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I hope you've never used a mac in that case. Good luck finding a filepath with them. One of my biggest annoyances with mine right now.

I think it's quite ironic that you just received four different suggestions of how to solve this problem. None of that would even be necessary if they didn't try to hide the information in the first place.

Apple never showed the path prominently in the first place. Since System 7 you can Cmd-Click the title bar to show a menu with the path, and you can use Cmd-I to show the path in the Info panel.

Not including a path bar by default doesn't mean they "try to hide the information", it's just a different UI design.

One step left until the "recently viewed" filesystem, where paths are a backwards-compatibility bug. That's when you notice you didn't age well...

You can choose "Show Path" from the "View" menu in the Finder. At least it isn't as hard to understand as "Enable origin chip in Omnibox".

Highlight a file in Finder, press command + i. Info pane shows path.

Or, drag a file from Finder to the terminal --> terminal prints the full path to the file.

View > Show Path Bar (⌥⌘P)

Drag a file to the terminal.

right click on the title of a finder window.

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