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You're welcome to try posting the thread. I think it would be interesting. For best results, it should probably be a separate post from the current discussion.

Having it recur monthly, though, is another matter. Since there have been a lot of proposals for recurring threads lately, maybe I should share our thinking on this.

The bar for recurring threads on HN is high. People often suggest new ones, but I'm doubtful that most would improve the quality of the site. When in doubt, we will err on the side of not promoting discussions (even vibrant and interesting discussions) to regular features, because once ensconced, they will be hard to remove—and because predictable things inevitably get less interesting.

Tho whoishiring threads are a special case, because they compensate for the injunction against general job posts on HN.

I understand the feeling of "wouldn't it be cool if..." and the danger of being a party-pooper, so I'm not shutting the door on these ideas. But it's helpful to remember what HN is: a site for intellectually interesting articles and discussions. Optimizing for that quality is pretty much our sole concern. From that you can derive a lot about what to say "yes" and "no" to.

People have always used HN for unofficial and informal purposes—that's wonderful! I'm not talking about any of that here—only about the core. For example, many of us have friends whom we somehow met because of HN—but that doesn't make HN a friend-matching service. (I originally wrote "friend-finder". We're not that either.)

So the default answer to "can we make a regular thread for ‘foo’" is "no", because a regular thread is a feature, and the default answer to new features is "no" unless ‘foo’ serves the core.

Edit: I'm going to demote this thread now since it isn't really on topic.

Perhaps we should just adapt the Who's Hiring thread to the format of the "Freelancer? Seeking freelancer?" thread and encourage folks to post replies if they're looking for employment.

That's the sort of clever generalization I would be delighted by if this were code. But those threads are already top-heavy, so I don't think a flood of new comments is what we want there.

I also can't help but think something like a "who's looking for work" thread would get a lot more noise than signal.

If you're looking to hire and have some cred in the HN community, post in the Who's Hiring thread. The people interested in potentially being hired will be able to contact you with an email that's tailored to you.

If I imagine doing this the other way around -- take each of the responses those companies got, make them generic (because there's no specific audience any more), and post those instead... it feels less valuable. If I guess an average of 10 responses to each company posting on Who's Hiring, that's x10 comments on the post; but they're less useful.

The "who's looking for work" thread is currently boring. One reason the "who's hiring" threads are always fun is that they double as a company popularity contest.

I agree, and that's a good observation as to why.

Thanks for your thoughts, and for blessing the creation of a thread. I'll set one up in the morning to see how it goes. I can see some concerns mentioned below being a potential issue, but I think it's worth a trial run.

>I originally wrote "friend-finder". We're not that either.

So then, HN as date-finder is probably also out huh?

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