer drinkers.

I've had the pleasure of working in such a team, but life moved on and now I feel a deep void without that environment. If you have an engineering team that could do with a smart full stack engineer with an aesthetic eye, who is so very enamoured by computers and is deeply motivated to be the best he can... please get in touch.

How comfortable are you in PHP and back-end roles?

Location: Remote, US/Canada[with relo], Western Europe[Germany a +] Full-time employee/freelancer, maybe founder

Stack: Scala, Java, CoffeeScript, Python, Django, Play!, Scalatra, Postgres+PostGIS, AppEngine, some MongoDB.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericanderson

Contact: eric[at]planetscala[dot]net

US citizen. Primarily a back-end dev. Apart from the usual wanting-to-work-with-cool-technology aims, I'm interested in finding (or creating) a group that's largely free of religious orthodoxy regarding the means by which software should be created. I'm "agile" at heart but in an agilemanifesto.org sort of way. My experience is in startups (employee #1 a couple of times), small companies, and freelancing, much of that being remote work. I have a slight preference for working on projects with some socially-redeeming characteristics.

Edit: added citizenship

Location: London/Hampshire/Surrey in UK or Remote, Full Time or Contract

Stack Primary: Scala/Akka/Spray/Play/Java etc.

All about me: http://flurdy.com https://github.com/flurdy http://blog.flurdy.com/2013/11/dont-hire-me.html

Contact: http://flurdy.com/contact

Interested in tech lead/architect roles in a project/company doing challenging things.

http://jobvite.com/m?3DyNogw7 DataSift is always after great engineers :)

Seattle, Remote, Contract | Part Time

Stack: Go, C, D3.js

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/abtinf

Contact: abtinf@gmail.com

I taught myself to program starting around age 8 and have been doing it professionally for 15 years. I think class and hierarchical based object oriented programming is the devil, partly because it forces you to make key design decisions up-front when you have the least amount of information. I am happily employed, but I also love programming back-end systems in Go. Would be open to paid part-time (<20hrs/wk) contracting with a focus on Go development.

Bangalore, Local/Remote/Relocation, Full Time

Stack: Sass, CSS, JS, Python, Django, HTML5, C/C++

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hly3r2h1rm615pk/Hemesh.pdf

Contact: See resume

I am a full stack web developer, currently the only developer at Flat.to (venture-funded, now acquired), graduated from one of the top technology universities in India. Likes to take ownership of the projects I work on. I have done a lot of competitive programming during college. Recently found interest in mobile game development, just launched one, working on the next one.

Location: London, Local, Full Time

Stack Primary: Scala/Play/Akka/Slick/PostgreSQL/AngularJS/Git Secondary: Java, Python

Contact darodymas [at] gmail

Looking for: software engineer's position, preferably working with Typesafe stack

Have you seen this post already?


Yes, in fact the poster gave me his email couple weeks ago. Too bad he never came back to me and I'm not in a habit of pestering people.

Hey, pretty sure I did reply to your message, I just checked and the last email I got back from you was presumably sent in error, and we didn't see the preceding message. I'll follow up again now and happy to hear from any scala / js / otherwise-awesome devs in LDN (leo@kivo.com).. No pester at all :)

Liverpool, England, Remote/Relocation, Full Time/Contract

Resume: http://lockyy.com Github: http://github.com/lockyy

Contact: daniel@lockyy.com

I'm a junior Ruby on Rails developer graduating from university with a degree in Computer Science later this month. I also have experience working on a small team on the development of a popular medical revision website.

I'm looking to join a small team working on software that people love to use. I pick things up fast and love to learn

Freelance - Brussels Belgium, Remote, Half time or Full time

I'm a full stack Web and mobile developer who loves to craft rich frontend experiences.

Xamarin iOS / Android, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Angular, Mongo, SQL Server, Entity Framework, HTML/CSS

Resume: http://cozypixel.com

Contact thibaut [at] cozypixel

Didn't expect a fellow Belgian here :), got a github profile?

Pittsburgh, Local or Remote, Full Time

Stack: .Net, Ruby, JavaScript, Sql Server, MongoDb, Postgres, interested in learning additional stacks like Go and NodeJs

Email: iwanttobehired.hn at gmail.com

Full stack developer with core experience in .Net ecosystem and willing to stay in that stack or move to another stack in web development. 7 years of professional programming experience.

I'm aware that not initially disclosing my identity is not going to be the most effective. If interested, then email me and I'll provide more info.

I can understand that you may not want your current employer to know you are looking, but will anyone contact you without putting up your info? Perhaps you could post your resume with your name and current position removed?

Actually, I have been contacted. If anyone interested, email me and I'll respond promptly. No obligations or hard feelings if you aren't interesting thereafter. I simply can't spend a lot of time on this to "sanitize" my resume at this moment as I'm on the clock and need to be productive in my current position. Thank you for your suggestion. Perhaps I can do so later this evening.

San Diego CA , Remote, Full Time | Contract | Part Time Stack: Haskell, C, Python, Shell, C++ Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tristanjwebb Contact: [olafthefrog `at` gmail.com] I'm pretty much programming all the time in Haskell now adays, what can I say I really admire the language and I'm a bit of a masochist, ahh hm I mean hard working devotee of computer science. Spend my PhD working in Computation Neuroscience, and now I'm looking to leave academia to join industry. I'm really a programmer at heart, always have been, so I want to do software engineering now as a job. I'm especially interested in scientific tooling, especially using Haskell.

I definitely know my way around a server, I'm one of the those terminal guys who prides himself in knowing the ins and out's of Linux. I'm sure I would fit in well with like minded folks.

My education also included a lot of statistical physics and some machine learning. Most of my knowledge is in Spiking Neural network, and I would like to see some of these "neuromorphic" ideas pop up in industry. Right now the field is mostly based around the neuroscience side, but some are trying implement robotic control systems with spiking neurons. I would like to try and branch out to some hardware too if that is a possibility. I've been thinking about getting into some Natural Language processing, current working on neural simulator in Haskell as my side and part of my postdoc work project.

Not really interested in moving, but I would be able to work remote. Thanks for looking.

Dakar, Senegal, Remote/Relocation, Full Time/Contract/Part Time

Stack: Web(ASP.NET: MVC, WebAPI, HTML/CSS/JS, PHP), XAML (WinRT, WPF, Windows Phone), C#, VB, C++/CLI, Azure, i18n, UX ...

Resume: [Link to resume]

Contact: contact@mambycamara.com

7+ years in software dev.: Customs system, ...

Bonn, Remote, Contract

Stack: Common Lisp, Web, C, Shell, ...

Resume: http://mr.gy/resume.html http://mr.gy/software/

Contact: mailto:service@mr.gy

I am looking for contract work, preferably for a Lisp company. Will not use Clojure again. I am open to all sorts of work but my strength is in design, implementation and documentation of custom software systems and tooling.

Just wondering why you won't use clojure again...

Its really awful.

China, Relocation, Full Time

Stack: C++, C#, Scala (love & can work with), Lua, x86 Assembly, Git/Mercurial/TFS

Resume: http://xinhuang.github.io/resume.pdf

Contact: patz.hwang AT gmail

Looking to work with interesting problems/people. Prefer Agile/TDD. Organize coding dojos, favourites are Lisp & C++. Open to learn new things. Take game dev/UI framework as side projects.

I'm currently in China, but good to go to anywhere.

London, Remote, Full Time

Stack: .NET, C#, JS & HTML5, looking to broaden my horizons

Resume: https://gist.github.com/philananin/8e6a404116b890a1669e

Contact: phil.ananin@gmail.com

Looking for interesting problems and great colleagues, either in London or remotely. 7+ years experience on .NET stack, would also love to branch out into areas like Scala, Clojure etc.

Brisbane, Australia | Remote | Full Time / Contract

Stack: Node.js, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, WebGL

Resume: https://gist.github.com/pyrotechnick/d2a0d8bb825300d204bd

Demos: https://youtube.com/user/pyrotechnick

Contact: pyro [at] feisty [dot] io

I love pushing the envelope with JavaScript.

Anywhere, Relocation, preferably Full Time

Stack: Clojure, Python, I'd really like to work with Haskell... also: F#, Java, Scala, Ruby, C

Resume: I haven't updated it in the last 9 months, but to post something before the thread will drop out of the first page, here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zrkssiz1v6kw1ub/dario_bertini_cv.p...

Contact: my username @ gmail.com

I'm mostly a backend-guy, but I'm open to do anything that could be useful for the company, I care about automating things (deployment & CI) and I'd especially like to work in a company that values functional programming...

Among my university thesis and my last contract work I've had the opportunity to deal with legacy codebases (no tests, huge amounts of code duplication and accidental complexity), so I won't shy away from that (as long as I'll be allowed and given the time to gradually improve the situation), but please keep in mind that this would be my 2nd employment (so I'm not your senior developer with 20 y of experience)

[Looking to:] Relocate to West Coast: Seattle, Portland, San Fran, LA, Diego. Currently in St. Louis, Missouri.

[Looking for:] Long Term Internship

[Stack:] Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS, Paper

[Resume:] http://www.chrisnorstrom.com/page/3/ (starts on last page)

[Sites I've Made (that are still up):] http://dayonepp.com/ http://affordabl.es/ http://timeforzen.com/ http://residentevilradio.com/ http://tasck.com/2/

[Unfinished Alpha Prototypes (removed password so you can browse):] http://startupcollider.com/ http://60lbgloss.com/

[Contact:] Chris@NorcoPhoenix.com

[Needs:] I've only ever done design for myself. I've got my own strange way of doing things so I don't feel confident with my abilities in front of an employer. I don't have work experience other than my own projects and some freelancing and I've never used the tools and methodologies that other UX UI designers do (other than photoshop and paper) so I'm looking for a place to grow at. As you can tell from the little sites I've made, I don't care what it is, world changing or not I just like designing, even the mundane and boring parts of it.

Anywhere, Remote, Open to Relocation, Full Time

Stack: Ruby/Rails, PHP (have used CakePHP and Kohana), C#/ASP.NET MVC, Java/JavaEE, love learning new stacks

Resume: http://www.cmadams.org

Contact: chris@cmadams.org

I'm trying to figure out where to relocate to for full-time work and I'm not really sure where I want to go (so feel free to contact me no matter where you are). You can learn about me through my resume at http://www.cmadams.org but I'm a recent-ish university CS grad, I've worked as part of a distributed team for Microsoft, interned at a YCombinator startup (WePay) in Palo Alto, have done web development remotely for three different clients, tried to build a startup at an incubator (didn't work out but learned a lot), and http://www.istorical.com is my baby/time-sink (it's where I've learned Ruby/Rails).

London, UK; Remote / can come to the US for contracts; Contract/Part-time.

Stack: Design, HTML/(S)CSS/JS/Rails

Resume: http://jon.gd

Recent things I've made include http://attending.io http://hiremyfriend.io http://jongd.github.io/ohmygod/ http://helpmewrite.co & http://listerly.co

Contact: hn @ designedbygold.com

I'm a designer & full-stack developer; love hacking MVPs and prototyping, but also getting really into the details and making things delightful to use. Would consider full-time if you're amazing but I've just gone freelance so I'm quite keen to do that for a while. Bonus points if you want me to do something with data visualization :)

San Francisco, Local, Full Time

Stack: Ruby, Python, Rails, Django, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Objective-C, Unix, bash, AWS, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Ember.js, etc

Resume: https://github.com/tombenner

Contact: See GitHub

Experienced full-stack engineer (leaning more towards back-end than front-end). I've been programming in various forms for ~15 years and prefer smaller companies (roughly < 100 people, but I'm flexible) that have traction and are solving well-defined problems. Here are some libraries I've made:

https://github.com/tombenner/nui - Use CSS in iOS

https://github.com/socialpandas/sidekiq-superworker - Create dependency graphs of Sidekiq jobs

https://github.com/tombenner/toro - Concurrent, extensible job queueing with PostgreSQL

Hey tom!

Would love to chat- shoot me an email at whostherellc@gmail.com. I've got a great product I'm working on id like to share!

Los Angeles, Remote (preferred) or Local or Hybrid, Full-time | Contract

Primary Stack: Ruby (worked with Rails and Sinatra), JavaScript MVC (worked with AngularJS, Backbone.js, & KnockoutJS), PostgreSQL. Secondary: Python (worked with Django), ASP.NET/C# (worked with WebForms and MVC), NodeJS (familiar with Express) and PHP (worked with CodeIgniter, CakePHP & LaravelPHP)

Resume: http://jes.al/ (I can provide formal resume upon request)

Contact: http://goo.gl/XkWN1f

I'm a seasoned full-stack developer with a decade of experience building high traffic websites for fortune 500 clients. Co-founded and lead engineering at a digital agency before. Experienced in team building & technical leadership by having been part of several start-up founding teams. Looking for a hands-on leadership role where I get to build a tech stack and dev team from ground up.

Boston, Relocation, Full Time

Stack: Python, Javascript, MATLAB, SQL, MeteorJS, Git, Balsamiq, Illustrator

Resume: http://bit.ly/mikpanko-resume, https://github.com/mikpanko

Contact: mikpanko@gmail.com

Finishing PhD in computational neuroscience. Strong background in physics, mathematics, machine learning, neuroscience, and programming (but not in large-scale web-programming yet). Led several academic and client-facing software projects, such as a social network for Russian civil activists (http://elections.grakon.org) and a small tool to improve English writing style (http://www.expresso-app.org). Interested in technical product management and also data science and software engineering positions.

Strasbourg, France, Remote / Relocation, Full-time or contracting

Stack: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Python, JS

Contact: manu@clementz.io

I'm looking to escape the world of ERPs. Though my day job is mostly Microsoft-based stuff, I've done a lot of Javascript recently (with React mostly) as well as some Python. I'm open to relaction about anywhere in Europe.

Amsterdam, Relocation, Full Time / Contract

Stack: Objective-C, C, Python, Git

Resume: http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/damiaan-twelker/46/196/234 (standalone resume available on request)

Contact: https://github.com/datwelk

Being a Computer Science undergrad at the University of Amsterdam, I am looking for a full time job / internship abroad during the summer months (mid June - end of August). I have 3.5 years of experience as an iOS developer at multiple different companies. I am looking for a startup-like environment where I can combine my iOS and entrepreneurial skills, and fully focus on bringing one product to the next level.

San Francisco, Local, Full Time

Stack: Sass, Compass, Susy, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Rails, Python, Java, CSS, HTML5, see résumé for more

Résumé: http://cl.ly/2q253s2z3f06 (Recruiting agencies: Please do NOT add me to your system)

Contact: https://alanhogan.com/contact?from=hn-ww2bh

I’m full-stack capable and prefer to focus on the front-end. I can function as a designer as well, and perform user testing & other research. Lots of experience at early start-ups. Take a large amount of ownership of the products I work on. Notable projects incl. taking IFTTT.com responsive and implementing the web views in IFTTT’s hybrid iOS app (an Apple award winner).

Location: Dallas, TX | remote, local, or relocate to [Austin/Houston/San Antonio, TX - anywhere in Florida - Chicago, IL - DC metro - Research Triangle, NC - Seattle, WA - Boston, MA] | full-time, contract (for the right opportunity)

Stack: C, Java, Python, Matlab, bash

Stack [rusty]: Perl, Fortran, C++, Verilog

Non-stack: electronics troubleshooting, electronics test, requirements analysis, design or experiments, manufacturing support, real-time software, digital signal processing, systems engineering[1], natural language processing

Resume: http://wmkrug.com/krug-resume.pdf

Contact: see resume

I'm in the "sniffing around" stage. I would like to get back to hardware-focused development, but I am still exploring my options. I figure this is a good way to find out who might be interested in my skillset for that type of work. Ideally, I would like to work on firmware and FPGA development, ASIC V&V, "big" or "little" embedded, or something similar. I'm open to any type of company; I mainly want good tools, flexible scheduling, a quiet environment, and no government contracting/security bullshit (after 12 years I'm tired of it).

I have a variety of experience acquired on my slightly winding career. I like variety and being a multidisciplined engineer. In addition to the electrical, systems, and software engineering experience I have some basic-level mechanical engineering knowledge.

[1] This requires explanation. My experience is in systems engineering by the INCOSE definition[2], not IT systems engineering. Adding to the title/skill confusion, I'm a decent sysadmin and know my way around Linux. I am not, IMO, good enough to get paid to be a sysadmin/devops/IT systems engineer. I don't really have a desire to be, either.

[2] http://www.incose.org/practice/whatissystemseng.aspx

Location: Louisville, KY, USA | Local, Remote | Full Time

Stack: PHP, HTML/CSS Frontend, Go or Golang, Wordpress, Apache, Vim

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/supermighty

Blog: https://walledcity.com/supermighty

Contact: supermighty [a) walledcity com

I want to work with people smarter than I am. I'm looking to take my skills and learning to the next level. I want to work creating and developing products, SaaS and such. I like thinking about user experience and how it affects product design. I think holistically about the projects I work on, how everything is tied to, and influenced by, everything else.

How comfortable are you with PHP, full stack roles?

Is relocation something you would consider?

Amsterdam, Remote | Relocation maybe, Contract | Part Time

Stack: Rails, Java, Postgres, Mongo, debian, dev + devops. Also, but lesser: Android + iPhone.

Resume: have to create :-)

Contact: my username at gmail

Looking for either leadership role or fullstack devops. Founded two companies, of which one failed. The other one is ramen profitable. I do what what it takes to get stuff done. Broad knowledge of various technologies. 15 years work exp. Started programming almost 25 years ago. At this moment I can use some extra revenue to put in my current company, some diversity and more contacts. History: Employee for 6 years, than 6 years freelancing, and now about 3 / 3.5 years working on my own stuff. Had employees and other people working for me.

Seattle, WA. Willing to relocate anywhere on the west coast, Fulltime

Stack: Python, PostgreSQL, Ansible, Docker

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByKZDiwlLyrpeXFDMmh6cFNvU28...

contact: stephen [dot] babineau [at] gmail [dot] com

I'm looking for a Jr DevOps or Jr Developer position. I went from no coding experience to deploying my first django app in 3 days in order to apply to a coding bootcamp. I graduated from Codefellows Python course a month ago and have been continuing at 8-10 hours of coding a day. So while I am less experienced, I would fit in great with a company that values that kind of growth.

Montreal, Remote, Contract|Part Time

Stack: Rails Full Stack (8 years), Javascript(15 years), CoffeeScript, UX.

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7974304/gary_haran_resum...

Contact: gary.haran@gmail.com

I specialize in getting an idea off the ground. I've founded and sold a startup within 7 months and sold multiple small side projects. I find inception of a startup to me way more interesting than scaling an infrastructure. My ideal contract would be to build version 1.0 and determining product market fit. Willing to listen to "idea" people if they're funded.

Connecticut. Willing to go to NY, MA, RI. Full time.

Stack: LabVIEW, Ultiboard, MultiSim. Agilent, Keithley, NI. I also know C#/PowerShell/.NET, Ruby, have familiarity with C/C++/Java, and I've worked many an IT gig.

Resume: Not bothering since I'm not expecting any real interest in a hardware guy like me. CompE degree, couple years of work experience.

Contact: nicholas.tuzzio@gmail.com

Overview: I'm a hardware guy who can write code. I design custom hardware and use off-the-shelf test equipment to test complex devices. Best use for me might be rapid hardware prototyping and development.

Shoot me an email for a resume if you're interested in that kinda guy.

Atlanta GA, Relocation, Full Time/contract

Experiance:Python, R

Contact:Roscoe1245 [at] gmail [dot] com

I'm a senior in college looking for an internship or job related to data science during the summer. I have some R and Python experience, but not much outside of school.

Location: Washington, DC / N. Virginia, Local Only, Full Time Only, Commercial/Nonprofit Focus (not Federal Gov.)

Resume: Upon request

Contact: See Profile

Not a developer. Seeking business development, strategy, operations role. Technology background (CS degree from a top-tier public university; Python, Java, PHP, SQL, JS, HTML, CSS experience; product/project management; enterprise lifecycle). 6+ years internal and client-facing management consulting experience in strategic planning, business case development, market research, pro formas, process, training, sales, proposals, etc. Used to leading small teams with visibility to sr. leadership.

UK, Remote or onsite anywhere in the UK, Contract & Freelance

Stack: LAMP, HTML5, CSS3, JS, etc Standard front and backend PHP technologies, experience in various CMS's & Framewprks like Wordpress, Code Igniter, Kohana, Laravel, etc.

Resume: TamDenholm.com and Google Doc: http://bit.ly/1hk38ge

Contact: contact@tamdenholm.com

Looking for a contract or freelance work anywhere in the UK. I'm self taught, been doing this coming on for 10 years and also have a decent knowledge in (UK) business too. Worked for the likes of the BBC, TripAdvisor, Bentley, Mercedes, Blackberry, HP and more.

London UK, Remote, Full Time / Contract

Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Node.js

Resume: www.chrispattle.com#cv

Contact: chris.pattle@gmail.com

I'm looking for a remote front end development position. I'm happy to do backend as well but looking for a primarily front end role.

Location: Scandinavia, willing to relocate to English speaking countries. Full time, no remote unless you have something exceptionally interesting.

Stack: C, C++, Python, Assembly, JIT compilation, Optimization, Drivers, CPU architecture, Embedded, Linux. Prefer low level, but enjoy web and app work as subtasks of larger project.

Contact: hn username at gmail.

I drive change. I can design, implement and get a team working together to navigate the journey from idea to working, shipping product. I tend towards a hands on architect type of role. I'm looking for a company with minimal bureaucracy, with responsibility for technical solutions.

Location: Remote, Full Time | Contract

Stack: C, Go, Assembly, Kernel, Drivers, Filesystems, Embedded

Contact: search for aram in the Go AUTHORS file

I'm looking for a company with minimal bureaucracy, no bullshit, with extremely flexible vacation policy, where I have responsibility for technical solutions and where I can do either kernel development (Solaris, BSD, Linux) or interesting Go development (read: no web apps).

I can do and kind of kernel development, like porting kernels to new platforms (like ARM64), writing embedded kernels for microcontrollers, writing drivers and filesystems, etc. I can also port Go to any operating system or architecture.

Anywhere in Sweden or Norway | Relocation | Full Time

Stack: Embedded Linux, Qt, C/C++

Resume:http://linkedin.com/in/balazsbela | https://github.com/balazsbela | balazsbela.blogspot.com Contact: balazsbela [at] gmail [dot] com

C++ Developer working on applications for various ARM devices, looking to move to Norway or Sweden. Also did webdevelopment in the past: java (spring), angular, jquery. I specialise on Qt, but I'm open to any modern C++ based project.

Mumbai, Remote, Full Time(priority)/Contract/Part Time

Stack - Python, Django, Jquery, PostgreSQL, Git

Resume - http://linkedin.com/in/vishalsodani



Contact - vishalsodani@gmail.com

I love solving problems using technology. I would love to work for a company involved in education or health domain. I am open to learning new technology.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Remote - Full Time

Stack: Python, Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS, Linux, OS X, Bash

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-litvak-bruno/3b/220/427/en - https://github.com/dlitvakb

Contact: david [dot] litvakb [at] gmail [dot] com

I'm looking for an engaging company that is looking to improve and has a team that is constantly pushing forward to be better

Location: Southeast Asia, Remote, Contract

Stack (Experience): Python (Django, Flask, PyQt), CoffeeScript (Angular, jQuery), Design (HTML5/CSS), Ops (Docker/Nginx/AWS).

Stack (Interest): Go, iOS, Android, more Python (Pandas/Scipy/SQLAlchemy), Julia, SQL, Reactjs.

Resume: resume.alexrattray.com

Contact: rattray.alex@gmail.com

Recent Wharton grad, entrepreneur (just closed emeraldexam.com). Self-taught programmer & designer. Affinity for rapid prototyping and analytical work. Will be traveling in South and SE Asia for the next year, spending my workweek contracting and the rest of my time exploring.

Toronto, Canada (Remote or local) - 4 month Internship

Stack: Javascript, Python, Racket, C, MATLAB, Photoshop, HTML5/CSS3, willing to learn whatever necessary

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6dz8nhqq6nmwsnt/Resume.docx

Contact: gab.morgenshtern@gmail.com

First year, University of Waterloo Biotech major. Motivated, hardworking, would love to do something science (molecular biology or biochemistry)/research related. Experience in design, data analysis, functional and imperative programming.

Munich, Germany. Full Time or Part Time. Local or telecommute.

Stack: PHP,Python,MySQL; Bash,Nginx,Various Linuxes,Cygwin; Java,C++/wxWidgets; Common Lisp

Resume: http://bit.ly/1kBkwRo

Stack Overflow: http://bit.ly/1i66J10

DevOps engineer. Looking for a freemium-based linuxy telecommute-friendly consumer-facing company with a heart, intent on world domination in their niche. Will observe, ask, analyze, empathize, cross-link, compare, select, build, harden and deploy.

Mexico, Remote, Full time or contract

Stack: elastix, nagios, snmp, smokeping, proxmox, vagrant, shell, python, ansible scripting, logstash, software packaging (deb,rpm)

Resume: http://javier.io/cv/en

Contact: echo m+javier-io | tr '+' '@' | tr '-' '.'

Culture and people matter the most to me. I want to be surrounded by smarter and more experienced engineers than I. Unix geeks, vim users, open source fanatics. Logical thinkers, tool tinkerers. I think I can help most in a DevOps position.

Wainwright, Alberta, willing to relocated/remote, Full-time/Part-time/Contract

stack/tech: LAMP, HTML, CSS, Java

resume: http://www.jaeyun.ca

email: jaeyun@gmail.com

biggest achievement: I built a professional hotel software from scratch. It is praised among a few hotel owners. See: http://www.innGrid.net - I did both frontend & backend. Implemented continuous integration: github -> codeship.io (w/ selenium webdriver) -> pagodabox

Downright shocked to see my home town mentioned here!

Location: Berlin, Germany ☆ Full Time

Stack: Android/Java/SQLite/TFS ☆ PHP/mySQL/git ☆ ASP.NET/C#/MS-SQL ☆ JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3/RDFa

Resume: http://malachisoord.com/static/doc/CV_Malachi_Soord.pdf

Contact: me@malachisoord.com

Recently moved to Germany from the UK and am looking to get involved in the tech scene in Berlin. Interested in joining a small/medium sized company involving something web/mobile related.

Ottawa Canada, Remote, Contract (Part-time or full-time)

Stack: Android, C++, Java, OpenGL, Real-time audio

Resume: www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=15640009

Contact: dougtanner (at) gmail.com

I'm currently finishing up a live wallpaper for Android and after that I'll be looking for remote contract work. I'm an ex-Activision-games-programmer currently specializing in C++ based Android apps. I have years of experience with 3D graphics and real-time audio programming.

If you need something fast and memory-efficient done on Android (or Windows/Console), I'm your man.

Brescia Italy, Relocation, Full Time/contract/part time Experiance: iPhone and Android development, C++, Javascript, Java, Python, C#, PDDL, SQL, PHP, Lua. Contact: pellegrini.dario.1303 [at] gmail [dot] com I'm a senior in college looking for an internship or job related to application development during the summer. I have experienced in Android and iPhone programming in my spare time outside school. I developed in Java, C++, Javascript and the other languages in school for many courses.

San Francisco Bay Area, Full Time. I've moved to the Bay from Australia in March.

Stack: Python, R, C, SQL, Excel, VBA, Matlab, [other: learns fast]

Resume + Contact: https://brayden-mclean.squarespace.com/s/braydenmclean-resum...

I'm a data analyst with a background in mechanical engineering. I've worked extensively in the transport sector, but I'm really passionate about startups and want exposure to product teams. As long as you are trying to optimize at least one part of the world, I'm in. [Optimizing the whole world comes later, and, hey, we all need to start somewhere.]

You need someone who: Takes effectiveness seriously (I founded and scaled two meetup groups on this topic); updates models and frameworks frequently and dodges cognitive biases like a boss; types colemak; is driven by long term benevolent goals to drive humanity forward. I'm also pretty well networked for a new arrival and will invite everyone to the meetups I'll be cohosting.

You have: A team working on a cool technical solution to at least one problem facing humanity; the patience to sponsor my E3 visa application and wait the 3-4 weeks it takes before I can start work.

Keywords: AI, wearables, transport, bayesian statistics, instrumental rationality

Boston proper, can commute - Full Time

Skills: most of them, see LI. Java and everything it touches, the "cloud", and database and all the major vendors.

Me: I love complicated things, problems, and programming. My work is from the frontend to the backend and everything in between, though I much prefer backend Java cutpoints over CSS hacks any day.

I started making websites when I was 10 and have learned a lot in the intervening decades. Last six years spent in enterprise web application development for various big companies. Looking to breakout and get on with the startup scene. I'm an engineer (think lasers) by training, so I'm quite handy with numerical computation/simulation and fancy something far more challenging than financial equity applications. Frankly, my current work is underwhelming and I welcome a challenge. Currently I challenge myself on weekend projects, but weekdays would be even better!

Let me know what you've got. Also a fan of OSS and have a few projects out there. Totally keen on anyone else local with a passion for OSS that wants to collaborate.

Contact: "joe"+String.fromCharCode(64)+"run"+"partner"+".com"



P.S. To recruiters with a position "perfect for me," I'm not a .Net dev. ;)

I have a PERFECT .net position for you.....ha!

I really like your finance background and work you've done in Java. I'm working on a few sw dev roles right now if you want to talk. Give me a ring @ 857-250-0335.

Propriano, Corsica, France, Remote, Full or Part time Contract Resume: http://www.hackers-lab.org // Contact: aurelien@hackers.camp I am Junior in mechatronics, middle senior on Debian GNU / Linux Remote System Administration with experience on 10 servers and 2000 professional services. Interested to works with a team on a robotic project for space, marine or earth area / experimentation.

Yaroslaff Fedin, http://github.com/inviz

Indonesia, Bali [Remote!] Full Time/Part Time/Contract

Stack: JS, CSS, Ruby, PHP

Resume: https://gist.github.com/Inviz/b9fe5778bf656e0d2f98

Contact: invizko@gmail.com

A frontend-focused Full stack developer. Looking for remote work. Not your ordinary Joe, a skillful rapid developer with attention to detail. 9 years of experience of remote work.

Boston/NYC (willing to relocate) Full Time/Contract/Part Time

Stack: iOS, Obj C, C, C++, Parse

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lo5bt1n7jyik0vh/Resume.pdf

Contact: julian.r.locke@gmail.com

Me: Very recently graduated computer science minor at Tufts (philosophy major). I'm completing my first iPhone app, an intentionally simple navigational assistant, Polo (see it here: https://github.com/mbrenman/PoloApp). Currently, I'm building my iOS chops and moving into the tech world after many internships in advertising. I'm looking for a job where I can continue this transition, preferably in the iOS ecosystem. I've spent time in visible roles at competitive ad agencies, I am highly dependable. In my spare time I tinker with hi-fi amps and speakers, grow bonsai, play and write for the piano, and mine BTC.

You: Looking for a high-ceiling, malleable, knowledge-thristy junior iOS developer. You're looking for a tech-minded junior project manager or a junior marketer or ad ops associate. You want someone with a track record of putting in the hours, rising to the challenge, and doing whatever it takes.

Hey Julian I'd be interested to have a chat about your app.

Absolutely, how can I reach you?

Hi Julian,

I would be more than interested to chat with you. Contact me on leslie.kivit@booking.com.



Pisa (Italy), Remote, Internship

Stack: Ruby, Rails, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, D3.js, Git

Resume: https://github.com/jacquerie/cv/blob/master/cv_eng.pdf?raw=t...

Contact: jacopo.notarstefano [at] gmail.com

I am in my last year of my Master's Degree in Computer Science at the University of Pisa. I'm looking for a remote internship this summer on ANY technology, not just the ones I listed.

FOR HIRE: One programmer, US citizen, looking for work IN EUROPE ONLY (ideally London or Berlin). Full-time or contract, on-site. Recruiters welcome. Visas to work NOT included, and only English language. (Sorry. Programmer is working on it.)

Full-stack, but stronger on the backend: Ruby (Rails optional) and Perl, sometimes Node.js. Favors Ember (for web-app-like UIs), appreciates Angular, can wire other things together in a pinch. Can design, build and consume service-oriented REST architectures, hybrid cloud/appliance or cloud/mobile architectures, embedded-system/cloud architectures, or simpler stacks (e.g. network appliance with a web console). Can program or debug C and Java as necessary, and maybe C++.

Includes NoSQL experience (Apache Cassandra) including design and maintenance and particular experience decoding, receiving, processing and storing event streams into flexible management/reporting systems. Can do his own devops tasks with Puppet but does not have extensive experience organizing very large heterogenous clusters or anything.

TDD/Agile included, including Kanban/XP/Scrum exposure. Extensive experience pair programming and refactoring.

Hobbies include 2D printing (stone lithography, etc.)

Full resume available upon request. Contact: gmail user 'fennec'

Denver, CO , Remote / Local, Contract

Stack: Digital / Analog Electronics, PCB, FPGA, uP, SoC, C/C++, LAMP, open source CMS

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0i9_ZoFPAv6anVKV3c5VkFKNFE...

Contact: see resume

I'm a successful bootstrap entrepreneur looking for short term contracting work to help provide seed capital for another start-up. I have a degree in electrical engineering and 10 years experience designing electronics and writing firmware. I have about 5 years experience in full stack web development though my "full stack" experience is better described as Linux SysAdmin or DevOps securing and optimizing LAMP stacks and integrating / hacking open source web apps and CMS with as little coding as possible.

Ideally I'm looking for companies with significant 3-12 month projects in the next year, but I am willing to work shorter durations down to a minimum of about 1 month. Part time contracts are also preferable, though I can swing full time contracts. Also, I would like a company that understands I have another business to run and that by also working for them I will probably be working about 60 hours per week if their work is full time.

Tampa FL · Local | Remote · Full Time | Contract

Stack: Java (10 yrs), iOS (4 yrs), Android (2 yrs), Redis

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/greghaines | https://github.com/gresrun

Contact: greg AT greghaines DOT net

Experienced developer that prefers small, focused teams is looking to overcome interesting technical challenges to bring great products to fruition.

Location: Seattle, WA

Stack: Python,PHP,Java, Rails , HTML,CSS, JavaScript

Resume: www.linkedin.com/in/asalkey/

Contact: andreasalkey@gmail.com

I am a web dev that would like to get into testing. Either mobile or web testing.

Boston, NYC, Remote, Full-time/Contract/Part-time

Stack: Python, R, Javascript/Node, shell, git, some Java, some C

Contact: username at gmail

My background is in biology though I've completed various programming projects through the years. I'd love to keep working with a mix of non-technical and technical stakeholders as I do in my current role but am open to applying my expertise elsewhere. I'm hoping to update this page with project links in the next week.

Currently in São Paulo, Brazil, Remote and Relocation, accepting Full Time and Contracts

Stack: Lua, C, C++, Obj-C, Android Java, many other languages with many paradigms (including Functional, OOP, Procedural...)

Short Resume: http://coderofworlds.com/short-resume/

Contact: mauricio.gomes@coderofworlds.com

I am CTO and Tech-Cofounder of a mobile games startup, I am willing to do contracts, or quit the startup entirely if the offer is good enough.

Although I have a obvious focus in games (including a Game Design degree), I love hacking in general (for example I helped my dad design a wheel balancer, and using skills learned with that I made my own arcade game, including cabinet and electronics) and worked in non-games jobs in the past (for example, designed OCR and error correction to read numbers from a SMS received on very low-end mobile phones).

My main strength is learn whatever weird stuff you need learned fast and then use it to do whatever is needed (thus why the lots of languages and APIs on my resume... but I can say that I am master of C and Lua, because I love those two languages in particular, to the point of teaching them in conferences, workshops and tech schools).

Phoenix or anywhere, Remote & Relocation, Full-time / part time / contract

Stack: C/C++, LISP

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jerryasher/

Contact: jerryasher at gmail

20+ years of experience in C/C++, Linux development for embedded systems, enterprise systems, distributed systems. Some experience with Python, and JavaScript. And fwiw, I am really looking to move back to a coastal city.

Atlanta GA or remote, Full Time/Contract Stack: HTML,CSS,JS/jQuery,PHP, Adobe Suite Resume: www.linkedin.com/in/jakenelsondooley/ Contact: info[at]jakenelsondooley[dot]com I'm a creative technologist with 8 years experience in design (motion graphics, animation, web) and 7 years experience front-end development. Looking for a modern company that has a positive mission, where I can help move the needle.

Portland, OR, Local, Full Time | Part Time

Stack: Python

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qbjkk9yxglf1t1/jarrettkeifer.pdf

Contact: jkeifer0 (gmail)

I am currently working on a masters in geography with an emphasis in GIS/remote sensing, but through my work I have come to learn I have a love for programming and development. I want to pursue a second masters in computer science, but I currently cannot afford to continue to be a student. My wife is also a student, so two people with no income paying exorbitant tuition is not possible to sustain. That why I am posting here.

My experience is limited and I only really know python (I am learning C++ right now), but I am driven and willing to work hard to learn any language, platform--anything and everything necessary to be successful. If someone here would be willing to offer me gainful employment and direction, I would prove myself to be valuable.

All I ask is for a chance, at least just a meeting, so you can get to know me and see that I am serious about doing whatever it takes to succeed in this field. If you think you might have an opportunity for me, please contact me at the email above.

New Hampshire, Remote, Full Time Stack: HTML, CSS, PHP, some Javascript, over 5 years break/fix EXP

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/sushil-rudranath/5/a58/324

contact: dr_xadium@outlook.com

I'm really interested in doing remote antivirus / troubleshooting / breakfix / helpdesk support work. I've been doing it for 5 years in retail and for many years before that for friends and family, I'm certed up to the gills and am good with over-the-phone troubleshooting and dealing with frustrated and angry customers who come to me for help. I'm frustrated with the extra baggage that comes from working in retail (being forced to push services on people they don't need / being forced to promote initiatives that have nothing do with my department to the detriment of working on customer machines) and I want a job where, to be honest, all I'm doing all day is solving your customer's problems and making their stuff work. I'm legally trained so good with paperwork, record-keeping and communication, and sensitive to privacy issues.

Lexington, KY; Remote/Local/interested in moving to Raleigh | Full time

Stack: C/C++, Python, Haskell, Java, Android, web front end, application UI

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5pj9zbjcl3ma369/Stephen%20F%20Hunt...

Contact: in resume

Ten years experience in user interface development, including embedded, desktop, mobile, and web; experience leading architectural planning for large code bases and teams. I've worked closely with UX designers (usually in Scrum) to improve the usability of complex applications. I pride myself on improving the working dynamics of the team I'm on, beyond my direct technical contributions. I believe in software craftsmanship and the ethical principles of the Agile Manifesto, and that a positive work environment produces better software.

Outside my industry experience, I have serious interests in programming language theory, machine learning, and software engineering process. At this point in my career, I'm interesting in finding challenging and interesting problems to work on, and building software that users can appreciate and rely on.

  ON,Canada, Remote/Local, Contract | Full Time | Part Time

  Stack: PHP/Laravel, JavaScript/Meteor, .Net/C#/ServiceStack, DevOps/Ansible/AWS

  Resume: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/alexpineda77

  Contact: LinkedIn or My Contact Form[0]
I just finished organizing my local Startup Weekend[1], host bi-weekly hackathons[2], and am interested in people AND software. I'm looking for new and interesting projects to aid in developing and to grow my network for business opportunities. I travelled across western Europe for 2 months last year[3] while coding full time and have proven my ability to work remote. I'm brokering a big development deal right now where I will be P/T project manager and am partnering with a trusted engineer friend of mine. I can also fulfill product management type roles very effectively. I'm looking for more exciting projects.

[T]: http://www.twitter.com/alexpineda77

[0]: http://www.alexpineda77.com/contact/

[1]: http://www.softwarehamilton.com/2014/04/28/startup-weekend-h...

[2]: http://hackersaturdays.tumblr.com/

[3]: http://www.alexpineda77.com/tools-that-helped-me-keep-organi...

Remote/Relocation, Full Time/Part Time

Stack: Python/Django/AngularJS

Resume: https://github.com/ragsagar/resume/raw/master/ragsagar.pdf

Contact: python -c "print '@'.join(['ragsagar','.'.join([x for x in ['gmail','com']])])"

Looking for Fullstack/Python/Django development positions.

Location: Madison, WI | Remote, Local, or Relocation [prefer remaining in United States] | Full Time, Part Time [depending on opportunity), Contract (depending on opportunity)

Stack: Java, Objective-C

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gm46etnn60dl4cv/AP_Resume.pdf

Contact: see resume

I have spent considerable time in college trying various courses and major programs to figure out what I want to do with my life. I have learned my passions though, mainly technology and politics. I love to help people, and want to do that through creating new ideas that will drive us all forward. I have optimistic goals and a desire to learn that are not being challenged by my education. While being a full-time student I have also worked various IT positions across campus. This is where I learned Active Directory, some HTML skills, how to use UNIX based systems, Objective-C, File Maker, Creative Suite, and the list goes on. I have a lot of untapped potential and a pent-up desire to let loose on a project if someone is willing to give me the opportunity.

I would appreciate any constructive criticism and advice as well.

Manchester, UK. Full time/Part time/Contract/Remote

Stack: Golang, Objective-C, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Java

Contact: wang.linan [at] gmail [dot] com

Recent work: ShopTalk (iPad App): https://itunes.apple.com/app/shoptalk/id863106559?mt=8 (everything, even including icon! :D)

Had tons of failures to bootstrap startups, good at cutting spending and fast prototyping.

Los Angeles, California · Remote / In-House · Full-Time

Configuration / QA / firefighter engineer, Mid-Senior level, 7 years experience. Experience in Python, SQL, BASH, CentOS/Debian Linux, IIS/Apache/nginx, CVS/git/hg, Cybersource. Some PHP and Wordpress. Some SharePoint.

Have worked in many different aspects of IT, everything from Desktop Support, Front-end dev, Linux Sysadmin, Level 3 support for live event ticketing operations. Ideally seeking Downtown Los Angeles based company that offers occasional remote work opportunities. I'm not a full dev, I'm the person who knows a lot of everything and can quickly fix things.

Hobby is video production: http://experimentalhalfhour.com/

And I have a lot of experience in video tech, studio setup, framerate/ratio/codec, the whole thing. I own a mobile studio, and have worked with Echolab, Ross Carbonite, Harris, Grass Valley, D9, DVCAM and lots of other pieces.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brockfansler

Email: brock.fansler [at] gmail [dot] com

Ottawa, ON Canada; Remote; Contract/Part Time

Stack: Java, C, C++, jQuery/JavaScript(node.js, express.js), Git, HTML5/CSS, some PHP

Resume: jessjohnson.ca/resume.pdf

Contact: jessjohnson.ca/contact.php

Student in Comp Sci, looking for a summer job in the tech world. I've made lots of small programs, web apps, and games but am eager to learn more and work on bigger projects. I have pretty good technical writing skills, and am currently learning Perl.

Paris but looking to return to Baltimore in the fall; Remote | Local; Contract | Full Time | Part Time

Stack: Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Resume: http://tinyurl.com/ErinZ

Contact: see above

Have a PhD in cognitive science and lots of experience teaching, writing, MTurking, and crunching data, but am looking to venture outside of academia. Seeking an entry-level position where I can expand my skills.

London (or surrounding area, Cambridge); Full Time / Contract / Part Time

Stack: Scheme, C, (Haskell); Perl has been my technology of choice in the past. Serverside / web / Gtk+.


Resume: http://christianjaeger.ch/resume/

Contact: http://christianjaeger.ch/contact.html

I've got 15 years of experience as a software developer. I'm always trying to find or use good abstractions. I've got rather extensive experience with functional and syntactical abstractions using Scheme, and am now increasingly interested in static program analysis and type systems. I'm interested in learning new programming languages like ATS, Idris, also Erlang, Clojure and Julia. I could see myself bring the most benefit in areas where special approaches need to be taken (security sensitive areas, perhaps high-performance computing, embedded devices).

San Francisco, remote/local, Full Time | Contract | Part Time

Stack: Coffeescript, Backbone.js, React.js, Node.js/Hapi.js, Sass/Compass, Python, Docker

Resume: http://bricolage.io

Contact: mathews.kyle@gmail.com

Extensive background building social and developer tools/platforms. Love working on rich problems with social, IxD, and technical aspects.

Recently left startup and looking for next big challenge.

Reston area, VA. Relocation is OK. Full time.

Stack highlights: Java (including concurrency), JavaScript (browser, node.js, and phantomjs), C++/STL, C, SQL. Netty, Jetty, Solr, Storm.

Contact: bpgordon / umd.edu

I'm an entry level developer (15 months experience) madly in love with Java but my current employer is moving away from it. I'm looking for a job that will allow me to continue working with Java-based technologies.

Bonus points if you have things developers love like a clean codebase with tests, CI with automated deployments, standups, code reviews, etc. Source control is a must.

My current domain is NLP but I'm not married to it. I don't really care what you do as long as I get to work with developers who are better than I am. I want to learn, not just draw a paycheck.

Check out my blog and some projects that I worked on in college:



(I'd also appreciate feedback from any other HN commenters who happen to read this.)

Bangalore, India. Full time. Relocate anywhere in India.

Stack: Python, MATLAB, R, Julia, MPI and OpenMP.

Resume: se.linkedin.com/in/abhijithc

Contact: abhijithc at gmail dot com

Experience in machine learning and scientific computing. In depth knowledge on Matrix Factorization techniques. Built a Recommender System, which achieves better performance than SVD based systems. It scales on large datasets, is easily parallelizable and yet simple.

Bekasi Indonesia, Remote | Part Time 20-25 hours/week

Stack : Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Knockout JS, Cucumber, Rspec, Git, MongoDb, Couchdb etc

Resume : https://www.odesk.com/o/profiles/users/_~01cef6eee56213d4b5/

Contact : aditya at prawirasoft dot com

My name is Aditya, a Ruby on Rails ninja with +9600 hours worked through odesk, i've been working 100% remotely using RoR since 2008 with clients from various countries such as USA, UK, Australia, South Korea, Denmark etc

Previous work involving

- REST API for instagram-like app, so it can be consumed by iOS & Android app

- Project Management app (one page), using RoR & Knockout JS

- Airplane Ticket Searching

- Quickbooks integration for Online Store

- Credit Analysis Web App (actually, i'm currently working on this)

I usually handle 2 projects from different clients at the same time, but one of the project has been finished, so i need another project to fill my time. The other project that i’m still working right now come from a company in Salt Lake City, Utah, i work for this company part-time 20-25 hours/week


Willing to relocate? (bay area)

Sorry, but my life is in Portland! I have professional experience working remotely; and enjoy it. :D I can also travel when necessary.

Austin TX, Remote, Full Time (priority) | Contact | Part Time

Stack: Node, JS-HTML-CSS, CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation...), JS Frameworks (Angular, Backbone...), Haskell, (former) Linux server administration

Contact: tenorbiel@gmail.com.com

I'm interested in working with a team since the majority of me work has been independent contracting. I'd like to develop the skills to work on large projects with large teams.

Hey there L8D,

We're a team of ~15 developing mobile products on Ember here in Austin and are looking for HTML5/CSS3/JS chops. If you'd like to chat, let me know. Can you send me your resume?

~Jim jim.degnan@q2ebanking.com

India, Relocation, Full Time | Contract

Stack: C++11, Java, NodeJS, libuv, Linux, systems programming, scalable and concurrent servers.

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ij7kqoownqnauuy/Arindam_Mukherjee....

Contact: arindam dot mukerjee at gmail

Key areas: Systems and application programming, 11+ years of experience. Worked on high availability and server management areas. Keen learner - highly proficient in C++ / C++11. Can work fluently in Java / Python / NodeJS. Contracted author for an upcoming title on C++ using Boost libraries.

Work permit status: US: Have an H1B petition filed and approved in 2012. Need new sponsor. Could not travel earlier due to a personal accident followed by offer revocation.

Seeking employers preferably in the Bay Area. Open to working in EU as well. Looking to build and use cloud-enabling technologies. Want to work in fast-moving, dynamic teams with freedom to choose tools and techniques and challenging problems to solve.

San Francisco CA, Local, Part Time | Summer Internship

Stack: Ruby on Rails

Resume: https://db.tt/Yda2zfca

Contact: m.rampton at gmail

I'm a developer turned student looking to spend the summer learning and coding; I would prefer to do this with a company (i.e. a group of peers which hopefully includes a mentor or two) but will do it on my own otherwise. In August I'm moving to NYC to attend Columbia where I'll be completing my final two years as an undergraduate in CS. I should be candid that I'm a bit out of practice on the coding front at the moment (too many science/math pre-reqs, too few programming). With that in mind I'm looking for a junior position which would hopefully provide a well defined runway for accelerating and getting back up to speed. While I've done full-stack in the past, I'm generally more comfortable on the backend; but won't turn down the opportunity to practice or work on either or both.


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New York, Remote, Contract

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Web Development, Javascript (ECMAScript), Objective-C and Java

Resume: http://www.encoredevlabs.com

Email: ankur at encoredevlabs.com

I am a full stack engineer that does end to end development from building a web app both client and server client to deploying/maintaining it. Client side development include web development using Javascript/HTML/CSS and using responsive frameworks like Foundation and JS frameworks like Backbone. Client side development also includes native iOS development in Objective-C. Server side development includes building server side component in Ruby on Rails while building API's for the client that can be the native iOS app or Web App. If interested please checkout my work at http://www.encoredevlabs.com There are other projects that are not show cased which I can show offline.

Louisville, KY; Remote/Seattle/San Francisco; Full Time

Stack: C/C++, PHP, Python, Go, Erlang, JavaScript

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jbcrail

GitHub: https://github.com/jbcrail

Contact: jbcrail at gmail dot com

I've been a software engineer for 15 years. I've largely been part of small teams that built a data warehouse ETL utility which processed billions of customer records nightly for a dozen Fortune 500 companies; a distributed document store with terabytes of historical data, an ISO consistency requirement, and a strict availability guarantee; and a service-oriented platform managing internal business data worth millions of dollars in revenue.

I'm currently interested in functional programming languages and distributed systems. I currently have committed to GitHub for 260 consecutive days for various personal and open-source projects.

New York City (arriving soon, currently in Rome), Remote or Local, Full Time or Contract or Part Time

Skills: Graphic design, writing, HTML, CSS, Python & Django. Basic hacking skills in Git, Unix, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP. Happy to learn new technology if it helps me reduce the time I spend in front of [filing systems][feynman] despite liking them very much.

Résumé: http://hypertexthero.com/cv/

Contact: http://hypertexthero.com/contact/

Photography: http://simongriffee.com/

I like simple, minimalist web design and open source software, though I am not an extremist. I want to work on things which [tell the truth and cause no harm][glaser] together with open people who have a [sense of humor][cleese].

In Italian, my first name is Nina's [last][simone].

[feynman]: http://hypertexthero.com/logbook/2014/03/dr-feynman-whats-co... "Dr. Feynman, What's a Computer?"

[glaser]: http://www.miltonglaser.com/files/Essays-10things-8400.pdf "Ten Things I Have Learned by Milton Glaser"

[cleese]:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU5x1Ea7NjQ "John Cleese on Creativity"

[simone]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgXUeRbel3c "Just in Time by Nina Simone"

Milwaukee, WI, Local/Remote, Full Time/Contract/Part Time

Stack: HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, EnyoJS, PHP, WordPress, Objective-C, Git, Blender, Autodesk Inventor

Resume: http://davisr.me/dropbox/resume.pdf

Contact: d@visr.me

I'm a young web developer, eager to get into the industry. Currently, I run a custom bow tie business (http://drbowtie.com) that I built from scratch, but am looking for an internship or junior developer position. Some of my other projects are listed at http://apps.davisr.me.

Ideally, I could work from West Bend, WI, but can come on-site anywhere near Milwaukee. I have 5+ years of administering web services, and 2+ years of running an online business. Please don't hesitate to contact me; if you're reading this, I'd love to get a coffee with you!

Hi Davis,

I would be more than interested to chat with you. Contact me on leslie.kivit@booking.com.



Location: Relocation anywhere. But preference given to Boston, Colorado, Utah, Bay Area, Euro. I currently live in Boston.

Prefer full time or part time if in Boston. Junior position. (I'm in Boston)

Stack: Frontend. I dabble into the full stack for my own projects (www.mosurv.co php/mysql/native apps)

Oh man, I should have kept my blog and resume up to date in case this happened!

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/836v8f08tmjw3fi/Matthew-Odette-res...

Contact: me [ at ] matthewodette [ dot ] com

I'm most comfortable on the frontend, playing with JS and MV* frameworks. A fair amount of data visualization with g.raphael. I like snowboarding, hiking, biking, and running long distances. I served, briefly, in the Navy before injuries sent me home.

I would like to request that technical recruiters hold off on reaching out unless you _really_ have a position you think is a great fit. Thank you!

Salam, Massachusetts; Remote/Local; Full Time / Part Time / Internship

Stack: Obj-C, Java, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Python

Resume: calvinchestnut.com/docs/CalvinChestnutResume.pdf

Contact: In resume

I'm graduating from Ithaca College in two weeks, and was hoping to have created my own company for after graduation. Funding didn't go through however, and now I'm looking for a job that will help me learn new skills and work as a member of a team to make a real difference for a company.

I'm an English major who wasn't able to finish my computer science minor due to scheduling conflicts, but have a 4.0 in all my Comp Sci courses from Discrete Mathematics to Software Engineering. I started programming two years ago, and have moved very quickly in my skills. Most of all I'm excited to see what I can do with more time on my hands after graduation.

I will be moving to Salem Massachusetts in July, and will be eager to commute anywhere in the Boston area for a good position.


I'm working on some great positions (Java, LAMP, Python) in the Waltham area for recent grads. Cloud-based technology and new application development. Give me a shout @ 857-250-0335 if you're interested!

Regards, Brett

Minneapolis MN, local or remote, full or part time

Stack: Primarily Ruby/Rails. Also JS, jQuery, some Python/Django

Very curious to just see what's out there as far as remote work. Spent the last year and a half living/working in the Bay Area and have decided to move back to my beloved Minneapolis at the end of this month.

kevinflo [at] gmail if you want to get in touch

London UK, Relocation (I'm from Slovenia, full EU member - meaning no visa required to work in UK), Full Time

BSc Computer Science

Stack: C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, JS/jQuery, Entity Framework, LINQ, WCF, CrystalReports, R, Subversion

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/516897/CV.pdf

Contact: driznar [at] gmail [dot] com

Looking for a C# web development role with ASP.NET MVC. I have more than 3.5 years of experience developing software with .NET stack, from desktop apps (WinForms), to web apps (ASP.NET MVC) that utilized machine learning methods (R, R.NET) and SOA-based services (WCF, Web-services). All of it was done in the context of working for a financial services software provider, so I also have a lot of domain knowledge of how financial industry operates.

PS: I'm also open to learning another stack, if given the oppurtunity to learn it (especially Python/Django).

Location: Upstate New York | Remote | Full time or contract

Preferred Stack: Python | Django | Flask | WordPress | InfusionSoft

Contact: casuallookinghn@gmail.com

What I'm Looking For: The next step in my career.

In my current job, I run the tech stack for a small online training company. This includes managing the server, squashing bugs, handling tech support, tying together various APIs, and building out new features. I am outgrowing the role and looking for something that is more challenging and allows me more time for programming.

I have been programming casually for 15 years and professionally for almost 6. In that time I have done: SEO, AdWords, managed complex marketing campaigns with InfusionSoft, setup membership sites, built WordPress plugins, launched a handful of side projects, and watched a lot of Netflix.

Looking for remote work, with a heavier focus on programming. Always willing to learn new things and take new paths. Potentially interested in a CTO type of role for a small team.

Here are the details of a designer friend of mine, Chris Lam:

San Francisco, CA | Local/Onsite, Full Time | Contract

Stack: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Copywriting, Usability Testing, HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript

Portfolio: http://whoischrislam.com/

Resume: http://whoischrislam.com/chris_lam_resume.pdf

Contact: whoischrislam@gmail.com or @whoischrislam on twitter.

I've worked at places such as Amazon and Mozilla working on products and features for Firefox OS, Amazon Cloud Player, and Amazon Prime.

I'm looking to work with passionate, humble, and fun people. Would love to work with people who believe in a culture of collaboration, integrity, empathy, and transparency.

I want to work on technology that empower/enable people to do amazing things and help them. Topics I care about: lifestyle/health/food, education, and productivity.

Bratislava, Slovakia -- Local / Remote / Relocation -- Full Time / Contract

Stack: Python, C++, Qt, Twisted, Flask, Django, PostgreSQL, Oracle (if you want to migrate away), Ansible, Fabric, familiar with audio analysis and IR algorithms, system programming, managing servers, ...

Resume: https://oxygene.sk/tmp/llalinsky-2014-05.pdf

Contact: lukas@oxygene.sk

I basically have two profiles, doing web development commercially for over 10 years and hacking on music related things in open source projects. The things in "stack" is what I have been recently working with, but I'm very flexible regarding technology.

I'm looking for a change, possibly moving away from web dev, but I'm not set on what to do next. If you have a project that you think could be interesting to me and it's something I could really help you with, please let me know.

Brussels Belgium, Local / Relocation , Full time / Freelance Contract

Stack : Python,Django,Java,C#

Resume : http://www.gladosx.tv/static/CV/CVEN.pdf

contact : bussiere[at]gmail.com

I'am mainly looking for new opportunities and challenges, research of solutions is one of my preferred things.

Bangalore/Chennai, India; Remote OR Open to Relocation (Almost anywhere), Full Time, Recruiters welcome.

Stack: Ruby, C, C#, JavaScript, Python, HTML5 & CSS3, PostgreSQL / MySQL, Heroku / AWS S3.

Frameworks used: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, ASP.net, Bootstrap

Misc: Git, Shell programming, Sublime Text 3.

Resume: http://in.linkedin.com/pub/mohammed-ameen/6/88/a97/

Contact: [Available on HN Profile], http://ameen.in

About Me: Full-Stack Engineer, UX Designer, Product Owner (Built & maintained a few medium-sized projects, sole owner on a rather large scale Rails project.) I'm open to exciting opportunities

  You: I'd love to work in a culture that believes in nurturing their employees, learn from experienced-colleagues and is a consumer-facing Product company(Nice if it is).

Croatia (EU), looking to relocate to Germany, Berlin, Full Time

Stack: PHP, Ruby, Javascript, SQL, Linux, Git

Contact: gpedic at gmail com

A large part of my work the last 3 years has revolved around SugarCRM (open source CRM suite). A lot of it was integrating the thing with anything and everything but I've also built call center front-ends, robocalling systems, bulk sms (smpp) and a lot more.

Some hands on experience in building web apps with Rails, AngularJS (as data input apps or interfaces on top of complex applications), REST API's and did back-end programming/scripting in ruby, php, python, nodejs.

I would like gather some new experiences, maybe a service oriented tech company with interesting back-end work available. I'll consider almost anything as long as it seems interesting, but would like to state up front that I'm not much of a designer.

I do speak German fluently (have lived in Germany for 10 years) but may need to freshen it up a little.

SF/NYC, Relocation (J1 Visa), Internship

Stack: Web Dev (PHP/ROR)

Resume: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/waleychen/

Contact: waleycz@gmail.com

Name's Waley. Fourth year CS student at the University of Waterloo who is looking for a Fall 2014 software engineering internship.

I'll be interning at MongoDB in the summer. Last summer, I interned at Twilio where I wrote new features for and rebuilt Twilio's phone number search query tool. Also worked on the bulk porting feature.

I've also won two hackathon awards. One for building CodeTrial--an app that drastically reduces the time to conduct a technical phone screen by automating the technical phone screen. You can try it out here: http://CodeTrial.herokuapp.com/

If you're interested, check out my resume for more information and feel free to connect!

Ontario Canada, Remote, Contract

I'm a very talented and innovative software/UX/UI designer and project manager with 20+ years experience. I've designed from scatch and managed very large and complex projects, most recently a new type of analytics SaaS, a server-to-server software installer, and a 2nd screen real-time fantasy sports game. I'm also a copywriter and sales page/funnel designer with an eye to conversions.

http://johnreel.com/resume http://linkedin.com/in/johnreel http://tracker.ly

Currently looking for contract work to: - Define the specs for software - Design software - Write Sales Copy

I also can write you the kind of online dating profile that will find you the love of your life. :-)

NJ, Remote | Relocate, Full Time | Part Time | Contract

C#, MS SQL, WPF, ASP .Net MVC, ~node/express/mongo


bobdetemple at gmail

MBA hacker, health care sector

Hamburg, Germany, willing to do remote but prefer on-site, full time

Stack: JavaScript (ng, ko), Node.js, SQL Server, git, CI, .NET (C#,ASP.NET MVC, Winforms, WCF, WPF), C++, Some Python

Resume: [English] http://brotherstone.co.uk/cv/DaveBrotherstoneEN.pdf / [Deutsch] http://brotherstone.co.uk/cv/DaveBrotherstoneDE.pdf

Languages: English (native), German (proficient/fluent)

Contact: davegb at pobox dot com

Really looking to do more Node and less .NET - i.e. same as many others, please-more-cool-languages-and-less-enterprise-.net! Primarily done backend using .NET/WCF, and front end with Angular. Open to new tech and love a new challenge (currently learning ClojureScript). Really keen to work with smart people.

Leeds United Kingdom, Remote or local, Part-time

Stack: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, Backbone.js, Javascript

Resume: https://careers.stackoverflow.com/samlevy and http://samlevy.me (full CV available on request)

Contact: hn at levy dot io

I’m looking for work around RESTful API applications, MVP builds, Ruby mentoring, SaaS application, and payments. I have 5 years professional experience with Ruby and Rails working on a wide variety of projects.

In my spare time, I built and run a UK geocoding web service with RESTful web API, recurring payments, and accompanying Ruby gem - http://geocodable.io, https://github.com/geocodable

Bangalore, Remote | Local, Full Time

Node.js, Python, Docker, little bit of everything else

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2xtdfg0yb9jo4a/ShrikrishnaHolla_l...

Github: http://github.com/shrikrishnaholla

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/shrikrishnaholla

Personal Website: http://shrikrishnaholla.in

An npm module I developed: http://npmjs.org/node-bufferapp

contact: shrikrishna (dot) holla (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm looking for a full stack web development position. I'm a new grad (2014), but have experience building products from scratch

San Francisco Bay Area, Full Time (currently on H1B, need transfer)

Stack: CLDR/ICU, Perl, Python, PHP.

Resume: http://www.shervinafshar.name/resume

Contact: HN username at gmail

I'm a software internationalization and localization engineer. I help software teams improve the localizability of their UI and docs, maintain and manage their linguistic assets (translation memories, terminology databases, etc.) and understand and process locale-specific data (e.g. date/time, gender/plural, sorting, etc.) and UX (e.g. UI/UX for languages which are written right-to-left) properly. Currently I'm working for a vendor which caters such services to the household name web and gaming console companies, but would like to work for a dynamic team who has its own set of products in need of globalization.

Philadelphia, PA, USA, No relocation, Remote, Full Time, Side projects, Possibly contract

Stacks: - Front end: HTML, CSS (Sass, Less), JavaScript (jQuery, ExtJS, AngularJS) - Languages/Frameworks: PHP, Yii, C#, ASP.Net MVC, Java - DB: MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL Server, MongoDB - Misc: Android, NodeJS

Contact: http://joekrill.com

I'm a full-stack developer passively open to any interesting opportunities in the area or remotely. I don't have a real specific stack, and I'm always looking to learn more. However, I do have a preference for the Linux/open source side of things. Mainly focusing on front end web development these days, and hoping to do more with NodeJS. Quality code and UX must be a top priority (not necessarily from a legacy standpoint, but moving forward this should be paramount).

Location: Arlington, VA | prefer local but open to both Remote/Relocation | Full time

At Work Stack: C#, JavaScript, SQL Server, TFS, .NET WebForms For Fun Stack (stuff on github): JavaScript (Node.js/Express, AngularJS), Python, git, Vagrant, Sublimetext+vim. Played with and enjoyed Ruby/RoR, MongoDB, Redis, Flask.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertwettlaufer , https://github.com/Robert-Wett

Contact: rdwettlaufer@gmail.com

I'm looking to join a smaller company that moves a bit faster, and I'd prefer to break out of the .NET stack. I'd be most interested in a full-stack position, and it would be even better to work underneath other great developers who can learn me some fun stuff.

Calgary Canada, Local, Intern Stack: Java, Python, Qt, bunch of assembly Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RyNSj1nwIhGdJWzfX_Rltj57... Github: https://github.com/krruzic Contact: in resume I've just finished up my second year of computer science at the University of Calgary. I'm mostly looking for an internship over the summer. I'm interested in learning web technologies, and just learning in general. I have some C++ experience, but most of my programming has been done in either Java (school stuff primarily) or Python (personal projects).

Thanks for making this thread, although I saw it a bit late!

Bowling Green, OH, USA; Remote/Local; Full Time

Professional Stack (mid-senior level): PHP (Yii, ZF1), MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery [etc] Professional Stack (junior-mid level): Android, Java Hobby Stack: ZF2, Node.js, Socket.io Tools: git, svn, PhpStorm, github, atlassian suite

Resume: http://j.mp/navarr-resume (inc. Contact)

I'm a full stack developer with a growing eye for design, inspired mainly by Google. I've been working professionally for four years, with plenty of experience doing freelance for years before then. I'm very interested in working more with Android, but I love working with PHP and related technologies - despite all their flaws. I'm an excessively fast learner, and can pick up just about anything as long as the knowledge is available.

What's your thoughts on relocating (bay area)?

I've always wanted to, but right now I'm just trying to get my S/O and myself in the same place. It's definitely something I have been okay with in the past, and would be okay with in the future - but that bit of life is slightly too hectic to relocate at the moment, unfortunately.

Baltimore, MD; Remote/Local/Relocation; Full Time/ Contract/ Part Time

Stack: Java, Python, C, SQL, C#, C++, JS (Best to least best)

Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4WRtlCUnFszVWtzMFZDZF9Hb1U...

Contact: joshwiegand55@gmail.com (also see Resume)

Recent college graduate of 2013. Looking for work anywhere between Washington, DC and New York. I have a couple projects that keep me busy(https://github.com/jrwiegand) while I am currently interviewing for positions in almost any IT/Programmer/Hacker/ something-with-computers-involved field. I am looking for any place that is full of good people that want to do awesome things.

Vilnius, Remote or Relocation, Full Time, Contract

Stack: Objective-C+CoreData, C, Python+PostgreSQL, SVG+JavaScript

Resume: https://careers.stackoverflow.com/morganwilde

Contact: "wilde.morgan"+"".join(('@','g','m','a','i','l','.','c','o','m'))

Did you know that a parabola could be understood as an ellipse, with one focal point at infinity? I didn't before today, who knows what I will find out next. One thing's for certain - I do want to work on making knowledge=power more accessible to all. Khan Academy is one place I'd love to help out, edX.org is another. If you're working on making knowledge accessible - I'm interested.

Tucson, Arizona, Remote | local within Arizona, Full Time

Stack: Javascript (Angular, Knockout, Node), CSS (Sass,Less,Stylus), (C# / ASP.NET MVC but a bit rusty not 100% white sheet developer).

Resume: http://cdn.omerwazir.com/docs/omer_wazir_resume.pdf

contact: see in my resume

I've worked on health insurance claims systems and defense projects but really want something that is public facing, needs to scale, uses open web technology and isn't drowning in bureaucracy. I want to be surrounded by people much smarter than me. I'm looking for a front end role or something that allows me to work in Node and the front end, although I'm perfectly comfortable learning up on a language/stack. I also have Secret Clearance access.

New York, Remote, Full Time

Hello! My name is Bhushan, and I'm interested for Software Engineer position.

Having worked for two startups on web projects before Hacker School, I have sound knowledge of Ruby/Rails and general web stack. Recently I spent some time at Hacker School dabbling with C, writing a feature patch for Git, learning Algorithms and Data Structures, playing with React.js.

I believe in OSS and have contributed to the Git (current state: implementing the code changes recommended by Git maintainers), did bug fixes on some ruby gems, and have written couple of ruby gems.

Along with programming, I enjoy traveling, cruising along countryside roads on my motorcycle, practising yoga into the wee hours, and reading tons of books.

Resume: http://goo.gl/AVGTwV

email: bhushanlodha [at] gmail [dot] com

Los Angeles, Remote/Reloc TX OK, Full Time Stack (current): PHP (no framework, but OOP of course), JavaScript+jQuery, Memcached, git/svn, on CentOS

Things I play with: Android/Java, ReactJS

Things I've played with: NodeJS, Python, Mathematica

Resume (I'll add present employment by end of day today): http://charmeleon.github.io/resume.html

Two years of software development experience, I'm looking for a company that looks to move forward with their technology. I implemented my latest project at work as a RESTful API, and used JavaScript's history.pushState to avoid reloading any page. I'm currently in LA but I've plans to relocate to TX (currently looking at Houston/Austin) by end of year (sometime after August).

NYC, In-House, Full-Time

Front-End. Entry-Mid level. I enjoy native (JS, HTML, CSS). I work mostly with Native JS, jQuery, Sass, Stylus, Yeoman, Grunt, Bower, and tons of small libraries.

I've purposefully kept a very native stack because I wanted to stay true to a solid foundation and then join a company where I could learn in-depth about the frameworks/libraries that they're using. I'd be particularly excited to learn Backbone, Angular, or work in a Pythonic codebase.

Sideproject (Rails): http://subella.com

Github: http://github.com/ryel

Personal: http://christianryel.com

Email is in HN profile page if anybody has questions.

I'd also REALLY appreciate any constructive criticism.

Rio de Janeiro, Remote or Relocation, Full Time - Looking for positions in US / Europe / Australia

Stack: Objective-C, Node, JS, Android

Resume: http://br.linkedin.com/pub/thiago-peres/24/1a8/6b0/

Contact: thiago.peres [at] icloud.com

I'm a Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Interaction Designer and more recently Product Manager with over 5 years of experience in mobile development, focusing on the iOS & Android platforms. I'm looking for product manegement positions and I wanna move to the US.

I have strong skills in leading efforts to see product designs from conception to completion.

I'm currently responsible for the mobile division of the biggest ecommerce in latin america, making apps and mobile websites used by millions.

Toronto (Greater Toronto Area), Canada, Full Time / Contract / Part Time

Stack: PHP (OOP,MVC and GNU frameworks), MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, GIT, CSS3, HTML5, Google Chrome Extension Developer

Resume: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/nadeem-ur-rehman/75/332/25a

Contact: nadeem.reyhman@gmail.com

I'm working as a full stack web developer mostly (PHP frameworks, MySQL, Javascript frameworks and obviously CSS 3) Currently working closely with sales/marketing team to develop in house order tracking CRM type app, though these days, I'm increasing my interest in mobile app for Consumers or Businesses (B2B or B2C) where more human interactions with the soft touch of hardware involved professionally.

Guruprasad, Bengaluru, India Skills/Experienced in: Debian, Python, Django, C++, Storage (particularly HP P6000 Command View management software) Code: https://github.com/lgp171188, https://bitbucket.org/guruprasad Twitter: @LGuruprasad Website: http://www.lguruprasad.in/ Prefer remote/relocation opportunities for full-time jobs. Resume: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0By4tOruhioffYk8ySEdweTZEdWc/...

San Antonio|Austin|TX; Remote|Local; Full Time|Contract|Part Time;

Stack: iOS, Node.js

Resume (of sorts): https://gist.github.com/gmcerveny/51ed61e9ae8402d4b290

Note: Love mobile, hardware, music tech, interfaces. 10 years experience, worked at a techstars company [1], worked for techstars as a hackstar [2], failed at my own startup [3], and have a hobby teaching node [4].

[1] http://occipital.com/

[2] http://www.techstars.com/hackstars/

[3] http://wimbomusic.com/

[4] http://ultimatenodeguide.com

Pune , Remote / Relocation , Full Time

Stack : Angular-js , js, jQuery , html5 , Node-js

Resume : http://jaykanakiya.com/resume.pdf

Contact : mailto:kanakiyajay@yahoo.com

I am looking for a front-end developer position and open to learning new technologies and relocating.

Check out changer.in -- they regularly hold PuneJS and are into a lot of the technologies you mention.

Bay Area, CA (prefer places that are BART accessible), Full time.

Stack: Python, C, Cython, but I'd love to be able to branch out (Haskell, Scheme, etc. would definitely get my attention).

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/517776/resume.pdf

Contact: pwmiller74@yahoo.com

My recent experience has been writing software for testing and building fiber optic network switches. Before that, I was in graduate school studying math (primarily graph theory, but with course work in category theory and numerical/linear algebra as well). I'd like to work at a small company that is looking for smart people who can learn what they need to know quickly (preferably in a math-oriented domain).

Oh, and recruiters welcome. :-)

Houston, TX | Remote / Relocation (Anywhere) | Full Time / Contract

Stack: C, C#, Javascript (node.js), Python | MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB | Linux / Windows

Other: Business Intelligence (Oracle Endeca OEID)

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jmattbates/

Contact: jmbates at gmail

About Me: I am currently a software and BI consultant full time. I have experience working in a team environment and independently. I'm adept in data warehousing / ETL. I'm full stack capable. I have experience writing extensible, object oriented code in an agile (TDD) environment.

Looking For: Problems to solve, whether that is full stack development or B.I. implementations. I would prefer remote work but I am open to relocating almost anywhere worldwide.

Austin * Remote OK * Full Time or Contract

Stack: Rails (4 yrs, side projects), Python (1+ yr), Angular/Meteor/D3 (learning), Semiconductors (extensive), R (1 yr), Sublime Text, Ubuntu, Git/GitHub

Resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15480795/Brian_Piercy_20..., or see LinkedIn bio: http://www.linkedin.com/in/brianpiercy

Bio: 3-time product manager + 3-time project manager. Operations-centric. (I'm the guy you call when the trains need to run on time.) SAAS or hardware - if I get to work with people who are wicked smart & fun, then everything else is gravy.

  Location : London, UK, Local, Full Time

  Stack: Python, C++

  Resume: http://www.markbrown.io/cv

  Contact: contact@markbrown.io
I will be finishing my PhD, Friday 26th September 2014(!) in improving the timing performance of scintillator detectors[1]. My work is primarily simulation and experimentation. I'm interested in building and improving open science[2] and improving my domain knowledge of statistics and Python. I love interesting problems with real world applications and I hope to find a job outside of academia doing so.

[1] http://www.markbrown.io/research

[2] http://www.authorea.com/3692

Quad Cities, IL

Willing to work remotely or relocate almost anywhere in the Pacific Northwest or Midwest USA, but actually prefer relocation.

Looking for full time, contract, or part time

          Stack: Ruby, Rails, Git, Ubuntu, Sublime Text 2, HTML/CSS, some JS

          Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/thehopefulwebdev/

          Contact: joseph [at] thehopefulwebdev [dot] com
I have been teaching myself to code for the past 5 months and trying to blog every day about it for the last 3. I believe I am going to start approaching a wall where guided direction rather than every day diligence is going to be more rewarding and instructive. I want to work for a company that wants a self-starting developer who will grow with their team.

Oregon; Remote, Relocate Anywhere; Full-Time

Stack: Java(Android, Salesforce, Junit, Selenium) Python, C, C++, HTML/CSS, Git

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/smz2xoeofhdekx6/resume.pdf

Contact: vanrysss@onid.oregonstate.edu

Ex .mil graduating with a degree in Economics. One year's development experience dealing mainly with Java. I'd prefer to do something mobile or web front-end related. Currently picking up Objective-C, and JS. Fluent in Dutch/Flemish.

I have an Android project in "the second 90%" that you can check out here, excuse the mess while I refactor some stuff. https://github.com/Brabon/MACSv1.0

Didn't really like the font on the resume, found it a bit boring and became uninterested very quickly

This is nice marketing ;) Wouldn't have clicked resume [interests do not align] unless this was here.

USA, Relocation | Intern

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Android

Resume: Email for more info

Contact: ZWR3ZW5nIFthdF0gZ21haWw= (base64, all the rage these days!)

Currently on the mobile-web team at a large ecommerce shop (read: SOA). Planning on matriculating at Harvard Business School in the fall and would like to spend a summer building some cool stuff.

Just an FYI, those who may be doing the hiring may have no understanding of how to contact you. I'd highly suggest to add your email as well. Make it as easy as possible for someone to reach out.


If a hirer does not know how to identify and promply decode a base64 string, he should not contact one.

@wengzilla, Great idea by the way.

I am sure a lot of people also think that the email in your profile is public. It is not obvious that it is hidden.

It's one google search away so it's not exactly rocket science.

For the recruiters: http://base64decode.net

* London, UK. Remote, Contract. *

* http://jh3y.github.io *


Stack: front end tech so JS, CSS, HTML, jade, coffeescript, gulp, grunt, node, sass, less, angular, backbone, MEAN stack etc.

Projects posted here: sike, tyto, progre(c)ss, (cs)spinner, various gulp and spa boilerplate.

Resume: available on request.

Contact: http://jh3y.github.io

Github: https://github.com/jh3y

Open to different types of opportunity whether it be development or consultancy or anything else you come up with. Looking for somewhere that understand developers. Remote ideal. Check out my code/site and hopefully hear from you!

Chicago, Remote | Full Time

Stack: Ruby on Rails, Ruby, MVC, rspec, HTML, CSS, Node.js

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/betp1wkg2g4ezg4/RichardHamiltonRes...

Contact: richardgregoryhamilton@gmail.com

Helsinki, Finland; Local | Remote; Contract | Part Time | Full Time (starting from September 2014)

Stack: Junior Rails developer (sample project: http://growth.userium.com/), HTML / CSS (sample project: http://userium.com/), jQuery, Git, Usability, UX, Service design methods

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ninapatkai

Contact: nina@userium.com

MSc in Engineering, used to do e.g. Computer Aided Design and Product Data Management, now learning more web dev, particularly Rails. Interested also in web usability, product management and customer experience design.

Melbourne, Australia, Local | Remote, Full time | contract | part time

Stack: C, C++, Java

Contact: erceg.david@gmail.com

I'm looking to pick up some contract work, though I'm open to the possibility of full time. I have experience developing for Android, and I've also written desktop software for Windows.

Jacksonville, Florida, Full Time Stack - Android, Java, SQLite, Git www.linkedin.com/pub/gregory-saint-jean/6/987/a09/ Contact - gsaintjean@gmail.com US Citizen - I'm looking for an environment where I can grow and learn a lot from.

New Delhi, India| Full Time [Available For Relocation]

Skills: Intersection of Marketing, Growth & Technical

Resume: https://linkedin.com/in/pallavkaushish/

Contact: pallavkaushish [at] gmail [dot] com

Current Situation:

* Working as a technical marketer.

* Learning Node.js (express framework) with mongodb.

Looking For: To work with a startup in the growth team. I'm a young and hungry startup guy and a failed entrepreneur.

Interesting things I have done:

* Worked with 2 startups at a time (almost full time).

* Always got a job through connections and self marketing. Never made a resume except for Linkedin.

* Tried starting a music business in college and signed over 50 artists without a product.

* Documented my other interesting stories at http://snooptank.com

San Francisco Bay Area. Looking for a summer internship.

Stack: iOS, Objective-C, Python, Java, HTML, JQuery, git

Resume: https://app.box.com/s/eejahi2bhizztjy2ghkm

Contact: in attached resume

I'm a third year student at San Jose State University studying Computer Science. I have experience doing front-end web development and iOS development and using Python for side projects. I'm really open to doing just about anything. Ideally I would prefer to work with awesome people, hack on interesting and impactful projects, and pick up new skills that are overlooked in school. Anything I do not know coming into an internship I will make sure to learn quickly and hit the ground running.

Please get in touch: nick@docker.com

Los Angeles or Orange, CA · Remote/Local · Full-Time

Skills: Haskell, Rust, Scala/Play, Go, Python/Flask, Clojure, C++11, Ruby/Rails, Angular.js, Machine Learning

I'm a generalist who doesn't get bogged down with dogmatic views on specific technologies. In fact, I'm constantly learning about new ones in order to keep an open mind and learn new ideas [0].

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ek7vs0cd0rfpp06/resume-pub.pdf

Contact: jorge.israel.p@gmail.com

Site: http://www.blaenkdenum.com

[0]: http://www.blaenkdenum.com/notes/

Seattle/Kirkland/Redmond/Bellevue, WA or Remote, Full Time or Contract, no relocation

Stack: Android (Java SDK/Full stack from syncing data to nice UI/UX and animation), Java, Groovy, Grails, Javascript, Backbone.js, AWS

Resume: http://bit.ly/RbdLeT (PDF) http://about.me/petedoyle

Contact: petedoyle@gmail.com

Looking for full-stack, 'native' Java Android work. I'm especially excited for a mix of mostly Android with some backend API/front-end web thrown in. For backend work, I'm mostly from a Java/Groovy/Grails world but am also excited to pick up Ruby/Rails or Go.

Vancouver, B.C; Remote | Relocation; Full Time | Intern

Stack: PHP (SlimPHP|CakePHP|etc), JavaScript (jQuery|AngularJS|Backbone.js), HTML, CSS (SASS|LESS), Databases (MySQL|Mongodb|Oracle|HANA)

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8pcwurvuf94zmnl/Jay%20Huang%20-%20...

Contact: hn [at] [hnusername].org

I've currently returned to school until December to finish up a diploma I put on hold, but am open for interesting opportunities both as an intern during the summer, or full-time after I graduate in December. I am a full stack developer, currently more interested in front-end development work; but anything web related gets me excited really.

Denver, CO: Remote, Full Time, Contract

Stack: Python (Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, and more)/ C++ (C++11 and up)

Resume: http://bertjwregeer.com/Resume-files/BertJWRegeer-Resume-Apr...

Contact: bertjw@regeer.org

I am a very strong Python/C++ programmer having worked as the leader of a small team helping build a backend distributed high availability fault tolerant messaging system. I helped design/build the cryptographic requirements for the system and have a really good understanding of cryptography primitives and how to use them secure to build applications.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time working on open source projects such as Pyramid.

Location: New England, Remote | Local | Relocation, Full Time | Part Time

Stack: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, Mongo, Python, a bit of Node, others as needed.

Resume: http://coreygilmore.io (contains links to LinkedIn, etc.)

Contact: coreymgilmore@gmail.com

Overview: I build on the web (webapps) because I hate having to refactor code for different device types and languages (iOS vs Android). My focus is on data and user driven apps that are narrowly focused but perform great. I also have a large focus in developing real-time connected devices for home-automation and the Internet-of-Things (see Droplet Labs http://dropletlabs.com).

  Location: [Ottawa, Ontario: [Remote/Local], [Contract | Part Time]

  Stack: [JS from head to toe: MEAN stack, Meteor(!!!), jQuery, Angular, Backbone, CSS (+SASS)]

  Resume: [ca.linkedin.com/pub/kabir-sewani/39/120/b65/]

  Contact: [kabirsewani.com (I'm updating the site this weekend)]
Recent International Development grad that has been working with start-ups for over 2 years. I love UX and design. JavaScript gives me instant gratification. I've played a key role in marketing at every tech start-up I've worked at. I'm experienced in Video editing and the Adobe Suite. Looking for something fun to work on..

United States, Will relocate anywhere in the US or will work remotely

Stack: Javascript (AngularJS), Ruby, Rails

Résumé: http://andrew.huth.me, http://github.com/ahuth

Contact: andrew@huth.me

Looking for a company or startup with a strong culture and sense of purpose. I'd like to work in California or Colorado, but will move anywhere in the US for the right team. Also willing to work remotely.

Uses Rails and Angular, such as here: http://github.com/legion/vacation. Also excited to potentially learn new technologies and I'm a quick learner.

Stoke-on-Trent, UK | Remote | Full time

Stack: Programming languages (PHP|Python|C++), Web development (HTML|JavaScript|CSS), Servers (Linux|Ubuntu|Apache)

Resume: http://www.jooldesign.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/cv.pd...

Contact: chris@jooldesign.co.uk

Blog: http://www.jooldesign.co.uk

Looking to work for a focused company who respect their product and customers over short-term gains. Happy to work front-end or backend as I have a wealth of experience in both worlds. I'm a very sharp and fast learner and always willing to work with new technologies.

Boston/Cambridge, Local, Full Time Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samphinizy Contact: sam.phinizy@gmail.com

Experienced non-profit/small company admin(~10 years experience). Nerd on the side. I've worked for a variety of non-profits over the years from small affordable housing developers to multi-national NGOs. Looking for a change of pace. Comfortable with handling everything from construction management to event planning to HR to migrating mail servers. Outside of work I program 'recreationally' playing with things like procedural generation and combinatorics.

Anywhere, Remote, Full Time

Stack: Python, Django, Postgresql, PostGIS, Linux - can do DevOps/Full Stack, testing automation with Selenium

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/eric-gierach/6/a9b/435

Contact: please see resume or HN profile

I'm looking for a challenge with a smaller, faster, leaner company. I currently work for a large Fortune 500 and would like a change of pace. GIS, Education, ISP (Internet Service Provider) tech are all comfortable areas of interest for me, but I am definitely open to trying out other industries/verticals.

Currently reside in Madison, WI but may move if it doesn't warm up soon.

I tried to send you a note but it didn't go through. I'd love to chat, I work for a faster, leaner, smaller, KILLER company. send a note! jsinger@counsyl.com

Hey Guys,

This week we a TON of new openings for online education startup Udemy. Here is a link to the openings: https://www.udemy.com/about#jobs

If anyone is interested in any of the positions (whether they are devs or not, feel free to email me and I can walk you through the process to get the best chance for the position you like.

Side Note: I do NOT get a bonus for finding new employees.

Aside from the positions - the company is pretty legit w/ tons of free startup swag and all of the stereotypical San Francisco & startup perks like free food, activities, and lots of beer/whiskey (bourbon is the offices' personal fav).

Cheers, Adam adam@udemy.com

Nothing remote? All the positions say SF, CA.

Looking from some summer job/project Slovakia | Denmark | Europe, Remote | Relocation, Any type of contract.

Stack: Web: PHP, CSS, HTML, JS, Ruby, Go Other: C, Embedded systems, Git, Linux, Regex, CAD Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign - Logos, Web, Posters, Magazines

Resume: http://bliker.github.io/Samuel_Vasko-Resume.pdf Github: https://github.com/bliker Contact: samvasko@gmail.com

I am looking from some summer job, as Iy am still at University. If you need some extra hands on code or design in Europe I am the guy for you.

Location: Currently Auckland/London but I'd love to relocate

Stack: Scala, Play!, Akka, JS/JQuery, Angular.js, MySQL, Git, Android

Resume: http://goo.gl/8UzKrM

Contact: david at 4ta dot co dot uk

I'm graduating this year (BSci Computer Science, University of Auckland) and I'd love to get involved in an environment where I can tackle interesting problems and make a difference to the trajectory of a small company. I'm young so, if the jobs interesting, I don't care where it is or how long it's for. I've reliably come top 5 nationally in programming competitions and I'm always dabbling in new technologies.

Dallas,TX, Relocation, Full Time | Contract

Stack: CTO, outgoing technologist. Leading Teams, Built ongoing Rails SaaS startup {$700k run rate year 2}, Built a Rails PaaS Startup's platform, Node.js. Security, 7 yrs prior doing large Enterprise systems Architecture, Build, deploy. Cloud migrations, deployments, architecture, best practices. {eg: aws/softlayer}

Resume: Can send via request

Contact: chriszbond {at} gmail.com

Looking for high energy, leadership opportunities either in Colorado, North Carolina, North California, or Europe. Looking for high activity, high energy, and high people interaction opportunities {Startups or Enterprise {eg: AWS, Apigee}}. Open to consulting, if it involves travelling.

【Paris,France ; (Remote || Relocation) ; Full Time】

Stack : C, C++, PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS/JS, Project&Team management/coordination, Unix, sysadmin and security, machine learning, image processing, ...

Resume : http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidcoullet/en

Contact: http://david.coullet.info/#!/contact

Entrepreneur opened to new opportunities ツ , I would like to find a job with Team & project management, and a mandatory technical challenge ! Versatile, I love solving problems the efficient way.

Bay Area, Local | Remote, Full Time

Stack: PHP, MySQL, JS/jQuery, CSS, HTML, iOS/Objective C

Resume: http://www.hire.gs

Contact: gabe [at] hire [dot] gs

I'm a web developer with 7+ years of professional experience. I love fixing problems or solving inefficiencies with the help of technology. While my main expertise is in web development, I've also been learning Objective C and building iOS apps for the last 6 months. I can quickly grasp new technologies/languages and use them to come up with solutions to business problems. I'm currently employed, but I'm open to networking, new opportunities, or fun side projects.

NYC, Remote or local, Contract/Part Time

Tech: HTML/HAML, CSS (SASS/LESS), JS (jQuery, Backbone.js), Ruby (RoR), Python, PHP (Yii), Photoshop, UX/UI design, Bootstrap, Foundation, Wordpress

Resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mdolon/

Contact: mdolon [at] gmail

Blog: http://devgrow.com/

I'm a full-stack engineer who's done a lot of design/front-end work in the past. Currently playing lead tech/product role for a small startup based in NYC and have a LOT of free time, especially over weekends. Excel at quickly building prototypes.

Berkeley CA, Local | Remote, Full Time | Part Time

Javascript, Scheme, Excel, Objective-C, C++, Python (in that order)


Contact: 510-306-7305

Ex-Apple, semi-retired, differently pleasant to be around. Love Javascript! Love solving problems, with code or natural language. Ideally leave creation of problems (i.e. major architecture work) to others, though I have been known to rise to the occasion when problems are needed immediately. Skilled in eng. management if it comes to that. Expert in several disparate, mostly useless subjects. Wanted in two states for unlicensed use of multilinear algebra.

Philadelphia, PA, USA; Remote: Yes, Relocation: Only for an extremely compelling opportunity; Full Time

Stack: Mostly writing Clojure, Java, and occasional Python these days. Also, org-babel rocks my socks.

Resume: Contact via email for resume

Contact: paul at pataprogramming.com

Just completed my Ph.D. in CS, focusing on self-organization, autonomic computing, and distributed systems. Deeply interested in self-management, applying computational intelligence to distributed systems, and using visualization to understand complex systems. Looking for hard problems to solve in these areas. I'm currently co-organizer for local Linux, Clojure, and functional programming user groups. U.S. Citizen.

Minneapolis, wishing to move to San Francisco, Remote or Relocation, Full Time

Stack: Ruby/Rails, Ember.js, Docker, PostgreSQL

Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eId4toQ3xVwyQF7zhV8awtQr...

Contact: jake.m.mays [at] gmail.com

Currently I'm in Minneapolis looking to get over to San Francisco- but what I'm looking for most is interesting work. I'm looking for the kind of work I can throw myself into. I love what I do, and I love learning even more, so talk to me that's more than just a 9-5 to collect a paycheck.

Location: Hampshire, UK. Relocation, Full time. Stack: Python, NodeJS, front-end JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Git, limited Java/PHP

Resume: https://github.com/kmyr https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw6XiyI4uJjwSG5lcXBYTS1yVXM...

Contact: mikael [at] kohlmyr [dot] com

Willing to relocate globally, mainly interested in start-up jobs working on web-based or web-facing applications. I enjoy both front and back-end development and am happy to learn new technologies.

USA, Remote or Relocation, Full Time Stack: .NET (C#, mvc), NodeJS, PHP Resume: http://thelinell.com/resume/ Contact: tlbonnette@gmail.com

I am graduating next week with a BS in computer science and a minor in mathematics. I've completed two internships and held a variety of software development related positions, including QA lead during one internship. I truly enjoy software development and would love to work for a company that would help me get my career started off right. I'd prefer to stay in the Southern United States, but I can relocate.

Hi Linell,

I would be more than interested to chat with you. Contact me on leslie.kivit@booking.com.



Remote - Full-time | Part-time

I'm a mobile developer who values innovation and best practices. I particularly favor the Xamarin SDK and adjacent technologies. I hack on open source, speak and blog about cross-platform/mobile development.

Stack: Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, C#, REST, Azure, TDD

Github: http://github.com/alexandra-marin/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandramarin01

Blog: http://xmonodev.wordpress.com/

SLC, UT, Relocation, Full Time Stack: Sass, LESS, CSS, HTML, Haml, Javascript, jQuery, MeteorJS, ThreeJS, NodeJS, Gulp, Grunt, Handlebars, RequireJS, AJAX, JSON, MySQL, MSSQL Server, MongoDB, CMS (WordPress, Ghost, Jekyll), Git, Photoshop, Illustrator

Contact: http://seanevd.com

I'm focused mostly on front end development but have a history of design and have extensive database knowledge from school. I'm willing to move anywhere exciting and am looking to work with a start up or digital agency. I need to work somewhere where I can work with like-minded/passionate people.

Southern Brazil, Remote or Relocation (anywhere), Full Time (preferred) or Contract

Stack: Ruby, JavaScript, EmberJS, HTML5, CSS3

Resume: http://juliogreff.net/resume/

Spent the last few years working mostly on the backend side on long running projects, looking forward to get back on doing full stack dev, I miss working with startups. I'm mostly interested in developing products from the ground up, so I'd be a great fit for a tech co-founder, but I have no problem dealing with existing codebases. Feel free to approach me if you have an idea that generates actual value.

San Antonio TX, Remote | Local, Full Time

Stack: Java, Spring, Git, Linux, Clojure!, Gradle, Jenkins, Puppet, Javascript+jQuery

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j5kmsj0ff26nydo/pbarnett_resume.pd...

Contact: pbarnett888 at gmail

I am looking for interesting development work involving primarily server applications. I don't dislike front-end development, I just enjoy writing server applications more. I am very interested and enthusiastic about automated build and deployment processes. I enjoy functional programming, git, linux and automation.

Switzerland, Remote, Full Time

Stack: Golang, Scala/Java, Akka, Netty, C, ElasticSearch, NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDb)

Contact: my HN username at gmail

Resume: please contact me for a copy

In the field for more than 14 years.

I am passionate about cryptography and IT security and I am looking for an opportunity to work on open source projects preferably in crypto and security in general. I have also more than 5 years of experience in scaling web sites and native applications stack with more than 50 billion page views per month. I love talking to others, so for any question feel free to ping me anytime!

Latest books read or in the process of reading:

- High Performance Browser Networking

- Understanding and using C pointers

- Reverse Engineering

California, U.S. - Remote - Contract or Direct

Stack: Android Native Development, Object Oriented Development, Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, Java, SQLite, XML and Linux.

Resume: To discuss work opportunities and for my full resume please email me.

Contact: ken dot compxpress at gmail dot com

I'm seeking work as an Android Developer.

I'm an experienced Android Developer. I have developed Android mobile apps for phones and tablets and published them in the Google Play store.

My Android app project experience, includes: concept development, project planning, research, algorithm development, programming, testing, debugging, publishing apps to the Google Play store and product maintenance.

Hamburg, Germany; would relocate to US (Bay Area, NY, H1B); Remote/Local; Full Time

Stack: full stack web development, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Redis, Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Git, Linux, DevOps, Sysadmin

Short CV: https://www.xing.com/profile/Wolf_Wolfschuetz

Contact me: wolf (at) wolfschuetz (dot) de

I really like to build awesome websites and am experienced in all aspects of web development. I love the building and also the admin parts of it. I also have experience as a team leader of a web development division, and I am an all around social guy.

Location: Madrid, Remote, Contract

Stack: C/C++, Python (Django), HTML5/JS, Linux, SQL...

Resume: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/dmorenomontero

Contact: dmoreno [a] coralbits.com

Graduate Computer Engineer with 6+ years of professional experience as Lead Developer and CTO and a lifelong interest in computer science, programming languages, software development and programming. Passionate about new technologies and startup culture. Participated in several startups as technical lead and project manager. 15+ years of GNU/Linux and FLOSS experience.

Denver. Willing to relocate. Full-time/part-time/contract.

Stack: Clojure, Python, I'm learning JS/jQuery

Portfolio: http://www.cjolsen.com/portfolio

Contact: see webpage for email

Entry level. I learned a bit of programming in college (I minored in electrical engineering) and started to take it seriously a few years ago. Though I've focused on desktop apps in the past I'm following the market and moving towards web technologies. I'm open to contract-to-hire and I'll consider relocation on a case-by-case basis.

Austin, Texas. Open to full time, contract, or part time. Stack: iOS, PHP/MySQL, Rails, HTML/CSS/jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, Design/UX

Resume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewfmz8kif8xz6sl/MichaelOrcuttResum...

Contact michaeltorcutt [at] gmail [dot] com

I am looking to work in an early stage startup. Preferably, in an iOS position. Check out some of my past work at https://dribbble.com/morcutt.

    New York, NY, Local, Full Time/Contract/Part Time

    Stack: Frontend, Python (rusty), Clojure

    Resume: http://gr.ayre.st/s/Karl_Guertin_resume.txt

    Contact: on resume
While I consider myself full stack, it's been many years since anybody's paid me for anything except writing Javascript. I'm looking to work with a group that cares about code quality because I lean heavily towards the better is better side when making implementation decisions and tend to argue with just get it done guys.

Oklahoma City, Remote or OKC, Full Time

Stack: JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, HTML, CSS (SASS|LESS), Database (MySQL\Maria), Deployment (Git|Nginx|Apache), Design (Illustrator|Photoshop)

Resume: http://snelling.io/resume

Contact: sam@snelling.io

Looking for: - A cross-functional position where I can help a business in several different areas. - A scrappy company looking to try new ideas, technologies and services.

Me - Somewhat full stack. Love ML, NLP, and big(ger) data. Love connecting the dots between data. Self taught, willing (and still hungry) to learn new technologies.

Seattle WA, Remote|Local, Full-Time|Contract|Part-Time

Stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL/Titan, Heroku/AWS, UI/UX tools

Resume: http://www.theodorekimble.com/resume.pdf

Contact: mail@theodorekimble.com

I'm a full-stack web developer with significant Ruby on Rails experience and a formal graduate design education. I enjoy understanding the technical and qualitative elements that problems pose in order to design and build elegant solutions.

I'm looking for remote contract opportunities or interesting full-time positions in Seattle.

Washington, DC - Remote/Local - Full Time/Contract/Part Time

Stack: Python, Ruby (Rails), Java (Android), JS (Coffee, Backbone.js, Node.js), PHP, WordPress

Resume: http://wcpetersen.com/resume.pdf

Contact: will [at] wcpetersen [dot] com

Open to part time or contract, but full time work would be ideal. I started doing web development just because I was missing that skill in my toolbox, and ended up sticking with it for a few years. I'd be equally happy with another web development job as I would moving on to another stack.

Location: Anywhere (I'm from Italy, currently in Shanghai), Relocation and/or Remote, preferably Full Time

Stack: JavaScript, php, Java, Ruby, C++, HTML (any), CSS (any), jQuery and more.

Resume: https://goo.gl/QifQtI

Contact: my username @ gmail.com

I'm graduating this October in Computer Science at the University of Padua, Italy. Born and raised in Italy, I'm now ready to work with super talented people around the world, to solve the most exciting and competitive problems, and to plan and execute tremendously complex projects.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, Local, Full Time

Stack Primary: Java and Android dev, HTML, CSS and Java Script

Secondary: C, C++, Matlab

Looking for: Software Engineer's position and Android Development from August 16th 2014

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dharmendhar-pulakunta/16/66a/98...

GitHub: https://github.com/dpulakunta/

Currently: Pursuing Masters Degree in San Diego State University and will intern at One King's Lane

Anywhere, Relocation, Full Time

Stack: Objective-C(iOS), Python(Django,Flask), C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript(JQuery)

Resume: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5-vMNiRkg6kUUZpQ1M0UVBmQVU/

Contact: victornbarrera@gmail.com

Website: http://victornb.com

Looking to apply everything I know to the mobile scene and pick up new things. A company who is into what they do. I'm currently in So Cal and about to graduate in 2 months with a degree in Computer Science.

Rosario, Argentina • Remote / Relocate to Europe (Arg / Italian citizen) • Full Time

Stack: Ruby (Rails|Sinatra|Padrino), JavaScript(jQuery|AngularJS), HTML (HAML|Slim), CSS (Sass|Less), RDBMS (MySQL|PostgreSQL), git, Chef, nginx

Resume: http://ar.linkedin.com/pub/bruno-bonamin/1b/798/922

Contact: bruno [at] bonamin dot org

Interested in work as a ruby, javascript developer. I'm very passionate about technology. I'd be very interested in a position in Berlin, Germany or similar.

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