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I'm based in the S.F. Bay area and have extensive experience building complex single page apps as well as HTML5 mobile apps. A recent client was accepted to Y Combinator after I built their MVP.

In addition to full-stack development with Ruby on Rails and Ember.js, I can help you with product direction and feature development and even lead your team of developers. I also provide extended maintenance and understand the importance of writing succinct, maintainable code.

I'm a strong believer in automated testing which translates into a high quality product with little to no user facing bugs. This gives my clients an extremely high level of confidence when adding new features and deploying.

Beyond development, you will find that I need very little direction, have excellent communication skills and pay close attention to detail. 75% of my clients hire me to save their project after another developer failed to deliver.

So, if you need someone to design and build a high quality app, give me a call.


Portfolio: http://www.mcgintech.com

email: hn@mcgintech.com

phone: 415.857.3347

Matt McGinnis

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