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Is it Pokémon or big data technology? (docs.google.com)
140 points by RainforestCx on May 2, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 37 comments

I have a living pokedex in Y (718 in PC, one of each). I thought I knew my pokemon. This one is called Avalugg, not Crebase. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1puw4bgdtw3hyye/Screenshot%202014-...

Using the americanized Japanese names is not right. Either use the native Japanese names in the correct alphabet, or use the English translated names.

Romanized would be a better description than americanized. Rōmaji is not just about America.

Sorry I did not know any of this terminology.

Same here (although my living dex has since been deposited in Bank). I was super psyched to take this quiz and then was immediately disappointed by the first question. Too bad, coulda been funny.

Or use them in the wrong alphabet! ピカ中とか。。。

Having grown up with pokemon and being a tech worker, I am a little appalled at how many of these I got wrong.

Ditto. I still got all the gen one Pokémon, but the rest was a failure.

Ditto is one I recognize. That one is definitely a Pokemon.

Ha! Glad someone saw my pun ;-)

> hadoop is a big data system for counting words

I have to admit, this made me laugh out loud. For those who don't know, the word counting example is the "Hello, World" of Map/Reduce.

To all appearances, Hadoop Pig is pokemon.

They probably took it from the Twitter Scalding readme:

"Hadoop is a distributed system for counting words."


"Tokutek claim to improve MongoDB performance 20x. Unclear if this also mean lose 20x as many documents." ... ahaha .

Can anyone elaborate why he said so?

My experience with MongoDB (granted, this was five years ago) was with it losing half my dataset for no particular reason, so I can certainly relate with the quote (and found it very funny).

Mongo got a bad rap a few years ago about taking somewhat liberal stance about the integrity of the data stored inside and during sharding/replication.

There were personal accounts about lots of lost/corrupted data.

See "Broken by Design: MongoDB Fault Tolerance"


The first one, "Crebase", turned out to be a Pokemon, but that's its Japanese name (クレベース); it's Avalugg in English, which sounds a lot less like actual technologies like Couchbase or Graphbase.

Similarly, "Startup or Pokemon?":


Which appears to have been submitted thrice in the past: http://hn.algolia.com/#!/story/forever/prefix/0/startup%20or...

I really hope this is a precursor for a big-data type breakdown post of how people responded to this survey. Would make for a great follow up

I thought about naming a project rapidash before realizing what I've done.

I was kind of hoping to see Flareon[1,2] included, even if it is not #bigdata per se.

[1] http://www.solarflare.com/Flareon-Server-Adapters

[2] http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Flareon

I got 2 wrong.

Disclaimer: I created the (currently) most popular browser-based Pokemon fan game. So it's pretty sad.

If it's Showdown (which, given your description, it must be) then I love you. /dex was incredibly helpful when wending my way through Battle Maison.

> I bring shame upon famiry.

Just because it's a meme doesn't make it right.

Eh, still chuckled.

Consider the accent affected by #BigDataBorat...

"Hadoop is distributed system for counting words"??? Really?

Yeah, indeed it's funny (because I know about Hadoop), but for someone that's learning with this, it could be taken as a serious statement.

The final page says that if you got them all right you should apply to Big Data Borat Labs. If you're learning from this, you're an idiot (or a genius, the line is thin).

> someone that's learning with this

...that person better not exist.

We all know that only the first 150 (151?) pokémons are the true pokémons.

I was expecting a summary of right/wrong at the end!

There's global stats, though they may well be fake: https://twitter.com/BigDataBorat/status/457657512011898880

Summary "Tokutek is database most likely confuse as Pokémon"

Company names, product names, code names...they are neither more nor less strange or meaningless in #bigdata than anywhere else.

I was waiting for a trick question of a real bigdata project named after a pokemon character.

What's with the hashtag?

Maybe they are implying that "big data" is trendy at the moment? As far as I've seen on HN over the last year or so, lots of people are talking about what is and what is not big data.

Or the company who made the post uses #bigdata on twitter. In case you missed the "if you got 100% send us your resume" on the last page.

Pure Fun to play :D

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