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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (May 2014)
336 points by whoishiring on May 1, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 495 comments
Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords INTERN, REMOTE, or VISA if the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. Feel free to post any job that may interest HN readers from executive assistant to machine learning expert to CTO.

Seattle. San Francisco. Mountain View. New York. Chicago.

Full-time. careers at matasano.com.

Matasano. iSEC Partners. Matasisec Partners?

Job title: Bearer of Bad Tidings.

Downside first: not getting to build something that people want. In fact, having to build things that people explicitly don't want.

Now the upside: Runtimes. Linkers. Crypto. Kernel code. Whole operating systems. WinAPI, POSIX, Mach. Bluetooth. Messaging systems. Payments. iPhone apps. Android apps. Chipsets. Ajax. Javascript parsers. C. FFIs to C in your favorite language. Ruby. Scala. Lisp. Electronic trading markets. Firmware. Reverse engineering. Lattice basis reduction and Fourier-transform search algorithms. Middleware. Crawling around in the ventilation ducts of the world's most popular and important applications.

We have strong teams (larger than most YC companies) at each of our offices. They're some of the smartest, funnest people you could ever want to work with, and you'll get to work with all of them; we mix and match teams from across the country. Interested in hardware? In cryptography? In exploit development? In large-scale web crawling? We offer opportunities to work with some of the best in the industry.

We have the best clients; our client base is a pretty good cross section of this whole hiring thread.

Are you an HN regular? You can't possibly waste my time with questions. We love smart people who can code who want to learn software security.

Everything you could want to know about our hiring process: http://www.matasano.com/careers.

Want a taste of our work? http://microcorruption.com.

matasano - always hiring, never replying to emails. I passed the crypto challenge and took the suggestion to apply - no answer. So I asked tptacek why they didn't reply - he said that was definitely a mistake, and I should send my application again. Of course again I got no answer. The crypto challenge was enjoyable though, so thanks for that I suppose.

Are you hitting my spam filter or something? We have a group of 4 people that work together to handle the mail we get at careers@. If you send something and get no response, you can escalate, like you're doing here.

(I can't answer the question I just asked myself, because I have no idea who you are. Sorry!)

I don't know what else to tell you. We don't ignore mail to careers@. For instance: the H1B cap is now closed for the year, but we're still replying to people who would need a visa to work in the US.

It occurred to me a minute ago to tell someone else to mail me at my personal address; you can do that too if you like. I'm thomas at sockpuppet.org. Pretty sure that won't get spam filtered.

I'm curious as to whether you have some further complication than spam filters here. I got as far in your pipeline as answering one email about what location I'm interested in, and then heard nothing more. This might not be news, but if you're having trouble getting other messages it also might be worth knowing.

Why don't you consider some alternative work-around visas? Like L-1. And you can fallback to H1B when those become available again.

We do; we have on-staff immigration people. It's not always possible.

"always hiring, never replying to emails". I applied for a position in NYC last year and I never heard back from them.

I've emailed/tweeted at you a few times and got no responses. I really wanted a job/internship at Matasano Chicago. Eventually I got through to somebody to schedule a call with me only to have the call canceled and was told I wasn't a good fit before even saying anything to anybody.

Even with that experience... I still would like an opportunity.

Can you email me directly at thomas at sockpuppet.org? That's my personal mail account --- in case people are getting spam filtered. I want to find out what happened there.

We did get a bajillion internship applications this year, and I believe we may have capped out on them, but we should have handled that gracefully regardless. If we scheduled a call, we owed it to you to actually get on the phone. I apologize.

Email sent. Thanks.

I sent an email asking about the crypto challenge but didn't get a reply :( My email is my username @ gmail.

A few months ago I asked you why you don't do remote work. I followed up with an email. I realize you're busy, but still I would have appreciated an answer, since you asked me to send you an email anyway.

We're an office culture. We're constantly getting into situations where we hit technical challenges we haven't solved before, but someone else in the office has. Several times a day you'll see people crowd around someone's computer trying to work through some bug or misbehavior to see if we can, as a group, turn it into something exploitable. That's reason #1.

Reason #2 is fairness. Some of our work is on-site. We arrange our offices so that we have "house accounts" in Chicago, NYC, and SFBA, and on any given day some fraction of the office is likely to be at one of those places. All things being equal, people would like to work from their own office instead of someone else's. If we pick up remote people, those people will by definition not be able to staff on-site projects, which mean that the people who actually come to the office will get stuck with that work.

Reason #3 is that reasons #1 and #2 have been dispositive for us since 2005, and so we have a management structure tuned to that office culture. We're not set up to manage remote team members. We're especially concerned about this because some of us have experience working on assessment teams at "work from home" firms, and have seen wildly uneven results from projects managed like that. We're paranoid about quality and consistency the way a fine dining restaurant is paranoid about the consistency of dishes coming out of the kitchen.

I'm not saying that there's necessarily anything bad about remote/WFH cultures, or that you couldn't build a good assessment firm doing remote/WFH. I'm just saying we haven't done it. :)

Ok, thank you for answering.

I am an early middle-aged "obsolete", "unemployable" American programmer who only has paid experience in pre .NET Visual C++. Should I bother applying?

I'd like to join the crypto challenge to see if I enjoy such work. Unfortunately, my email never got replied.

Are you still doing the crypto challenge? I send you an email saying I want in but never got any reply.

New York City

Tired of the startup goose chase?

Change the world for real in 2014.

Work on projects involving solar power, hardware controller software, data science, and mobile apps which really are life-changing[1] at the Sustainable Engineering Lab[2] at Columbia University in NYC.

You'll be joining a like-minded peer group of hackers working in python, R, go, mongodb, nodejs, and other interesting technologies, focused on making the world suck less.

There are no sales/MBA types, no scrum masters, and we strongly disapprove of code written in Enterprise FizzBuzz style[3].

More information[4] here: http://sel.columbia.edu/jobs/

[1] Data-driven planning projects in Nigeria, Myanmar, Indonesia; Android apps for rural nurses in India

[2] http://sel.columbia.edu/

[3] https://github.com/EnterpriseQualityCoding/FizzBuzzEnterpris....

[4] As the jobs page says, "The right person for the team matters more than the description for any particular position", so if you don't see anything specifically for you, but are interested in general, please contact us!

I wish the right person for the team mattered more than the location of that right person ;)

Ha, nice catch!

Post-doc positions?

Yes, there are post-docs in the lab; please get in touch via the jobs page.

"There are no sales/MBA types, no scrum masters, and we strongly disapprove of code written in Enterprise FizzBuzz style." That sounds swell, but...

How about concept/idea/UX-goons like this guy http://valleywag.gawker.com/shingy-just-spent-20-minutes-yel...

DuckDuckGo (remote or local in Paoli, PA)

If you're an avid DuckDuckGo user who is excited about what we're trying to accomplish, then check out our hiring page at https://dukgo.com/help/en_US/company/hiring

Clever (YC S12) is hiring full-stack engineers in San Francisco to hack education

Steve Jobs described education as one of the final frontiers still untouched by modern technology. Clever (https://getclever.com) is building the data platform needed for great software to make its way into the classroom. Just like Stripe has made it simple for developers to build payment processing into their apps, Clever has made it easy for developers to build applications for schools using student data.

We're a small team of highly technical hackers with deep experience in education. Since releasing the Clever APIs in 2012, we've signed up the most innovative education companies as partners and deployed our platform to 1 in every 7 schools in America. Clever is making it easier for 4M students to use technology in the classroom, and that number is growing rapidly.

We have all the usual SF startup perks: a beautiful loft office in SoMa, free lunch, and great benefits. More importantly, you’ll be working around a team of 24 smart, talented people (9 engineers) who are all equally committed to solving this particular problem.

We’re always pushing each other to learn new things, both technical and nontechnical - in the past few weeks we’ve done collaborative tech talks on things like:



-Magic: the Gathering

-Regular Expressions for Regular People

(We also play a lot of bughouse chess.)

We’re looking for full-stack engineers who can hack in Node, Go, and Python (or are willing to learn), but more importantly, we’re looking for people who share our passion for improving education. Come help us change the classroom: https://clever.com/about/jobs

Khan Academy — Mountain View, CA (we also love interns, and remote is a possibility)

We're a small, non-profit tech startup trying to give a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Here's a testimonial we received last month:


Two year ago, I would never have imagined that any 13-year-old could be in Calculus BC. Today, I am 13 and wrapping up my second semester of it, and with an A+, too, thanks largely in part to this site. Sal, I would say you are the best teacher I ever had. Teachers in school just don't seem to have the time or, in some cases, even the knowledge to pay as much attention as you do to the actual intuition of the material being taught. How am I supposed to understand a theorem if I don't know where it came from, why it works, or even what it really means? Khan Academy also seems to explain everything in a very easy to understand, and even fun, manor. You make calculus almost as easy as simple arithmetic. Anyway, thank you very much.


Every month we get hundreds of letters like this from people in all walks of life who're thankful for our free, high-quality educational content. Most of you reading this are familiar with Sal's videos, but we also have hundreds of videos by other teachers, partnerships with organizations like MoMA and the California Academy of Sciences, and a huge library of interactive exercises. Over 20 million math problems are done every week on our site.

You'll be part of a small team working alongside both "celebrity" devs (like jQuery creator John Resig and Google's first employee Craig Silverstein) and many more who you haven't heard of but who are also really awesome.

Apply at https://www.khanacademy.org/careers and be sure to mention that you're coming from HN. Feel free to email me at alpert+HN@khanacademy.org if you have questions about applying or about KA in general. Unfortunately we can't sponsor visas right now unless you're from Canada, Australia, or Mexico.

Thread.com (YC S12) - Software engineer who loves product (Python/Django) London, England. https://www.thread.com/jobs

We're a startup trying to reinvent retail so men can dress well without being subject to the horrors of the high street or having to trawl through millions of items online. We do this using a combination of powerful algorithms and human stylists.

You'd be joining a small, highly technical team with a ton of startup experience (the founders have started and sold 2 companies before). You'll be one of the first technical hires and get to build and own huge parts of the product and work on the core algorithms. One of our ancillary goals is to build one of the best engineering cultures anywhere, and we'd love you to help us do that. We launched in October and user and revenue numbers are scaling extremely quickly. We're backed by a collection of the top investors from London and Silicon Valley as well as Y Combinator.

We're especially interested in people who are interested in founding their own startup one day. We view working at Thread as a founder bootcamp where you'll learn about all parts of starting and growing a startup.

Want to learn more? Check out https://www.thread.com/jobs and you can see some of our code at http://dev.thread.com/


SpatialKey - REMOTE

QA Lead

We’re looking for someone to lead QA for SpatialKey. We’re a small 100% remote team of ~15 people. We create SaaS mapping and datavis software. Our largest vertical is the insurance industry, where we sell software to visualize large amounts of data and assess the impact of natural disasters, like tornado strikes, flooding, hurricanes, etc.

You’d be in charge of QA for the entire product. You’d start off managing one other QA resource, with the expectation that you would grow that team as we need it. You’d need to be very hands on and able to automate much of the QA process. We expect you to be able to write code to automate tests and come up with ways to make QA more efficient. Coming up with and executing test plans, working directly with the dev team to dig into issues, etc.

We’re profitable and entirely self-funded, so no VC breathing down our neck. We’re building a long-term business and are incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in the 7 years we’ve been at it so far.

Full job post: http://blog.spatialkey.com/2014/04/hiring-qa-engineer-at-spa...

More info about us on our blog: http://blog.spatialkey.com or see our 2013 year in review post: http://blog.spatialkey.com/2014/01/what-we-did-in-2013/

doug.mccune@spatialkey.com or jobs@spatialkey.com to apply

>one other QA resource

You don't really call employees 'resource', do you?

Heh, to be fair he's a part-time QA guy that we share with our sister company. So he's available to help us in a part-time capacity when able. But no, I call him Hamad when I actually discuss him with our team :)

That's not meant to excuse a term you think is insulting, but just like we often refer to our customers simply as users, I don't think that using the word resource to describe someone's role in the company is a bad way to talk about someone's involvement.

Sheffield, UK (possibly remote) - Delver - http://delver.io

We're hiring a developers to help bring powerful natural language querying to every dashboard and reporting system in the world.

We use Clojure day-to-day, but we'd be happy to talk to clever programmers with a background in other JVM or functional languages. NLP experience (academic or practical) would be great, but a CS background is a must. If you’ve been exposed to data warehousing and business intelligence systems in the past without being driven insane that's another plus.

Our team is based in Sheffield, Yorkshire – the greenest city in the UK, less than two hours from London. We have burritos – it's a real place – but we spend some time working remotely and we’d work to accommodate the right candidate anywhere in the UK.

Get in touch with me, Thom Lawrence at thom@delver.io if you'd like to chat.

As a former (and probably future) Sheffielder I'm so proud to see a startup from one of my fav cities advertising on Hacker News. Represent! Keep up the good work :D

Hey, get in touch if/when you're back in these parts. There's a small but increasingly convincing startup community here.

Will do :) it's ever-tempting to go back and set up there. Cheaper, arguably a lot nicer and more fun than London, but currently the big smoke still has its claws in me.

Stripe. We're hiring engineers in San Francisco and remotely within US timezones. REMOTE and H1B welcome.

See [1] for an overview of what challenges we're working on, or check out [2] for a description of our interview process. Apply by following the instructions on our jobs page [3] (please indicate that you saw this post).

Also feel free to ping me at gdb@stripe.com if you're thinking about applying but have any questions!

[1] http://www.quora.com/Stripe-company/What-engineering-problem...

[2] http://www.quora.com/Stripe-company/What-is-the-engineering-...

[3] https://stripe.com/jobs

Are you gonna hire devs in Europe? Visa process is such a pain and chances are around 33%

Tictail - Stockholm, Sweden

Join the most exciting startup in Stockholm, building something real - something that helps people all over the world grow their own business from their passion.

Tictail is a crazy place. You’ll work with some of the best people you’ve ever met, making incredibly ambitious things, with a ridiculous amount of responsibility. If you’re like us, you’ve probably dreamed of what you could accomplish if you just weren’t held back by your current boss, job, school or whatever else is in your way. Well, Tictail is your chance to shine.

We’re hiring slowly but surely. Because Tictail is nothing without our colleagues and our culture, we might not match your expectations of a normal recruitment process. We will definitely want to figure out if you’re smart and get things done, but more importantly we want to figure out if we click.

Tictail is built primarily with Python and Javascript, but not exclusively. Most importantly we use the right tool for the job and are happy to learn new things.

Right now, we are especially interested if you consider yourself a full stack developer, aspiring devop, an Android specialist or frontend magician. But if you’re smart, get things done and can’t wait to join Tictail, get in touch no matter what!

Please take a moment to reflect on the above, and send us an email if you find yourself imagining what life at Tictail might be like. We’d love to hear from you.

Please email jobs+hn@tictail.com with:

- GitHub profile or equivalent. Please point out some code, project or open source contributions you are particularly proud of!

- Resume. A link to your LinkedIn is fine

- What interests you with Tictail?

Cigital is hiring software security folks!

What we do: We're a software security consulting firm that helps build security into the SDLC. We work on a wide variety of projects involving static analysis, penetration testing, architecture review, threat modeling, red teaming, network pen testing, etc. We deal mostly with the private sector and the types of applications we work with are varied from mobile to webapps to video games.

We're all consultants so we tend to travel a fair amount. As I said, the work is varied and you can really focus the type of work you do based on your interests and skills. It's definitely a fun place to work. The people here are really smart and there's lots of room to grow your skills. We're looking for everything from interns to principal consultants and we have positions open all over the place including:

  • Northern Virginia
  • Boston, MA
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Bloomington, IN
  • Seattle, WA
  • London
You can read more about the jobs here: http://www.cigital.com/careers/jobs/

DO NOT apply directly to our website. Email your resume to cigitalrecruiting[at]gmail.com, along with a desired position and location. I have tons of tips to help you nail the interviews. (sorry for the personal email, but the amount of spam emails I have gotten after posting here is ridiculous, and unfortunately there is not a PM system).

Webflow — Mountain View, CA - fulltime (INTERN and REMOTE welcome)

We're a small team of 6 engineers and designers on a mission to make web development much easier than it is today. Code-based tools and frameworks are great for us hackers, but designers and entrepreneurs need more intuitive, visual tools in order to build great websites and web applications. Today, Webflow is mostly helpful for static sites... but in the near future, it will empower non-programmers to create much, much more.

As an example of what we're enabling today, here's a site built completely visually in Webflow by a designer: http://interactions.webflow.com/

If you're an exceptional engineer with a strong design background, and you really understand the pain that creative people are having to put up with today just to get their work on the web, we really want to talk to you. We provide great compensation, give out actually meaningful equity, and have a great benefits package. We're also well funded by top investors and financially stable.

You can email me directly ~> vlad@webflow.com

Instead of just sending a resume, please tell me what you'd improve in Webflow instead... that starts a much more interesting conversation :)

We're also hiring for a few other roles: http://jobs.webflow.com

Anaheim, CA (Orange County/OC) and Boulder/Denver, CO (full-time)

SendGrid http://www.sendgrid.com


We've revolutionized the cloud-based transactional email space by efficiently powering the infrastructure for tens of thousands of companies that rely on us to send millions of emails every day (11B+ monthly). We have been growing really fast since launching in 2009, and we want you to be part of the awesome company we are building.


All Jobs - http://sendgrid.com/careers.html

Software Engineers (Platform, Sustaining, Delivery, Test)

DevOps Engineer

Product Manager


We've recently made the transition to Go (check us out if you're interested in learning), Python, MySql,Linux, Agile (We are technology agnostic - doesn't matter what you currently code in)


If you don't see what you're looking for here, reach out to us. We're always looking for talented, happy, hungry, honest, and humble people.

-Socrate- soc@sendgrid.com

Originate (http://originate.com) - SF, LA, NYC, and Vegas

We are a 100+ team of hackers, venture pros, and entrepreneurs. We invest Software Development, Design, and Strategy in exchange for equity in startups.

Tech stacks are mostly RoR, Scala, Node, iOS, and Android, but our primary hiring criteria is that you're smart and you understand software development at the highest level.

  * Engineering - Experienced & Entry Level

  * Design - Graphic Designer, UI/UX

  * Product - Project Manager, Product Manager

  * Recruiting - Support Specialist, Recruiter

  * Sales - Solutions Director

I've been an Engineer here for about 6 months, here are a few reasons why it's the best job I've had:

- Extreme flexibility when it comes to time off, working from home, etc.

- The smartest, most driven team I've met.

- Engineers can have an impact on every part of the organization.

- 20% time to work on your own startup, of which you retain 100% ownership (seriously, this is better than google's 20% time!)


Email me (benton@) or apply directly on our website and mention hacker news.

we just got a new office for our NY team, it's sweet. roof terrace forever.

IBM Watson Software Engineer

Pittsburgh, PA

IBM Watson Group is made of products and technologies working together using Cognitive Computing to solve hard problems (like winning Jeopardy) using massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Our team within Watson Group works on Watson Explorer, a web application enabling data exploration and visualization.

Our team values:

* Communication - open, honest, informal yet respectful communication; cooperation and open interaction

* Passion - code/UX quality, happiness

* Balance - code quality vs delivering value to customers, business vs personal

* Continuous self-improvement - curiosity, endless learning

How we work:

* Open and collaborative office environment - you will not be stuffed into a cubicle and left alone.

* Software craftsmanship - pairing, TDD, small commits in Git, Gerrit code reviews, continuous integration and deployment, daily standups with progress visualization

* Technologies we use - CSS (Sass and Compass), JS, JRuby on Rails, and Java

What you'll do:

* Develop full-stack web applications

* Work with designers and researchers to translate users’ needs into reality.

* Influence design and direction of product

Check out all the positions here:


Hi, I work at Meteor. Our office is in San Francisco, CA but remote is ok for some positions. We're hiring engineers, designers, community organizers, recruiters, and more. Interns welcome, and we'll sponsor visas for great candidates.


Meteor is an open-source framework for building powerful modern web apps. We have a single ambitious goal: create the best way to build application software, and make it accessible to everyone. The Meteor community is growing fast, with new production apps launching every week.

We're backed by top investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix, Y Combinator, Ron Conway, Maynard Webb, and others. We've got a healthy attitude towards work/life balance, an excellent team, and a great office in SOMA (though some of the positions support full time remote work).

Join us -- help make the future of the web!

Learn more about Meteor at http://meteor.com, and we've got a detailed jobs page on http://meteor.com/jobs.

Thomson Reuters, NYC, Unified Platform Group

* We have already filled intern and grad programs -- happy to talk to students, but no openings right now *

Learn more about the group (1 hour demo of the product -- please watch if you are interested in applying)



Generally, we're looking for 3+ years experience -- we have opportunities for 3+ and senior developers along these lines:

- Contract-to-hire Software Engineer in Test. C#/Selenium preferred. 3 month contract

- Full-time (each bullet is a different job)

-- HTML5/JS: Looking for front-end developers with experience in single-page app implementation: angular, backbone, etc

-- Data-scientists, big-data programmers with experience in columnar databases

-- Real-time (High Freq Trading) experience in C++

-- DevOps: experience with highly distributed applications (opportunities in deployment, build, testing, support, etc) - Puppet, Sensu, Java (but anything along these lines is fine)

Sorry. Contact me at lou.franco -at- thomsonreuters.com

REM0TE from Europe possible for experienced C++ devs?

Remote, no, but we have offices all over the world -- where are you?

Georgia, eastern Europe. I don't think you have an office here, but following western/central European work hours is not an issue from here.

EDIT: Actually there is a Reuters (news agency) office here, in Tbilisi:


Would that work?

Sorry, we don't have development near Georgia. There are no remote positions that I know of (or that are listed)

Naked Apartments - http://www.nakedapartments.com

Full Time REMOTE - Anywhere

Naked Apartments has set out to simplify renting, starting in NYC. We’re a small team, growing fast, and already taking a big bite out of Craigslist’s juicy NYC revenues, but we’ve set our sights on much bigger goals.

Our team is optimized for developer happiness. We’ve taken Jason Fried’s TED talk to heart and built an entirely distributed team...yes even including our CEO. Get ready to be judged on productivity, not face time and say goodbye to your painful commute.

Engineers are given ultimate control of product. No pixel perfect mock ups or painful specs handed down from product managers. Engineers get to take an idea from conception all to way to production, coupled with a team support system to get feedback and iterate until you’ve built a something you’ll be proud of.

We want engineers who care about the user experience as much as they care about clean, well tested code. So get ready to be pushed to be the best engineer you can be.

We’re always interested in finding great team members. At the moment, we’re specifically looking for:

* iOS Engineer

* Full Stack Rails Engineers

If you're interested in learning more, send us an email: jobs@nakedapartments.com

* http://www.nakedapartments.com/about/jobs

* Naked Apartments - http://www.nakedapartments.com

* http://www.ted.com/talks/jason_fried_why_work_doesn_t_happen...

SpaceX, Hawthorne, CA (US citizen/permanent resident only, INTERN)

If you follow HN, you've heard about us. We are revolutionizing the "space space", launching spacecraft to the ISS:

* http://youtu.be/65zDaDSvIww

* http://youtu.be/3fDzvdEfSgc)

and developing a reusable launch system:

* http://youtu.be/0UjWqQPWmsY

* http://www.spacex.com/news/2014/04/29/first-stage-landing-vi...

and we need software engineers! If you want to work on real hardware that makes fire, check out our openings at http://www.spacex.com/careers/list

It's so sad you guys aren't doing h1b. Is there a state/federal regulation that makes you require permanent residency or company's policy?

Probably this:

"To conform to U.S. Government space technology export regulations, applicant must be a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident of the U.S., protected individual as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3), or eligible to obtain the required authorizations from the U.S. Department of State."

do you allow for remote/telecommute?

Fitbit (https://www.fitbit.com/jobs) is hiring in Boston and San Francisco.


I'll talk about Boston where we're hiring Software Engineers at all levels. There are 13 engineers in the office and we're looking to grow to 40 by year's end.

We need full-stack web developers for a variety of projects. I've been at Fitbit since November (previously Google) and Fitbit is an awesome place to work. The company culture is fantastic. The people are great to work with. The Boston office feels like a startup because it's so small and new, yet we're well-funded and secure. Everywhere I go people tell me they love our product or know someone who loves it and talks about it.

Send resumes and/or questions to blewis@ the obvious domain, or post questions here.

Are you guys interested in hiring new grads?

Tubular Labs - Mountain View CA - http://tubularlabs.com

Just closed our series B ($11M), we're looking to double the size of our team. Tubular Labs is focused on helping creators, agencies and brands get the most out of online video to build audience and awareness of their products and brands. We're using big data to help people make better intelligence decisions about what's happening and who to engage with.

General Culture: Free Food, Open Vacation Policy, Collaborative Environment, Work with Great YouTube creators.

Our Stack:

* Python (Tornado) * AngularJS * Hadoop, MySQL, Riak/Cassandra * Redis * RabbitMQ

We're looking for both Senior (Lead) and Mid Level engineers who have some practical experience with our technology stack.

Contact me if interested:


CircleCI (https://circleci.com/jobs) - SF or REMOTE fulltime

At CircleCI we're building the next generation of developer automation: amazing Continuous Integration and Deployment. We have traction and revenue and funding and great customers. Our customers love us, because we move quickly, build great things, and provide amazing support. Everyone talks to customers a lot.

We're still a small team, so you'll have a large impact on company culture. We're highly influenced by Valve's Employee handbook, and have as flat a structure as we can.

We're looking for frontend engineers (JS), designers (must be able to HTML+CSS), and backend engineers (Clojure). Being a mix of those is of course welcome! We lean towards senior experienced engineers, or junior engineers who can display great talent.

We're also looking for engineers for Developer Success and Developer Awareness positions. Since we have an incredibly technical product, and selling directly to developers, the dev-awareness positions (think marketing, but much more dev-oriented: dev evangelism, writing interesting blogs, CRO, analytics, etc - think a patio11-style engineer) require significant development experience. Dev-success positions are a good fit for engineers who like working with people and building relationships with customers.

Check out our jobs page at https://circleci.com/jobs.

Did you forget the "based on US" clause for REMOTE workers or simply changed your mind? I ask because I might be interested in your company but I'm an unlucky European developer.

Nope, we've just started hiring devs outside the US - currently 2 in Europe!

Thank you! It's actually a good news! I'll start to remove some dust and refresh my résumé!

Marvel Entertainment - New York, NY (http://marvel.com)

We're hiring a web interface engineer. The position is primarily front-end engineer focusing on responsive web sites, but we generally look for T-shaped developers and you can really dive in at different parts of our stack.

At Marvel we have the opportunity to build stuff with some of the most recognized characters in the world, the most amazing storylines in entertainment history, and some really cool and innovative technology:

* We launched our developer site in January - one of the few entertainment companies to do so (http://developer.marvel.com)

* We use graph theory to model our characters and comics (http://new.livestream.com/hugeinc/events/2474611)

* We've pushed the boundaries of responsive web design for our flagship sites

If you want to be part of a really talented, motivated and diverse engineering team, apply here: https://sjobs.brassring.com/tgwebhost/jobdetails.aspx?partne... and feel free to ping me at @dethtron5000 on twitter if you have more questions.

Slant - Palo Alto, CA [Remote possible]

- Who we are:

Slant helps people discover what products/services are best for them. We’re trying to take all the knowledge needed to make an informed decision, typically buried in reviews, forums, and blogs, and make it quick and easy to digest. By making it simpler to access trustworthy and useful information, we hope to help make the world just a little more informed.

We’re currently a small team of three: two experienced developers and a “non-technical” founder whose last job was building satellites for NASA.

A major revision to the current product is in the works, but you can see a live version here: www.slant.co. Some info on our investors/advisors: https://angel.co/slant

- Our tech

Backbone-based front-end, with improvements to allow it to run on both client- and server- side, and as both a single- and multi- page app. RESTful backend written in functional Coffeescript on Node.js, with a temporal postgres database that allows for rewinding to a previous state. The codebase is written in Coffeescript, Jade, and Stylus. Entertaining git history. Gratuitous use of Monads.

- What we're looking for

We're a multidisciplinary team, so we'd love to hear from full-stack/frontend/backend engineers as well as designers familiar with html/css. We're optimizing more for hiring someone talented, rather than for a specific role. If you’re interested in learning more, email me at stuart@slant.co

Togethera - Full-Stack Developer (Python/Django + JS), London + remote http://togethera.com

We're building the simplest way for all generations in a family to share photos, videos and updates in absolute privacy. We have an early stage product that's getting amazing reviews; we're funded by excellent investors and are on a mission to bring the world's families closer together with technology that's delightful and easy to use. We're putting all the lessons we learned from our early into a new version of the product. It will be awesome!

We're now looking for a Full-Stack Developer (Python/Django and JS - we use Angular) to work on the core of our app that's available across iOS, Android and the Web. To apply please contact us at jobs@togethera.com. The role is in London, but we can start working together remotely.

Perks include flexible working hours, equity, conference/learning budget and a (very) relaxed holiday policy. More importantly, you'll be joining us almost from the start and have real influence on how the product, culture and company grow. http://www.togethera.com/jobs

Kivo (YC S13) - London

We're building Github for documents and have started by creating the best way to annotate and share presentations. We're a team of three based in Soho, London. You'll be technical hire #2 and have a huge amount of responsibility and ownership of the product.

We're looking for excellent full-stack and front-end developers. Our stack is Scala / Play and we are about to make the move to Angular, but we know brilliance comes in many forms, so we'd like to hear from any exceptional hackers.

Customer feedback is our guiding light and we obsess over product and ux, so working closely with users in shaping Kivo should excite you.

Equity grants will be WELL above market for first hires and salary will be highly competitive. We want new partners, not just employees, so we are looking for people who are as driven to succeed as we are.

We're hiring for people who want to help lead the team as we continue to grow, so you should be excited to shape the development culture of a fast growing start-up.

We also know there's more to life than work. You get gym membership for gyms across London and an extremely sociable team to work with. We love Poker, eating out, tennis, and nights at the pub.

If this sounds exciting, ping us (leo@kivo.com) and we'd love to buy you lunch and have a chat.

Monetate - Conshohocken, PA (Philly suburbs) - Will help with relocation to Philadelphia; also open to remote (Americas timezones preferred, must speak English)

Monetate helps digital marketers make their content more relevant. We turn data into action on our clients' sites by doing real-time data analysis and DOM manipulation to put the right experience in front of their users. We’re looking for engineers who want to do highly visible work on great brands and solve tough problems with great coworkers. What we're looking for:

* People who like to ship - we're focused on building and shipping great products - if you like to see your work in production quickly you'll see it here. We ship often (every two weeks), and iterate.

* People who like hard challenges - we have great problems across our products - huge data sets, UX, 3rd party Javascript, high volume / low latency APIs - we have no shortage of fun problems to work on.

* Problem solvers who like to code - we take things apart, figure out how they work, then build software to solve our users' problems.

About us:

* Founded in 2008

* Open source - Google Closure, Python, AngularJS, Pandas, Redis, Hadoop, Mahout, Solr and Lucene - we're open source across our stack

* Respect - it's our core value. We have a great team and we work well together. Our vacation policy is the same as Netflix (we don't have one). Our technical project teams are self-organizing and have full authority over (as well as responsibility for) the problems they work on.

* Market rate salaries

* Funded by First Round Capital and OpenView

We've hired great people from HN before, and we're looking for people not positions. We have people who have joined the team with no background in our primary languages and people from non-traditional backgrounds.

Check out our blog at http://engineering.monetate.com/ Send me a message if you have questions or want to apply: karl at monetate dot com

Binpress (http://www.binpress.com), Mountain View, CA. Onsite or remote

We are the marketplace for free and commercial open-source. We provide a platform for developers to build sustainable businesses from working on and releasing open-source code.


* Developer evangelist(s)

* Marketing (with a technical background)

* QA intern

* Writers, content producers (interviewing, video) on technical topics

If you want to help us replicate the successes of Red Hat and MySQL, and get more quality, supported open-source out there, check us out and contact us at - http://www.binpress.com/jobs/positions


TourBuzz is improving the residential real estate search experience through better virtual tours (http://www.tourbuzz.net) and property search (http://www.showcaseidx.com).

We're 10 years old, 100% bootstrapped, profitable, and growing fast. Our customers love us because we make it easy for them to deliver leading-edge experiences to their customers.

We take a craftsman approach to building product -- simple, beautiful, easy-to-maintain, and durable. Our team of 11 is 60% product development / 40% business.

We offer great compensation, a flexible work environment, peer mentoring, interesting projects, a committment to personal and professional development, work-life balance, and a positive team atmosphere.

Open Positions:

- Lead DevOps Engineer: Help make our developers & business team more productive while ensuring high availability & performance for our customers.

- Lead Software Developer/Architect: Help design and implement major parts of our roadmap so that we can deliver new and exciting functionality to our customers.

- Software Development Intern (on-site only): Our project for this summer is to collect and expose important business and operational data, stats, and graphs to the entire team.

Apply online: http://tourbuzz.theresumator.com

Tech Toolbox: PHP, Ruby, Javascript, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, Clojure, ElasticSearch, Postgres, OpenCV, git, AWS, Heroku, Vagrant, Chef, Linode, and many more.

Apple Inc. - Cupertino, CA. H1B welcome. Relocation offered.

Apple's Real-Time Networking team is developing the core networking technology for apps like FaceTime, GameKit, Multipeer Connectivity, Screen Sharing, and many more on iOS and OS X. If you love the beauty of real-time communication, want to work on the hard networking problems, and want to see your code being run by hundreds of millions of users, send over your resume.

We're currently looking for the following positions..

=== Networking Engineer ===

  - In-depth development experience with either C, Objective-C, or C++
  - Strong understanding of multithreaded concepts and patterns
  - Very good working knowledge of socket programming
  - Deep familiarity with VoIP standards/ protocols: ICE, TURN, SIP, RTP, SKE, SRDP
  - Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills
=== Media Engineer ===

  - Writes beautiful and readable object-oriented code in C/C++ and/or Objective-C
  - Deep understanding of multithreaded programming
  - Experience with real-time audio and/or video stack
  - Understanding of application level networking technologies and protocols a plus
  - Optional experience with common security protocols
=== Big Data Analyst ===

  - Experience with R or other statistical computing packages, SAS, Matlab, etc.
  - Thorough understanding of and passion for statistical data analysis
  - Hands-on experience with data modeling/profiling in large-scale DB environments
  - Knowledge of visualization of large data sets
  - Knowledge of Big Data technologies (Hadoop, HBase) a plus
If you are interested, please send an email to hnjobsrtc@gmail.com and let's chat.

KickBack Rewards Systems - Twin Falls, Idaho or Remote - http://careers.kickbacksystems.com/

KickBack Rewards Systems is on a mission to make good customers better. KickBack operates America's largest coalition loyalty program called “KickBack Points.” With our software solution and loyalty platform that integrates directly in to a merchants point-of-sale system a customer can earn points, valuable rewards and then spend their KickBack points like cash at convenience stores, grocers and major drug chains across the country. If you are looking for a mature and profitable organization that maintains an innovative atmosphere with a stable management team who likes to work hard and work smart we are likely a good fit. My email address is in my profile, please feel free to drop me a line or two.

I am hiring for multiple roles:

  * Sr. Security Operations Engineer
  * Sr. Mobile App Developer
  * UX Designer
  * Project Manager

  Verbose job descriptions available on our careers site:
Here are a few reasons to work for KickBack:

  * The benefits.

  * We're a small team so your work has a direct impact
  and your successes are quickly seen.

  * We're pretty scrappy, we'll give you an outline of
  what we're looking for and get out of your way unless
  you need something. The management team are hackers
  too and our Director of Software Development slings C
  and Python himself as needed. That means we get it.
  We know how you work. 

  * I think if you were to pick one phrase that
  describes our management team it would be: "Servant Leaders."

  * We spare no expense on development environments.
Thank you.

Desk.com (a Salesforce.com company) - San Francisco, CA and Remote in US/CA time zones.

We're looking for experienced engineers with top-notch software design and coding skills, ideally with knowledge of AngularJS and Ruby on Rails. Our stack includes Ruby, Javascript, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Redis, and MySQL. All of our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon AWS as well.

For more info, please check out our careers page: http://www.desk.com/careers

If you have any specific questions, reply to this thread and I will answer.

Woah, I didn't know Desk runs on Ruby on Rails. I would love to chat about your infrastructure and general development process (I run a teeny weeny customer service platform and would love insights from the big boys).

Happy to answer any questions I can. My email is in my profile.

Klarna - Tel Aviv, Israel (local, we can help with relocation from US/EU)


Us: We're changing how people buy and pay online, by making these two actions distinct from one another.

You: a well experienced and passoinate developer, preferably a full-stack web developer but not necessarily.


Work environment:


We're a medium sized company (600+), _yet_ our TLV team is very small and enjoy a new large space few floors bellow Google's offices.

We host variety of meetups and serve as an occasional hackerspace.

On Sundays, instead of working on our daily tasks, we divide into learning groups as well as an open source hacking group and work on improving ourselves as professionals.

Our non-Sunday work is done in an agile/scrum fashion; We practice pair-programming nearly all the time and love it.

------------------ Tools stack ------------------

* Development stack: Rails + Sinatra, AngularJS, Solr, JS + Coffeescript, AWS.

* Testing tools: Cucumber, RSpec, PhantomJS and Jenkins for CI

* Software Configuration Management: Chef

* Source Code Management: Git.





*it is necessary that you you'd like to become one (we'll teach you!) :)

Arachnys, London - https://www.arachnys.com/jobs/

Startup building the next generation of intelligence gathering software for emerging markets.

We're hiring:

* Devops engineer * Full stack developer

Both in the £30-60k range. See the jobs page for full spec.

We have fun challenges: on the data side, we have 100TB+ of data in Hadoop that is growing every day, a 10TB+ ElasticSearch cluster and some pretty fun custom crawling tech written in Python and deployed via Ansible. On the other, we have a frontend app that we want to turn into the best investigative experience on the market.

Team is small - 13 at last count - and we're at break even with some huge customers already on board. You'll be coming into an environment where every commit counts, where we automate everything we can, and where we try to use the best tools for the job.

Email founders@arachnys.com if you're interested and think you've got the skills. No remote and no visa sponsorship.

Mailgun (ex-YC W10), http://www.mailgun.com

Austin, Blacksburg, San Antonio or San Francisco!

   |\       /|
   | \     / |
   |  `...'  |
+++ Who we are +++

* Mailgun is The Email Service for Developers.

* We make it easy for developers to implement email into their software.

* We're ex-YC and were acquired by Rackspace in 2012 but remain an independent product.

* We move fast in a startup-like atmosphere but we have access to juicy hardware, large marketing muscle and world class data centers.

+++ Scalability Engineer +++

* Working on Mailgun sending pipeline.

* Scaling and tuning Cassandra clusters.

* Optimizing existing and writing new Python and Go code.

* Benchmarking and load testing.

* Improving Mailgun resilience and fault tolerance with better algorithms.

+++ Infrastructure Engineer +++

* Working on Mailgun infrastructure including inter-process communication, fail over, monitoring and auto recovery.

* Optimizing Mailgun deployment, continuous integration and service discovery.

+++ Spam Fighting Engineer +++

Finding spammers and fraudsters with smart algorithms.

+++ Deliverability Engineer +++

Automating email deliverability best practices into code. You know email and you prefer commanding an army of bots instead of humans.

+++ Read more here +++


To apply just shoot us an email: hack@mailgun.net

ControlShift Labs: http://www.controlshiftlabs.com/ (NYC or remote)

We're a strong technical team building software products to help non-profits engage their members participate in their missions in meaningful ways on and offline. Our first product is an online organizing platform that is used by many of the world's most effective advocacy orgs including Greenpeace, 350.org, and CREDO. We're profitable.

We're about to launch a second product that we think will help large non-profits raise significantly more money than they do now.

We've got customers all over the world and a distributed remote team that we'd like you to be a part of. We're looking for people who care about our customer's causes and writing excellent software.

We build tools with rails, postgres, redis, rspec, etc.

Send a note to talk@controlshiftlabs.com with your Github profile and why you'd like to work with us.

URX (YC S13) - Core software engineer, Android engineer, Data scientist - San Francisco, CA

URX is a fast growing, engineering-focused team with backgrounds in machine learning and e-commerce. We look for mission-driven people who have large ambitions and are curious to learn more about rapidly developing markets and technology.

Our engineering team is constructing the fabric that is connecting the web of mobile apps. We are building a platform to handle billions of data points and enabling thousands of apps to benefit from our intelligence. Build with our engineering team.

Check out our guiding tenants. http://blog.urx.com/post/70336738684/urxs-guiding-tenets

If this sounds like you apply online at: http://urx.com/careers ^^please mention "HNMay14"

Significance Labs - Brooklyn, NY - http://significancelabs.org/

We at Significance Labs believe that technology can help to solve real problems for low income Americans and we are looking for excellent engineers to help us in our mission. Significance Labs is a not-for-profit socially conscious tech incubator in the heart of Brooklyn, focusing on bringing the lean startup methodology to the world of charity.

We are looking for a handful of excellent, experienced full stack engineers who want to do more with their talents: take on a project that really matters, something that leverages the power of technology to help make the world a better place. To that end, we are offering a ten week residency, beginning in June, at our office in downtown Brooklyn, working with some of the best people in the business, experts in the field, academics, designers and technologists to tackle some of the real problems of poverty.

You will be working with our fellows, in small teams, developing an app from scratch, with direct feedback from the very communities we are trying to help. This isn't a hackathon where your code gets left in the dustbin sunday night: we are going to be building projects that will continue to make a real difference long after the summer is over.

What you’ll get

* Co-Working space in downtown Brooklyn

* Expert engineers, entrepreneurs, UI and UX people as mentors

* Local collegiate interns as dedicated as you

* At the end of the cycle, we will do a demo day with VC’s, foundations, government organizations, etc. to help take the product and team to the next level.

* An honorarium to pay your rent and bills.

You are a talented engineer, and could work anywhere: Why join us?

This is an opportunity to build a greenfield project that really matters, something that leverages the power of technology to help make the world a better place. This is your chance to be the CTO of a social enterprise, level up your skills, and work with some of the best people in the business solving some of the most important problems of our time.

This isn’t just another gig, nor is it your friend’s crazy idea about how to disrupt some market... This is about changing the world for the better.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can find out more and apply here: http://significancelabs.org/hackers


Lifesum, Stockholm, Sweden (will help to relocate)

Full-time position for engineer with focus on Python, Android or iOS.

Lifesum (formerly ShapeUp Club) is a Swedish digital health startup with the vision to make people healthier and happier by using applied psychology and technology. Founded in 2008 with headquarters in central Stockholm, the company is growing fast and was selected by Wired UK as one of Stockholm's 10 hottest startups.

To date, the Lifesum app has registered more than 4 million members, with 500,000 monthly active users and a growth rate of more than 10,000 new members per day.

We have big ambitions and are growing fast! We need more of the best and the brightest software engineers, designers, product managers and health gurus that want to join us and make the world a healthier and happier place.


Evidence.com - Seattle

At Evidence.com we build technology for law enforcement that is dramatically changing the way police agencies operate. We created the Axon wearable camera system, and its accompanying cloud service Evidence.com, to record video from an officer's perspective and document exactly what occurred during each interaction with the public. We're already managing petabytes of digital evidence for law enforcement agencies, but there is an opportunity to have a much bigger impact on law enforcement with technology. Everything from wearable biometric devices, to predictive policing with big data, to better mobile devices and software for officers to use in the field.

Our tight-knit software team is based in Seattle, and is made up of engineers with a variety of backgrounds at companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and small startups.

Made this comment when I first heard of your service, and would like to know your company's perspective:

Any evidence you capture via this method should be immediately and freely available to any person involved in the incident with the police. If the cops pull me over for anything - I should have immediate access to all their recorded raw footage.

If your company is against this, then I have a very fundamental problem with the trustworthiness of your company.

Also - if any cop is wearing your equipment - then any person they interact with should have the reciprocal right to record the interaction as well.

What is Evidence.com's official stance on this?

Dimagi (www.dimagi.com) - Boston (Cambridge, technically) and Cape Town, South Africa

We are a small and growing social enterprise based in Boston that develops and deploys open source health and logistics systems in rural Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We offer a fun and stimulating environment, a chance to see the world, and to make a difference in places that need it most.

At Dimagi, you can create a great impact by creating great software. We're looking for talented programmers on our mobile (Android), web (Python, CouchDB, Django), and front-end (JS, Knockout) platforms who want to generalize across the stack, or specialize in one area.

For more information, please check out our careers page at http://www.dimagi.com/about/careers.


Hi, we're DailyBurn a fitness and nutrition company based in Midtown Manhattan. We'd like you to come join our multi-discipline engineering team to build software on a wide array of platforms and technologies.

We really are a fitness company, we have our own well equipped gym in the office and offer a gym membership budget for all employees. Everyday we get messages from users sharing the changes they've made in their lives not every company can say the same. If fitness is an area of interest for you this is a great place to get involved in changing peoples lives.

As a member of our Engineering team you'll get:

* Yearly conference and travel budget

* Your pick of development hardware

* Access to all the corporate benefits of IAC

Our team is currently made up of 11 developers with a team of 2 working on iOS and the rest of our team focused on web and platform development.

The DailyBurn engineering team offers the chance to work on a wide range of different technologies. Our main web platform is built using Ruby on Rails, but we also work with node.js and golang on our backend systems. We have client applications built for many of the major mobile and TV platforms (using Javascript, Objective-C, Java and more) and you as a part of the team will have the opportunity to get involved in many of these different platforms.

If you are an experienced developer comfortable with web or front end technologies of any kind but especially if you are skilled with JS, Ruby, Rails, Node or Golang we have a place for you here.

Specifically we are looking for:

Front End/Senior Front End developer - JS applications (we work on web, smart tv's, game consoles all with JS)

Android - become our primary Android developer and lead all of the Android efforts for our product

Sysadmin/Dev - Jack of all trades? Have a sysadmin background but also into writing code? Get in touch.

Reach out to me directly: paul@dailyburn.com

Automattic (WordPress.com) - Planet Earth - Remote

We're always hiring for many positions. Personally I want us to have more Data Wranglers: http://automattic.com/work-with-us/data-wrangler/

We have an immense amount of data and users (1 billion people per month), and we're building out better systems for analyzing and understanding that data. Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Kafka, Storm. We're strongly biased towards open source, and contributing is strongly encouraged.

Help us build the infrastructure that will power us through the next decade. Make the web a better place.

Uber, San Francisco, CA. Intern, Visa, ok.

We are tackling a lot of different and interesting problems and moving really fast.

We're hiring Full Stack engineers. Our stack is mostly python, node.js and Backbone, but you don't need to know those languages - I was a rubyist before joining and had never touched python.

You can check our openings here: https://www.uber.com/jobs

If you are interested, email me at jonathanp@uber.com with a quick intro, your resume/linkedin/anything you want to share and the positions/team you are interested in.

Palantir Technologies (Palo Alto, CA) is hiring Software Engineers for our Simulation team!

Palantir’s Simulation Software Engineers focus on solving some of the hardest, most interesting problems in delivering high-quality enterprise software. We are responsible for accelerating the delivery and improving the quality of Palantir’s world-class information analysis platforms. We accomplish this by designing and implementing software tools that can be used to automate the production of Palantir’s platforms. We design and develop a wide variety of tools, including automation infrastructures for various domains and distributed systems and VM cloud management tools that are capable of dynamically provisioning thousands of VMs used to perform concurrency testing. We work on a huge variety of projects in different languages, using many different software tools. This variety exposes us to a vast set of engineering challenges every day and allows us each to become masters of many different crafts. Communication is key for us; we have no problem coordinating with others on projects and making time for team game nights and happy hours. When we see opportunities, we go after them without needing an org chart to tell us what to do; this lets us choose projects that are the most interesting and impactful.

To apply: https://www.palantir.com/careers/OpenPosDetail?id=a0m8000000...

For questions, email me at jscalisi@palantir.com


New York, NY. SOHO.

Full Time: Senior Infrastructure Engineer



Architecting, managing and scaling our production systems Lead a team of engineers focused on infrastructure and automation Installation, configuration and administration of systems supporting our internal and external web servers (Apache) and web applications (Python, PHP, Java) Systems and application monitoring Ensure world class security Create an environment of automation-driven engineering, particularly around provisioning and deployment Proactive/preventive systems administration and maintenance Write amazing documentation On-call support for production operations APPLY IF YOU HAVE...

8+ years of relevant work experience 6+ years of experience administering Linux-based production systems (preferably CentOS or RHEL) 1+ years of experience with provisioning automation (Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack) Advanced understanding of Internet-related applications (Web Servers, Proxies, e-mail, FTP, DNS, etc.) Solid understanding of scripting languages (Shell, Bash, PERL, or Python preferred) Possess outstanding interpersonal and teamwork skills (collaboration is key!) A desire to gain and share knowledge Experience setting up distributed production systems Solid networking experience including firewalls and routing Experience with monitoring systems (Nagios, Splunk)

Lumosity - http://www.lumosity.com/ - San Francisco, CA

We are looking for software engineers on the rails team and operations team (the team I'm on)!

Lumosity provides brain training games to improve the minds and lives of our 50 million users worldwide. Lumosity.com is one of the largest consumer rails apps and has a team of really smart engineers and product people building it.

If you're interested, please read the job descriptions and apply through jobvite here:

Senior Software Engineer (Rails): http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oW7PVfwx&s=SWE_HN

Senior Ops Engineer (DevOps): http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oX7PVfwy&s=DevOps_HN

Rails Performance Engineer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oUPGYfw7&s=PerfEng_HN

We also have a bunch of positions open at http://www.lumosity.com/jobs for engineers (iOS, Android, Flash) and others (UX, marketing, internationalization, product management). If you have any questions at all please email slieberman@lumoslabs.com and put "Hacker News" in the subject!

Mirus Research - Silicon Prairie (Bloomington, IL) - onsite.

We're a small, established company that does B2B and Enterprise-level software. We have 10 employees and 4 of us are full-time devs. We work in whatever tools are productive and pleasant to use (historically we've used Python, Node, Clojure on the backend, and we're just figuring out how to make good use of the new-hawtness frontend tools like Knockout/React/etc.). We're not afraid of experimenting with new stuff, but we tend to favor tried and true solutions, so working with Django, Postgres, and JQuery should not make you want to claw your eyes out.

We're looking for both backend and frontend developers who are willing to relocate to a family-friendly college town in the Midwest. We have a wide tolerance for your experience level, PLEASE get in touch if you're interested. (don@mirusresearch.com)

We have a lot of the startup-style environment (chef-prepped lunch once a week, massage therapist once a month, couches, ping-pong, macbooks, trendy office, etc.) without the stress of worrying whether you'll be on the streets in a month. Also, we're not a frat house, so if the keg-in-the-office or brogrammer scenes aren't really your thing, you won't have to worry about that here.

Email me: don@mirusresearch.com

Palo Alto (San Mateo after June 3)

Tachyus Correctness Engineer http://tachyus.com/joinus/correctness-engineer.html

Sophisticated software requires sophisticated testing and thorough correctness engineering to ensure it meets specifications and is shipped with as few bugs as possible. The Tachyus platform involves a myriad of complex workflows combining data analysis, multi-dimensional visualization, real-time alerting, and task management. We need the first member of the Correctness Engineering team to work at the intersection of our engineering and product teams to identify, document, and resolve software bugs efficiently and effectively.

The right candidate will bring experience writing software and a passion for finding and squashing bugs. This individual will work closely with our Product Lead, CTO and Designer to catch, prioritize and eliminate errors in both software and data. Additionally, the right hire will help grow a world-class product team by sourcing and interviewing future Tachyons for customer support and user-experience design roles.

We are looking for someone who has filled a quality assurance role before and is excited to apply their past experience in a fast-paced start-up that is still shaping its process.

Osper - Building a Bank for Children (London, UK) - https://osper.com/#workwithosper

We teach young people how to manage money. Using ground-breaking payment technology combined with beautiful and simple apps we teach 8 - 18 year olds how to save, budget and spend responsibly. We believe that if you put young people in the driving seat, they learn valuable life-long lessons.

Our team have worked at companies like Spotify, Zipcar, M-Pesa and McKinsey, and we have successful and influential investors and advisors on board with highly relevant backgrounds who are helping us achieve our vision.

We are looking for folks who were geeky about money when they were kids (their lemonade stand went international!) and understand how technology can be used to empower and educate. We are building a team that is passionate about building simple and delightful front end experiences, sophisticated but elegant backends, and never forgets that the user comes first.

Currently hiring: - Senior Backend (Python, Postgres) developer - Mid-Senior QA engineer

Also always interested in meeting interesting people that can help us in our mission.

Find out more (https://osper.com/#workwithosper) or get in touch at jobs@osper.com

PressureNet: Android and iOS developers & designers (Toronto, remote possible)


We're building high-accuracy weather forecasts using new sources of data, specifically barometers found in smartphones. We’ve built PressureNet, our open platform for crowdsourcing weather data. Our system currently takes in almost 1M atmospheric pressure measurements per day, and your job is to help grow that to 10M / day and then 100M / day. This data is extremely valuable in producing very high resolution (1-4km) weather forecasts, and potentially will lead a revolution in how we understand our atmosphere.

We currently have a single Android app to collect data and engage users. We're in the planning stages of building new, more innovative and user-friendly weather apps and SDKs on both Android and iOS. You’ll build our apps and SDKs, which means you'll write code to collect sensor data, visualize weather patterns, and innovate on how weather forecasts are delivered.

Compensation: Equity TBD. Salary TBD.


- Building and maintaining our Android/iOS apps in collaboration with designers

- Being an active participant in developing the future of the PressureNet platform

Qualifications and Skills:

- 2+ years experience developing Android or iOS apps

- Java/Objective-C, JSON, SQL, XLM, HTTPS, SVG, Git

Nice-to-Have Skills: OpenGL ES, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Weather forecasting

"Nice-to-Have Skills: Weather forecasting" XD

SFX Entertainment - New York, NY - US remote possible

SFX is the platform for the EDM revolution. With the leading festivals in the world, like Tomorrowland, and the leading online destinations, like Beatport, SFX delivers the most exciting work environment for people in contemporary music, arts, culture and technology. Our culture is open and entrepreneurial. Entertainment is fun, and we think work should be too.

Please follow the links if you're interested in applying.

Senior Front End Developer: https://sfx.recruiterbox.com/jobs/32954/

Senior JavaScript Developer: https://sfx.recruiterbox.com/jobs/32967/

If you have any questions about these positions, please feel free to reach out to: darren.newton@arc90.com

.NET Application Developer: https://sfx.recruiterbox.com/jobs/32107/

DevOps Engineer: https://sfx.recruiterbox.com/jobs/33143/

If you have any questions about these positions, please feel free to reach out to myself: brian.bowman@arc90.com

Urban Airship, in Portland, San Francisco, and remote. We're building the platforms required for communicating with and understanding a mobile audience, and we work with some of the biggest and best companies in the world.

We're looking for technical product managers, designers, platform engineers, senior web engineers, sales engineers, program managers, data engineers... Feel free to send me an email (in profile) to talk about any of these.

San Francisco

Curriculet is looking for full stack engineers who want to solve a real problem in education. We are a small (small as in 7) startup changing how students read. This position will be our 3rd engineering hire. Our team is made up of former educators, startup veterans, and one overworked coffee machine. Come help us define our engineering culture and change the lives of students in the process. Send us an email to jobs+hn@curriclet.com.

Facepalm. The email is, in fact, missing a u. jobs+hn@curriculet.com

Heads up, the domain in the email appears to be missing a u.

Thanks for pointing that out

Civis Analytics - Chicago, IL

Civis Analytics is a technology and analytics firm based in Chicago, IL and Washington, DC. We help companies, non-profits, and campaigns leverage their data to develop smarter strategy, make better decisions, and build stronger, data-driven organizations.

We solve the world's biggest problems with Big Data

Read more about us at http://www.civisanalytics.com/

We are hiring for a number of positions, but most notably our tech team is growing:

Software Engineer: http://www.civisanalytics.com/apply/entry/software-engineer-...

DevOps Engineer: http://www.civisanalytics.com/apply/entry/devops-engineer-ch...

We are also hiring Data Scientists, Analysts, and a handful of administrative positions. You can see all of our open positions at: http://www.civisanalytics.com/apply

We are smart, fun, and a little bit weird. Does this sound like you?

REMOTE, wherever

DataStax makes the enterprise edition of Cassandra, the NoSQL db for serious applications. We have developers all over the world and a 100% remote working environment. Some of the development is open source (we are the primary contributors to Cassandra core, which is an Apache Foundation project...)

I just joined recently; as a senior developer with startup experience, I had lots of offers from various companies. The reasons I chose DataStax were:

- 100% remote means I can work from wherever I want (I like to travel) and whenever, within reason, as long as I get my stuff done - the opportunity to work on interesting new technology that is rapidly changing and being adopted by a lot of Fortune 100, etc - they have been vocal about their plans to IPO in the next few years and are growing like crazy

Very competitive salary, lots of open positions: Java, Python, JS, I've even seen some Clojure. Also, SDET and technical writing.

http://www.datastax.com http://www.datastax.com/company/careers

Hit me up, esmith at datastax dot com, if you'd like an intro.

This looks like an amazing opportunity - Please look for my email from NoSQL dot Org

Notting Hill, London, England, U.K.

Our web application is at the heart of our busy and successful e-commerce business; every day it serves millions of product images and handles hundreds of thousands of user visits, but we can and do update the live site with new code multiple times per day without missing a beat. Our systems are written on the LAMP stack and deployed on Amazon Web Services using Puppet and Capistrano; we are migrating to Symfony 2 as our MVC framework. Developers choose the tools that work best for them - for instance, at the moment we have a mix of Linux and Mac workstations in the team. We are adopting and adapting agile development techniques such as evolutionary design, pair programming, and continuous deployment. We hold regular retrospectives to improve our working environment and lightning talks to share what we learnt. Our developers are generalizing specialists; a typical day may include refining an algorithm, writing a tricky integration test, tuning an SQL query, and discussing feature nuances with a product manager. Our team is growing fast and we'd like to hear (at careers@secretsales.com) from any of you who'd like to join us; we're hiring for all technical roles, especially developers of all levels of experience.

Established in London in July 2007, Secretsales.com is the UK's leading private shopping club, offering limited-time online sales with current name-brand goods at deep discounts. Brands include fashion, beauty, homeware, and lifestyle categories, many of them familiar from the high street. The company has about eighty employees and a substantial annual turnover. It recently raised over £4 million in funding and was recently selected to join the UK's Future Fifty and LSE Elite programmes for the country's most rapidly growing startups.

Good Audience (Techstars London 2014) — London/San Francisco — Full-time/Intern/Remote

About us:

We're a couple of hackers (ex Google/Yahoo, yes we have death matches) that started this company by accident while selling t-shirts. Having a need to find people to buy our designs, we turned to social media. It ended up being a great customer acquisition channel. We turned that into a service that can be used by startups and small businesses.

About you:

You love growth hacking, working your way around system limits, analyzing social media data, jamming out to your favorite tunes, and hugs (lots of hugs.) Oh, you probably should be a product designer (visual/ux) or a developer (iOS/Android/Rails)

What a typical day looks like:

Hanging out with DJs and musicians that come by for customer development. Startups come by too, but it's much more fun having impromptu dance parties with emerging artists ;) You'll probably dance while you code too. We love life and enjoy every moment of it. Our company motto: We live to fight another day!

How to apply:

You'll figure out a way to find me or http://www.goodaudience.com/contact

Pixfizz - Remote (Los Angeles area)

Customer Account/Support Manager Due to growth and a focus on delivering the best customer experience, Pixfizz welcomes an important member to join a dynamic, young team.

Responsibilities: Manage implementation and on-boarding of customer set-up and business development support. Main content involves a mixture of platform integration, account management and data analysis. You'll be dealing with business clients helping them get the most out of the platform.

Required skills: Good understanding of XML, web APIs, HTML, CSS and basic knowledge of JavaScript. Other programming/scripting experience with Python, Ruby, Perl or .NET and Java, is not essential but an advantage.

Based in the US (preferably in Southern California)

Company and Products: Headquartered in London with staff in Europe and USA, company is self-funded and profitable. We provide a cloud-based web-to-print solution for a wide range of applications such as photo books, calendars, greeting cards, yearbooks, etc. Customized and private branded storefronts delivered with an online HTML5 editor, is core to the business value proposition.

Please email daniel@pixfizz.com with if you're interested.

Trulia - San Francisco - Full Time

Trulia's real estate search platform serves 50 million unique visitors every month. With an at-scale web experience, category leading apps in both the Play and iOS App stores, and teams working on behavioral search models, home estimates, commute times, and computer vision, we're hiring Engineers in nearly every discipline.

I've worked at Trulia for about 2 years. Employees are taken care of. Engineers have a voice. A successful IPO and healthy balance sheet give us the ability to take on ambitious projects. It's just really a great place to work.

- Competitive comp and equity - Great benefits, including gym reimbursement and free healthcare - Fantastic location in downtown San Francisco, close to Bart, Caltrain, the Transbay Terminal, etc. - Kegs (plural) and a rooftop patio - Quarterly hack-weeks where meetings are prohibited and engineers work on whatever delights them. (More than a few of these projects get on the roadmap and SHIP)

Check out our Jobs page at http://www.trulia.com/jobs and apply. Or reach out to me, shane at trulia dot com.

PagerDuty - San Francisco - Full time

We're one of the quieter success stories out of YC, delivering millions of urgent alerts relating to IT outages.

There are several exciting roles we're hiring for across engineering, product, marketing and growth: http://pduty.me/hnmay

It's a great place to work with all the usual perks, and some extra ones -- we have a growing helicopter fleet.

Olark live chat -- REMOTE

We're a bootstrapped and profitable team of 27 people working to make customer service more amazing through live chat and more. We have several awesome positions open here:

* Senior UX Engineer (in San Francisco) * Senior iOS/Mobile Engineer * Web Designer * Partner Marketing Manager

You can read more and apply from here https://www.olark.com/jobs

Prometheus Research - New Haven CT, or Chicago, IL - Remote Possible


Prometheus Research is looking for full stack developers to help us built out an open source medical informatics system and customize this for a wide range of research needs.

We use Python/HTSQL backend & Javascript/React front-end.


Remote is possible only in the US, because of regulations, right?

We do have some foreign QA & Development positions.

San Francisco, CA

Hiring Data/Python engineers.

We're Close, a seed-funded startup (6 people) based in SoMa. We're mainly looking to expand our Python-based data team, but if you have Rails or front-end experience we're happy to chat too. We're open to folks doing consulting projects, as we have a bunch of experimental data ideas we want to investigate, but our goal is full-time.

We're building a platform where business gets done. Our goal is to build out great data intelligence about people, the people they do business with, and the industries they operate in.

Two of the things we do right now: help founders raise funding by analysing investment behaviour, and figuring out who's likely to be interested in their specific startup -- and which of those investors they already know. We also help companies get acquired by matching them with acquirers who want their skills and products.

We're opening our beta tomorrow(!) and we're moving fast -- there's a lot of potential for impact and real serious contribution. So fast we don't have a /jobs page yet. :)

Data Engineer

Looking for engineers with solid Python experience to work on one or more of: data API integrations, data modelling, machine learning and classification, NLP, API design, visualisations. We have a bunch of experimental projects we'd like to start investigating as well as some high-priority work on our core data pipeline.

Read more on my take on what we're doing: https://medium.com/p/a1d3757d3567

If you're intrigued by people and systems too, get in touch: jennie at close.co.

CoreSpring, NYC-based, REMOTE - Front End Engineer

CoreSpring.org is a non-profit company whose mission is to put good content, and state-of-the-art technology into the hands of teachers and product developers. We create web-based components and products to help teachers to deliver computer-based Formative assessments in their classrooms.

We are Looking For:

A full-time front-end engineer to join our team and help develop new html standards-based student interactions for teacher-driven quizzes in the classroom or at home, on computers and tablets.

We have a small, flexible, skilled team and want to find someone who is a good fit for how we work: Someone who is creative but pragmatic in their approach to software solution design. Someone who works well with a team, but is also happy working independently on a project if needed. Someone who believes in test-driven development, and who we can rely on to produce high-quality, clean and effective code, and help keep the rest of us diligent about doing the same.

More details at https://weworkremotely.com/jobs/609

Email: evan@corespring.org

Webs, Washington DC: Web Developers

Webs builds a suite of products that help small and micro-businesses do business online. Webs SiteBuilder is an easy-to-use in-browser website builder with a bunch of really beautiful and customizable themes. Pagemodo is our social product, helping our customers to create custom Facebook tabs, hold contests, and queue up beautiful image posts. ContactMe is a simple CRM tool for the needs of small businesses.

We're hiring developers to keep building these products in JavaScript, Ruby, and Java.

Here are two examples of things we've worked on recently:

- A WebSockets-based (semi-)real-time backend for our sitebuilder, which makes sure changes are saved immediately.

- A canvas image editor that lets our customers create beautiful promotional images: https://www.pagemodo.com/welcome/social-photo-editor

Email me directly with questions (adam@webs.com) or visit our careers page to learn more about our benefits and openings: http://webs.com/careers

Udacity (https://udacity.com) - Mountain View - Full Time

We're looking for both software engineers and course developers! Help build the classroom of the future.

• iOS, Android and backend, frontend and full-stack engineers

• Android course developers

• Data Science course developers

• Data Engineering course developers

We're rethinking how education is delivered to provide relevant, affordable and lifelong learning opportunities. Technology is advancing and there is a growing gap in skills and the knowledge needed to contribute to modern society, we are working to solve that.

You can read more about Udacity and our CEO, Sebastian Thrun (Google X founder) here: http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2014/04/10/in-conversation-with-...

Please get in touch! To apply, you can visit our jobs page (https://udacity.com/jobs) or if you'd like to ask any questions, feel free to email me at oliver@udacity.com.

Palo Alto, CA


- Team: < 10 engineers from MIT, Berkeley, CMU, Google/Google Research, Facebook, Y Combinator, Microsoft Research, Palantir, Jane Street, IBM Research, Yahoo Research, ...

- Investors: Red Point, a16z, SHV, Social Capital, ...

- Customers: Box, Jive, Microsoft, Tableau, Zendesk, AdRoll, Nitro, and many more

- Product: machine learning applications for non-technical users to help their businesses more effectively win and retain customers

- Looking for: strong engineers excited to join an early-stage startup to help grow & shape the company


- Build on and extend our sophisticated model training pipeline that uses data extracted from the web and other sources

- Build beautiful visualizations to communicate results and frontends to allow non-technical users to build complex models

- Develop and operate secure, scalable cloud infrastructure to manage and process customers' large, confidential datasets

- Continually improve how the engineering team works together


- BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Math or related fields

- Depth in software engineering, algorithms, and general analytical problem-solving

- Familiarity with Python preferred


- https://www.infer.com

- hiring+hn@infer.com

ExtraHop Networks (Seattle) -- Fast growing startup with small team, hard problems, work ranging from systems programming to elegant visualization (Angular and D3 based frameworks). If you love C, Python, JS, Go, V8 then we would love to talk to you.

Here is what you get at ExtraHop.

-- The team is amazing and everyone makes a difference.

-- Engineering is the DNA of the company. The two founders, Jesse and Raja, designed and built BigIP v9 when they were at F5 Networks before founding ExtraHop, and are still very much involved in development.

-- Hard problems at all levels. We parse network stream at line rate (20Gbps) by writing high-performance multithreaded C and our own linux kernel drivers. Our datastore handles 200,000 inserts a second with 10MB/s of data.

-- We have powerful visualization thats based on Angular, and D3 framework.

-- You can hack anything from C to the front-end design and anywhere in between.

-- Our customers love it. It's awesome to see problems diagnosed and solved with our box.



NoRedInk in San Francisco (or remote).

Full stack rails engineers wanted to make sure that grammer is taught good. Every one's revolutioneyesing educaton but while some student's cant even right the write words.

Then there was NoRedInk.

NoRedInk helps students quickly improve their grammar and writing skills.

We've got a small, technically excellent engineering team. We extensively use react in production.

I work here because I get to learn about my practice (as well as my failing grammar skills) every day. I work here because I care about education. I work here because existing online tools for teaching grammar and writing are pathetic. Join us as engineer #4, and improve how grammar is taught.


p.s. Other people think we're awesome, too: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alextaub/2013/12/19/noredink-is-...

Are you intentionally making grammatical and word/spelling errors here to make a point? I find it quite distracting.

I was, in fact, intentionally using broken english to make a point!

Santa Clara, CA, Full-time, Linux kernel - Virtualization engineer at NVIDIA.

We are looking for talented embedded system software engineers with a focus on virtualization to help us architect next generation hypervisor software for NVIDIA platforms.

This is a position in Santa Clara, CA.

Some of the skills we look for:

Technical expertise on the ARM architecture, embedded virtualization, multicore designs, Linux kernel, device drivers and embedded software in general.

Practical understanding and implementation of microkernels, hypervisor design, multicore, cache coherency, concurrency, systems level API design, virtual memory management. Also development of virtualization interfaces for the Linux kernel.

Keywords/Specialties: Virtualization, hypervisor design, microkernels, ARM Architecture, Linux kernel, virtual memory management, Multicore.


For CVs please email rkhanna @ nvidia.com

Quovo - New York City - Full Stack Deveoper

Quovo is a FinTech Big Data start-up that performs aggregation and analytics for investment advisors, foundations, hedge funds, and even everyday investors. Learn more about us at (https://www.quovo.com).

We're looking for a full-stack developer to work on multiple pieces of our application using Python and Angular.


- Develop and implement new core services using the above languages.

- Example projects: building web crawlers, parsing and formatting unusual data sets, on-the-fly data analysis, and user-facing data management features.

- Lead and participate in code reviews.

- Ensure continuous quality through code testing, bug fixing, and feature changes based on customer feedback.

Skills and experience:

- Several years' experience with some combination of: PHP, Python, JavaScript (particularly Angular.js).

- B.S. / B.A. in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

- Passion for details, product, and an interest in economics, investing, or financial services.

- Eagerness to learn and collaborate with the Quovo team.

Nice to haves:

- Database interaction experience, mainly T-SQL.

- HTML scraping and other data mining/retrieval experience.

- Strong quantitative/statistics skills.

We’re VC-funded, located in the heart of Manhattan, and offer competitive salary and benefits, including stock options, free health insurance, and continuing education reimbursement (plus lots of free food!).Email info@quovo.com with a resume and description of relevant experience, and we'll take it from there…

Sift Science - San Francisco, CA. Full-time.

Sift Science (http://siftscience.com) uses large-scale machine learning to fight online fraud. It's a problem that cost U.S. merchants > $10B last year, and 70% of it is organized crime. Attacks have rapidly evolved in breadth and depth, but current rule-based systems don't scale. We're looking for engineers of all flavors -- distributed systems, web development, data visualization, site reliability, and of course, machine learning. We're a tight-knit team that likes board games, yummy food, and solving challenging technical problems. Check out https://siftscience.com/jobs We're also looking for integration engineers, technical writers, a head of marketing, a head of integration engineering, an office manager, and a finance person. jobs+hn at siftscience dot com

Lettuce Apps | Venice, CA | Full Time | https://www.lettuceapps.com/

Lettuce completely automates the inventory of thousands of wholesale & e-commerce stores. We’re rapidly growing our engineering team and are looking for brilliant minds to help us take Lettuce to the next level.

If you're interested, please apply here:

Product Designer: https://lettuce.recruiterbox.com/jobs/17772

Junior Front End Engineer: https://lettuce.recruiterbox.com/jobs/17770

We're also looking for more full stack engineers and iOS developers. If interested please shoot us a message at careers@lettuceapps.com with work you've done and why you'd be interested. Just put "Hacker News" in the subject and we'll know where you came from!

Paddle8 - Front-End Engineer (New York, NY, USA) http://paddle8.com

Paddle8 is building technology for the art world. We are a marketplace for collectors with a focus on fine art. We're looking for a front-end focused engineer to help us architect and build the next generation of our site.

You'll be working with a team that is passionate about code, art, and design; our developers and product people will push you to be innovative. We have a beautiful fun office in NoHo.

Tools we use: Angular, Django, PHP, SASS, GitHub, Jira, and HipChat (because, GIFs).


Expert level CSS3, Javascript, and HTML5. Experience with a client-side MVC framework, design patterns, and, ideally, some experience with writing server-side code. Geeking out on browser performance optimizations Strong eye for visual design and a strong interest in building unique interfaces while writing elegant and reusable code. Attention to the important details. An interest in the nuances of the art world. Thoughtful about edge cases and consider unexpected user actions.


Invent, champion, and build new features. Take ownership of our client-side code. Push whatever boundaries you think need to be pushed. Work with our designers to get the experience just right. Review peer's code and collaboratively figure out ways to make things better.

Paddle8 has been prominently featured in major publications like the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, TechCrunch and TIME Magazine, among others, and has raised several rounds of funding from major investors including Founders Collective, angels like Scott Belsky, and a major luxury brand.


Send us an email if you're interested: p8-admin {AT} paddle8 {DOT} com - please do not call!

Pascal Metrics, Washington DC (Georgetown)

We're a healthcare startup focused on improving patient safety in hospitals.

Our software platform enables clients to detect, track, and analyze patient safety issues across hospital systems.

Open positions:

* UI Engineer - Front-end developer with knowledge of CSS, HTML5, Javascript for our SaaS platform. Knowledge of MVC frameworks and CSS organization desired.

* Java Engineer - Core Java developer to help build out our SaaS platform. Experience with play! framework, event processing, distributed systems a plus.

Check us out at http://www.pascalmetrics.com

Full job listing: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/PascalMetricsInc

If you're interested in getting involved with healthcare, improving work culture, and tackling hard technical challenges, please feel free to reach out to me directly to chat in detail.

theo at pascalmetrics.com

Fog Creek Software, NYC (and remote) http://www.fogcreek.com/careers/

Current Openings:

- Software Developer - http://www.fogcreek.com/Jobs/Dev

- Trello Front End Developer - http://www.fogcreek.com/Jobs/TrelloFrontEndDev

- Product Marketing Manager, FogBugz and Kiln - http://www.fogcreek.com/Jobs/ProductMarketingManager

- Support Engineer - http://www.fogcreek.com/Jobs/SupportEngineer

- IT Engineer - http://www.fogcreek.com/Jobs/ITEngineer

What is the official vegetable of Fog Creek? asparagus? :)

AisleA - Camarillo, CA (Los Angeles area)

We're looking for folks eager to work with big data. We serve billions of transactions per day with super low latency through our online advertising platform. We hack on C, Scala, Rails, Redis, Hadoop, HBase and Postgres. We don't expect you to be an expert in any of these technologies. More than anything we're looking for the right kind of can-do folks who thrive on building solid systems.

Maybe you've been wanting to learn Scala. Maybe you've tinkered with Hadoop on a few EC2 instances but never had a chance to work with a ton of data. We want you. You'll be joining a sharp team with a strong appetite for progress and a minimal amount of formal process.

I'm one of the engineers, and I'd be happy to chat about our team even if you don't have a resume or consider yourself actively looking for a new gig. Email dlarsen@aislea.com.

My team at New Relic in Portland, OR is hiring a couple of engineers to help us make everything better and break our code into services.

Come work in a community of some of the best engineers in our industry, tackling some of the toughest technical problems of your career in a supportive, collaborative environment. You'll be part of one of the company's key initiatives: breaking a large, complex Rails app into services to support multiple products and allow our teams to work more independently. We've developed some really interesting patterns for doing this, and we will discover many more with your help.

One of these positions is more focused on authentication and authorization services. If you're interested in becoming a security engineer, this could be a great position for you to bridge the gap. Send me an email if you're interested: dcelis {AT} newrelic {DOT} com

Remote or one of our offices: San Francisco, CA - Shanghai, China


We build products at the intersection of technology around data. Lots of data visualization, big data and infrastructure.

We work with large organizations on challenging problems (the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN) OR on our own products (mostly developer tools, things like http://devo.ps or http://octokan.com).

We are a multicultural team with French, American, British, Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Finnish colleagues. We are about to settle a third office in Berlin and are looking at remote hiring in Spain and Seoul.

We work a lot with Javascript (node.js, AngularJS), Python, occasionally Go and Erlang. Lots of single page apps, APIs and infrastructure automation.

We are looking for full-time or interns:

- Developers; front-end (HTML5 + Compass + AngularJS), backend (node.js, Python), ops (Python, Go).

- Designers; you have design chops, understand technology (HTML/CSS...) and do more than nice pictures (content strategy, color theory, ...).

- Strategist; you can quickly immerse yourself in a new field of knowledge, have a knack for data and are quick at recognizing patterns. You are a jack-of-all-trades that can think a solution and get it shipped, either alone or with a team.

- Marketing; you have what it takes to grow a brand or product online and understand how to leverage online and offline tools to get there.

- Business Development; if you are in Washington DC, Berlin or Paris, understand enough of our space and would like to help us grow our services, shoot us an email.


Drop me a line at job@wiredcraft.com, or go to http://wiredcraft.com/careers.html

San Francisco – InstaEDU (www.instaedu.com)

We're a 21-person education startup in downtown San Francisco looking to add to our engineering team. InstaEDU is a marketplace for online tutoring. As more education moves online and video and collaboration technologies reach a point where they can properly replace in-person learning, we see an enormous opportunity to reach a much wider category of students. We’ve been growing quickly and announced our series A this past August.


To keep up with our rapid growth, we’re excited to add new team members to our 10-person eng team. We're looking for engineers with strong python programming skills, proficiency with javascript, HTML, CSS, and experience working with Django, SQL/PostgreSQL, JQuery and/or Redis/NoSQL. We’re looking for both full-stack and backend focused (python) engineers.

Additionally, we’re currently looking for Mobile Engineers to help create InstaEDU’s first mobile apps. If you’re a strong Android or iOS developer interested in playing a major role creating the apps, we definitely want to hear from you.

More about the roles here: http://instaedu.com/about/jobs/

Benefits of working at InstaEDU include: close-knit team all passionate about the product we're creating, weekly catered lunches and fully stocked kitchen, 401K, Medical, dental, and vision insurance, hack days, weekly Friday happy hour and monthly team events (Wine tasting trips, Giants games...)

Feel free to ping me at kate (at) instaedu (dot) com if you have any questions. To apply, send your resume, GitHub profile, blog, and/or any projects that you're proud of to jobs (at) instaedu (dot) com. If you're awesome, we want to hear from you!

San Francisco, CA - Full Time Recent Grad

We are a brand new team at Salesforce.com building a really exciting product. Looking for fresh grads who love writing code, can ramp up fast, and will not hesitate in owning a significant piece of the product. If you enjoy thinking about architectural stuff or want to, that's a significant plus.


- near Caltrain

- intense startup culture.

- free lunch from the best caterers in SF.

- one of the best places to work in San Francisco.

- great compensation

- cool product with huge potential impact and revenue.

- our 22-year-old recent grads contribute as significantly as our 55-year-old gurus.

- developers are expected to take ownership of the features or components they are responsible for building.

Key Responsibilities:

- Design and implement highly scalable systems and algorithms

- Design and implement innovative user interface

- Work closely with quality engineering, product management, and technical operations to develop, test, and deploy high quality software

- Analyze, design and develop test cases and implement automated test suites

Required Skills:

- BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent

- Strong background in computer science algorithms

- Professional or academic experience with modern programming languages, such as Java, C++, or equivalent.

- Ability to quickly learn new technologies and work effectively in a fast paced dynamic environment.

- Knowledge of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript would be useful.

- Experience with open-source technologies and cloud platforms would be a plus.

Excited? Email resume to dpandey@replaceWithMyCompanyName.com

Songspace (https://songspace.com) Nashville TN or remote

Songspace is building a new data management system and songwriting tool to power the next phase of the music industry. One part creative app for songwriters & artists (think Evernote) and one part content management system / API for labels and publishers, we utilize the creative process to aggregate assets and data (recordings, lyrics, and copyright ownership details, and music metadata) for music enterprises.

We're hiring for the following positions:

-Full LAMP Stack Developer (Symfony2/Zend Framework, Linux, MySQL)

-EmberJS Developer

-Frontend Developer (HTML, CSS, jQuery) -UI/UX Designer

For more information visit https://songspace.com/open-positions-at-songspace or email chris@songspace.com

Clarifai -- http://www.clarifai.com

NYC, New York.

We're a machine learning startup based in NYC. Our current focus is image recognition.

We have the world's best published image labeling results [ImageNet 2013], and are building practical systems for a range of applications: organizing photo collections, better shopping experiences, targeting ads to images, surveillance/security, medical diagnostics, etc.

We're at the forefront of the ongoing revolution in machine learning brought about by deep nets, GPUs, and tons of data. We have a growing list of ideas and promising research avenues to execute on.

Our current tech demo is here, take a look to get inspired:


We're a very early startup, but well-funded and looking for the next key people. You will have a huge impact on the direction and success of the company.

=== Research Engineer, Machine Learning. ===

Serious engineering and coding skills. Machine learning research background. Experience with internet-scale data sets. GPU coding in Cuda or openCL a big plus.

=== Systems Engineer / Architect. ===

Serious engineering and coding skills. Experience building real infrastructure at scale: storage systems, workflow pipelines, high-capacity serving infrastructure. Experience with AWS and open source tools a plus.

More details and contact info: http://www.clarifai.com/jobs.html

Or adam@clarifai.com


[ImageNet 2013] http://www.image-net.org/challenges/LSVRC/2013/results.php#c...

Ordoro is a web app that helps people manage their e-commerce business. Like everyone else in the world, we need developers. Unlike everyone else in the world, we're awesome. Come and work with us.

email ben@ordoro.com if you're interested

    Compensation and Perks
    - $80k-$120k salary
    - 0.1-1% equity
    - Full health benefits
    - Passionate and techno-curious teammates
    - Chillaxed vacation policy
    - A badass office in downtown Austin, TX (we'll pay your moving expenses)
    - Whatever gear you need for the job

    Python Web Developers
    You'll mostly be working on our Flask-powered JSON API. For the next few months
    we're focused on things like exposing our API publicly and caching. You'll also
    add whatever functionality is needed to support features our customers want.

    In our dream world, the person we’d hire would love:
    - Using Python, Go, Postgres, Redis, and exploring other technology that would
      make Ordoro awesome
    - Tuning SQL queries to keep the API fast
    - Automation and testing
    - Using 3rd-party APIs and figuring out all the fun little land mines their
      docs fail to mention
    - Deploying applications in a Linux environment

    Javascript Frontend Developers
    You’ll be working on our client-side Javascript app along with adding
    functionality to the Express-powered server. For the next few months we’re
    focusing on porting code from a legacy application and adding several large
    features our customers have been clamoring for.

    In our dream world, the person we’d hire would love:
    - Writing client- and server-side Javascript
    - Discussing generators, promises, requirejs/browserify, grunt/gulp,
      and not CoffeeScript
    - The feeling you get when removing jQuery from a codebase
    - Working closely with our designer to make a clean, intuitive
      and world-class UX for our application
    - Deploying large Javascript applications in a Linux environment

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON - Igloo Software - Social Intranet PaaS


"Igloo is an intranet you'll actually like, delivered securely with our cloud platform. It's easy to use, and even easier to customize. Extend your Igloo outside your company too, for use with your customers and partners.

Our social intranet suite includes integrated content management, collaboration and enterprise social networking features."

Stack is Microsoft heavy with .NET & SQL Server. MVC 5 for the back end, JS/HTML/CSS for the front end. Git for source control.

We are looking for:

* C# Developers * Front End JavaScript Specialists * HTML / CSS Developers * Automated Testing Specialist * C++ Developer w/ Windows Experience

The team is still small and there is a lot of opportunity currently to really make an impact.

Email: clandry@igloosoftware.com

Whistle — http://whistle.com — Mission, San Francisco, CA

Whistle is the world’s first technology company dedicated to helping pets live longer and healthier lives. Through intuitive devices and a comparative database of pet health information, Whistle is creating a new standard for preventative care and fueling groundbreaking insights to transform veterinary medical research.

We are a company filled with people who love their pets and are passionate about building great products. Between the pack we have collective experience across the Fortune 500 in technology and consumer products, including: Amazon, AOL, Apple, Bain, BCG, Genentech, Google, HP, Microsoft, Philips, Sierra, and TI.


Android Engineer

Whistle currently seeks a Senior Mobile Developer with a strong background building top-notch mobile experiences on Android. You’ll work with our hybrid mobile team on both our iOS and Android apps building fun and intuitive interfaces for our pet-loving customers.


Ruby on Rails Engineer

Whistle currently seeks a full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer with a strong background building reliable API platforms and top-notch web interfaces. You’ll work with our engineering staff on a variety of projects, including our mobile API, customer and internal facing web experiences, and scaling our platform as our number of customers grows.


Electrical Engineer

Whistle is looking for a talented electrical engineer to assist in development of cutting-edge, small form-factor wireless products.


Visit http://www.whistle.com/company/#careers to apply.

iOS Engineer - CONTRACT, THEN HIRE - Remote OK, Berkeley, CA

We are a 6-person software studio, with a specialty in high-performance, offline maps. We have been making iPhone apps since 2009. Our most well-known app, Gaia GPS, is the quintessential app for the outdoors, and 3 of our apps are currently being featured by Apple.

To qualify for this position, you need to be able to demonstrate you excel at iOS development. You will need to pass a technical interview, and either provide code samples or walk us through your role in other iOS projects.

Contact jobs@gaiagps.com and see: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/54415/technical-softwa...

Full-stack developer and web designer. (Full-time, REMOTE, we are based in Montreal and Mountain-View)

Listrunner, http://www.listrunnerapp.com.

Believe it or not, doctors still use paper to manage their team and their patients. Yes they have $1B EMR, but the day-to-day management stuff is still all done on paper. On top of being highly inefficient, it's unsafe and it's killing people. (Most medical errors are due to miscommunication)

Listrunner is a secure mobile app replacing those paper, napkins and post-it notes. Think of it as a synchronized todo list and secure communication tool for doctors.

We've got amazing traction. Residents and doctors love it, we've just raised a good seed round to move very fast, and we just joined the best possible accelerator.

1. Full-Stack Developer

We use Angular, Firebase, Phonegap and node.js. We're looking for a very good full-stack developer to join our small team. You'll be working with us on a super clean and high quality codebase.

   - You are a team player and can communicate fluently in English.
   - Passionate about new technologies, happy to learn new ones.
   - Expert in Javascript, bonus if experience with Firebase or Angular.
   - Desire to work on a meaningful and challenging problem.
2. Web designer

Doctors are so tired of ugly and non-intuitive tools.. That's where you jump in.

   - You are a team player and can communicate fluently in English.
   - Passionate about web and mobile design. You know all the latest trends and can't
     wait to put your knowledge and experience into solving a meaningful problem.
   - Expert in html/css.
   - Bonus if experience with Javascript and Photoshop.
Contact me directly: phzbox at gmail, please write "HN Job" as subject.

Also, feel free to contact me if you think you're a good fit even if you don't exactly match what I described.

I'm looking for someone to take over product design from me at GatherContent:


Remote, family friends, 35hrs w/k, funded, growing 10% mom.

London, UK

Full time, lead dev.


We're about to change the way doctors prescribe medication. We're interested in your medical data, your genetic data and other biological data we can get about you. We use it to provide clinical decision support to prescribers as they prescribe, not two days after when the patient is complaining about the side effects.

We have a (pretty much) full javascript stack for our web app. Node and MySQL db on the back, single page, responsive, Angular on the front. We're into beautiful UI and intuitive UX. If this sounds like your kind of thing get in touch. Salary is good, vested share equity included, offices are shared with other cool startups (Wayra accelerator), flexible about hours and location.

Contact: adam@geneix.com @Adam_HC

Sense - https://senseplatform.com - San Francisco

We're building the most powerful platform for data scientists tackling the toughest problems in science and business. We're a tiny team (currently 100% PhDs), venture backed, and located in San Francisco.

We're making our first key hires:

* Platform Engineer - Go/Node.js/Docker/CoreOS/Hadoop

* Frontend Engineer - JavaScript/HTML/CSS/AngularJS

* Senior Data Scientist - R, Python, Hadoop, Spark, Probabilistic Programming

This is a chance join a startup tackling interesting problems in an area ripe for massive innovation. We offer competitive salary, significant equity, and a flexible work environment.

Sound interesting? Email tristan@senseplatform.com.

Venmo - NYC (options also in SF) - Full Time

Venmo's looking for another experienced Android engineer to join our team in New York. We're growing really fast and Android is a key piece to what our team is. Join our team to help frame the way people pay and interact with payments socially.

https://venmo.com || https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.venmo

For questions about the team, email ron@. Apply by emailing me or on our jobs page: https://venmo.com/info/jobs

New York, NY CB Insights (http://www.cbinsights.com)

We're looking for many positions including: - Full-stack developer (Go, Python, PHP) - Front-end developer (data visualization, D3.js heavy) - QA Engineer - Machine Learning Engineer (NLP) - Digital Marketer - Tech Industry Analyst (use data to model & predict disruptive tech trends)

More positions here -- www.cbinsights.com/jobs

We are bootstrapped with 7-figure per annum recurring revenue and will be 20 people by this summer. Send us an email at career@cbinsights.com if you're interested in learning more about the company.

Recognized as one of NY's 15 enterprise tech companies to watch.

Treasure Data (http://www.treasuredata.com) - Silicon Valley (Mountain View).

We are looking for engineers both FULL-TIME and INTERN. See http://www.treasuredata.com/en/about/careers.php for all open positions.

We are building a Hadoop-powered, end-to-end (from data collection to analytics) data infrastructure service. ~15 engineers. A lot of work ahead, but much less risk than many companies in a similar stage (we’ve raised Series A and have meaningful revenue).

Feel free to email us at careers@treasure-data.com if you have any question.

We are located in Poland - Gdansk (Tricity) and in partnership with Atlassian we are developing their software i.e. JIRA, Bamboo, FishEye or Crucible. We work with distributed teams, one part is in our office in Gdansk and other part of team is Atlassian in Australia. Now we have open positions for: Java Developers Front-End Developers Senior QA Engineers Development Team Lead Principal Java Developer Senior Development Manager

We are looking for real geeks!

All details about us, perks, salaries and requirements are on our webiste www.spartez.com/careers. You can also be re-directed from Atlassian careers by choosing job location - Poland.

We help with relocation also finacially.

Palo Alto (downtown), San Francisco (Noe), REMOTE

mPATH is an early stage mobile software startup currently in "stealth-ish". Seriously cool technology. Wish I could say more...

Even though we are pre-release, we already have customers. Founded by 2 C-level Salesforce execs, and backed by the co-founder of Akamai.

We have the following openings:

Sr. iOS Engineer (full stack, but UI focused)

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Web App/UI Engineer (React.js and Sinatra, modern browsers only)

Sr. Software Engineer (Java, service architecture/generalist)

Sr. Android Engineer (full stack)



Thumbtack - San Francisco - Software Engineer

Thumbtack is a new way to hire local services. The same way other companies have brought B2C retail commerce online, we have brought the B2C services industry online.

Some numbers:

  - 10M monthly uniques
  - 500k businesses have joined nationwide
  - 900+ categories of service
  - $18M+ total funding from Sequoia and others


Or email chris at thumbtack with questions.

(Sorry we are not accepting intern candidates at this time.)

Bleacher Report - San Francisco, CA (Financial District). Full time.

We are the 3rd largest sports news site in the United States, just behind ESPN, Fox Sports, and Yahoo.

Work on a site that reaches 70 million people per month while getting exposure to a variety of technologies (we routinely play with Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, and Go). We encourage our employees to contribute to open source as apart of their work at Bleacher Report, and most importantly, always be learning.

Email wwelsh@bleacherreport.com or visit http://bleacherreport.com/careers/engineering

Passport Parking - Charlotte, NC - INTERN, FULLTIME

We’re building mobile payment solutions for parking. No more coins! We’re a small team growing fast and ready to bring on a more developers to push things faster. We've found the best way to form a relationship is through our programming challenge. Just show us your skills. http://easypparking.com/www/PassportProgrammingTest/ Feel free to reach out if you have questions or you need extra motivation to complete the challenge.

Cheers, Brad brad@passportparking.com


WePay is a company with a great open, supportive culture that cares deeply about employees and customers. Our focus is on using our payments API to empower a whole new bottom-up economy of commerce and community and have fun doing so. WePay has a strong culture – examples include free lunch every day, unlimited vacation policy, yearly company summer offsite, yearly blow-out Hallowepay party, and Fancy Fridays.

All jobs are full-time in Palo Alto, CA (relocation assistance can be provided), and you need to be a US citizen or legal resident.

We're looking for numerous people in the following fields

QA Automation Engineer

Senior API Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer

EMEA (Europe or Israel preferred). .NET Evangelist. Remote working welcome.

Couchbase is the producer of an open source NoSQL distributed document/kv store. We're building a team of developer evangelists to take the Couchbase message to developers and to improve the experience of developing with Couchbase.

In particular, we're looking for someone with .NET development and community experience.

Job listing: http://www.couchbase.com/careers?jvi=o7HQYfwm,Job

Questions to: matthew at couchbase dot com

We are also hiring Tech and Mobile evangelists in the US. Email jchris@couchbase.com with a link to code / conference talks / videos.

FlightAware - http://flightaware.com/about/careers/ - Houston, TX

FlightAware is the world leader in flight tracking; we accomplish this with creativity, innovation, dedication, diligence, and integrity. FlightAware is over eight years old, is self-financed, with millions a year in revenue, but still ambitious and with the hunger of a startup.

We're looking for:

* Full-stack Web Developer * Front-end Javascript developer - Maps and Visualizations * Software Test Developer * Systems Engineer

Is there a follow up process on submissions?


Job title: bizdev/marketing co-founder

I'm founder of Blackice Cyberdefense Inc. < http://getblackice.com >

I wrote initial prototype of pro-active defense for webapps from 0-day attacks and I'm looking for bizdev/marketing person to join me.

Shoot me an email at 'me <AT> ysz <DOT> name' if no–nonsense hardening of modern PHP/Ruby webapps sounds cool to you.

Its in the cloud. Its based on forward symbolic execution & dynamic tainting, and it really works against unknown threats.

What I'm looking for in this role is to research the market, find sales leads, collect their feedback, and shape the product with me. To let me focus solely on R&D. Willingness to go the extra mile.

I don’t expect huge upfront commitment unless you want it to be so.

I created initial prototype on my own at nights after work. I have then quit job and secured some $10k from my friends to get beta out the door in around three month. I incorporated Delaware corporation (attn: Ryan Roberts @startuplawyer) I have couple month to go.

Here are some clues regarding what it is. Business model I have is very much like Contrast Security has < http://www1.contrastsecurity.com/pricing > Technology is somewhat like Determina had back in day < https://web.archive.org/web/20040825050819/http://www.determ... > The reason for the later is that I originally developed Data Loss Prevention software which later morphed into the firewall we are talking about.

SwiftStack - http://swiftstack.com/jobs - San Francisco, CA (preferred)

SwiftStack is a storage company building and deploying object storage for our customers (think S3 in your own datacenter). Our product is a management controller that works with OpenStack Swift. Swift gives deployers the ability to create scalable storage pools for modern applications, and SwiftStack provides the management tools for day-to-day operation of the cluster. We charge our customers a recurring license fee for the management software based on how much storage capacity they have deployed.

SwiftStack (the company) is about 2.5 years old. We've got about 30 employees, and we're actively hiring developers. Here's a short list of some things we're currently working on:

    - New features and bugfixes in OpenStack Swift
    - Making clean, responsive UIs to simply communicate information about large storage clusters
    - Using metrics to diagnose errors and proactively fix them for customers

Interested in knowing more? Send us an email at jobs+hn@swiftstack.com. Send us your github profile, your LinkedIn account, a link to your website – whatever will best display the work that you’ve done. Tell us in a few lines of text why you’re interested in SwiftStack, and why we’ll be interested in you. We’ll be back in touch shortly to get the conversation started.

Pond5 - Prague, Czech Republic or Switzerland - REMOTE POSSIBLE


Software Engineer

Job Description: New York City based Pond5 is seeking an experienced, energetic, motivated and quick thinking software developer to join our Engineering team. We are a small team of experienced engineers and we are looking for a new team member!

The tasks will be all things engineering related at Pond5. These could include, but are not limited to: - Python/Golang scripts for processing video/image/sound etc - Implementing new features on the website, improve existing functionality, improve performance - Working on exciting new projects

You should be able to work to deadlines, be able to think for yourself and work remotely without hand holding. You must speak and write fluent English. It would be preferable if you spoke a few languages. Our main office is in New York City, but we are looking for people for our Prague office or Switzerland, hence ideal candidates should be located in Prague, Czech Republic or in Switzerland, however remote candidates will be considered if they have an ideal skillset. Please note that you should be within the CET time zone, or not too far away from it. The very, very right person in EST time zone might also be considered.

Requirements: BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science or related engineering discipline and 3+ years of industry experience. Experience and expertise writing innovative and elegant code using Php, Javascript + at least another major language (e.g. Python, Go/Golang, C++, Java) Excellent verbal and written communication skills, a team player with strong analytical, problem solving, debugging and troubleshooting skills. Experience with large traffic sites No stranger to Scrum, Linux, Git, Postgresql, Sql, jQuery

Nice to have: Node.js, Solr, Elasticsearch, Docker, Hadoop, EnterpriseDB, MongoDB, Redis, Nosql

About Pond5.com: Pond5 is the world’s most vibrant marketplace for creativity. Media makers find the content they need, and make money doing what they love. We allow our contributors to set their own prices, and we split the revenue 50/50 on every sale — more than twice the industry standard.

Airseed - San Francisco, CA | Hiring employees #6,7 | Fall Interns, H1B welcome!

  * The Polymath: Fullstack Engineer
  * The Rainman: Data Scientist / ML Engineer

  who: founding engineers #6,7
  what: developer platform
  platform: auth + APIs + analytics
  big data: petabytes; 200M+ nodes, 1B+ edges
  founding team: serial entrepreneurs
  investors: Google Ventures, angels
  beta customers: ecommerce, travel
  location: downtown SF
Airseed is a developer platform that powers: (1) single sign-on authentication, (2) rich consumer data, and (3) interactive analytics. We make it incredibly easy for web / mobile app developers & Fortune 500 companies, to authenticate their users while getting incredibly rich intelligence, all within minutes of on boarding.

Our culture: balance, betterment, do good, hustle, resourceful, simplicity, transparency

Our stack: Ruby (Rails), Python, MySQL, NoSQL (Cassandra, Neo4j, Redis), Elasticsearch, Javascript, Hadoop, Objective-C & Android

Looking for domain experts who have experience tackling large scale problems in application development (web/mobile/API), infrastructure, data mining, machine learning, distributed systems, monitoring/ reliability

More info here: https://www.airseed.com/jobs Email me (Arun - Co-Founder/CTO): arun at airseed dot com

Location: New York. London. Hong Kong. Remote.

Position: Ruby on Rails Developer

Company: AlphaSights #Rapidly growing and taking over the top seat in the knowledge broker industry

Website: http://www.alphasights.com/careers/positions/product-develop....

CoderWall and Culture: https://coderwall.com/team/alphasights#team-details

Role: We are looking for someone who has a passion for web applications, insists on maintainable code, and have fun with the rest of the team. You should be creative and interesting to work with, and we expect you to constantly challenge the status quo. We mostly use Ruby in our products, but if you are strong in other languages and thrive on learning, we’d still like to talk to you. You should enjoy working on every level of the application stack from the database, to the business logic, to the latest browser technologies.

To apply and learn more about our flat, collaborative, cross-functional and empowering culture focused in personal and professional development and community impact go to: https://www.alphasights.com/careers/positions/new-york/ruby-....

Thank you for checking us out!

Akvo.org - UI designer / developer - Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam; EU, or REMOTE +- 2hours CET/CEST

If you are a UI designer / developer wanting to contribute to make the world better, please read on!

We are seeking a skilled, self-motivated, pro-active and energetic UI developer / designer. Reporting to the lead designer, your primary responsibility will be to create and ensure a consistent and beautiful UI throughout our software platform, which includes web applications, desktop applications and mobile / tablet applications.

You have to be able to adapt to a fast changing environment where multi-tasking is a must. You will be required to design and develop functional user interfaces as well as keeping the brand consistent across the organisation and a range of different products.

Akvo creates and runs open source internet and mobile services that make it easy to bring international development work online. We focus on project and programme dashboards, reporting, monitoring, evaluation and making data easier to share. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Akvo is a non-profit foundation that works with more than a thousand organisations around the world.

We are looking for someone to be based in Helsinki, Stockholm or Amsterdam, but could also be REMOTE. You must have a work permit already to work in one of these locations.

Please send your CV along with a cover letter to loic@akvo.org Looking forward to hear from you.

FinFolio - C#/WPF, HTML/JavaScript - Denver, CO - Local Only

I'm a serial entrepreneur in the financial services space and FinFolio is my 3rd company. We are looking for a team lead for a Microsoft-stack development team.

About us:

FinFolio is a boutique technology company that makes software for professional financial advisers. Expert skills in C# and related technologies are needed and past experience in finance would be a big plus. We're seeking long-term employees who want to help grow our company over a period of years. We have a beautiful office in the Denver Tech Center with perks like free soda, pool table, video games, etc. Work hard, play hard.

Our development environment uses the Microsoft technology stack (C#, WPF, WCF, SQL). You will be responsible for assisting in the development of our flagship WPF product, as well as leading the way in new product development (e.g. tablet apps). We expect you to take ownership of the product(s) and care about them as much as you care about being a great developer.

The environment is loose and agile; we are constantly refactoring and are big believers in TDD. You will have interaction with other developers, members of the support team and our founder/CEO (me) who also writes code.

For more info: http://www.finfolio.com/

Please send me an email with a resume directly to me via mattabar (-at-) finfolio.com. No recruiters please.

Location: New York. London. Hong Kong. Remote.

Position: Ruby on Rails Developer

Company: AlphaSights #Rapidly growing and taking over the top seat in the knowledge broker industry

Website: http://www.alphasights.com/careers/positions/product-develop...

CoderWall and Culture: https://coderwall.com/team/alphasights#team-details

Role: We are looking for someone who has a passion for web applications, insists on maintainable code, and have fun with the rest of the team. You should be creative and interesting to work with, and we expect you to constantly challenge the status quo. We mostly use Ruby in our products, but if you are strong in other languages and thrive on learning, we’d still like to talk to you. You should enjoy working on every level of the application stack from the database, to the business logic, to the latest browser technologies.

To apply and learn more about our flat, collaborative, cross-functional and empowering culture focused in personal and professional development go to: https://www.alphasights.com/careers/positions/new-york/ruby-...

Thank you for checking us out!

We're hiring for the following positions, in decreasing order of experience. All positions are based in Singapore, remote is usually fine (half the team is remote).

Zalora is an online fashion retailer with 1-2m customers operating in Southeast Asia and Australia. We're quite big on functional programming.

Data modeler (VISA): http://jobs.zalora.com/apply/XemPRA/Data-Modeler.html

Note this is a very senior role, one below C-level, as such relocation to Singapore is a must.

Haskell developer (VISA, REMOTE ok): http://jobs.zalora.com/apply/ZRvZBD/Haskeller-relocate-Or-Re...

Dev ops engineer (REMOTE only): http://jobs.zalora.com/apply/lOd9Ir/Global-DevOps-Engineer-R...

Technical writer (VISA, REMOTE ok): http://jobs.zalora.com/apply/Ln6uUz/Technical-WriterWiki-Edi...

Data engineer (VISA, REMOTE ok): http://jobs.zalora.com/apply/ybgoap/Data-Engineer-SQL-R-BigQ...

Boston, MA. Full-time. http://ginkgobioworks.com/careers

Ginkgo BioWorks is a young company out of MIT with the mission of making biology easier to engineer. We engineer organisms to address fundamental challenges the world is facing today. We aren't trying to study biology, we are trying to build it - constructing, editing, and redesigning the living world. Our bioengineers make use of an in-house pipeline of synthetic biology technologies to design and build new organisms.

You will be working closely with our biological engineers to design and implement our computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) platform. Work includes programming robots to build metabolic pathways and new genomes, automate measurement processes, and implementing gene and pathway design algorithms. You don't need previous biology experience; Ginkgo is a great environment for amazing programmers to learn to hack biology.

Ginkgo's programming languages of choice are Ruby, Python, and DNA, but you must be someone who loves writing elegant code in any language. Most importantly, you should be passionate about making biology the next engineering discipline, and learning new things.

Interested? See http://ginkgobioworks.com/careers

Dstillery - NYC, New York

Dstillery is hiring Backend and Full-stack Software Engineers!

We're #10 on Crain's Best Places to Work in NYC list, #47 on Forbes' America's Most Promising Companies list. We play Ultimate or Soccer on Fridays, we have a company band, we work sane hours, we don't track vacation (and not in the 'so nobody ever takes any' sense), and we Get Stuff Done.

You'll learn a lot from working here, regardless of your current level of experience. You'll work directly with a world-class data science team (winners of multiple KDD Best Paper and other awards) that keeps us on the cutting edge of learning at scale, allowing us to build customer-specific models from billions of events per day. We're hooked up to all the big ad exchanges, and have direct working relationships with companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more. But we're also still pretty small on the engineering team, and everyone gets their hands dirty and makes a real impact.

We write mostly Java. Hadoop, Cassandra, Mongo, and Kafka are big parts of our stack, and we're always looking for new tech that helps us work at scale. Experience with these is a big plus, but if you've never used them before that's fine too, if you're eager to learn. If you write clean, working code, think through problems, and deliver on time, we want to talk to you.

Contact me for more info, jason@dstillery.com

Unfortunately we are not hiring interns or remote at this time.

South San Francisco, CA Hiring FT - Software Engineers and Automation Engineers (Mechatronics/Robotics)

What is Counsyl? Counsyl is a health technology startup building a software platform that is revolutionizing the the healthcare industry. Our end goal is to build a scalable, consumer web facing product that helps people worldwide gain critical information about their bodies and plan for their futures. We offer an engineers the unique opportunity to not only build these meaningful software solutions but also get firsthand exposure to robotics within our own in-house wetlab!

What does a Software Engineer do at Counsyl? Our engineers build custom software from scratch based on a Python/Django/Postgres stack. They build new tools, workflows, and infrastructure when it comes to patient, physician, and internal communication. Some of the challenges they tackle daily are related to: ◦ Tracking samples, inventory, billing, interactive applications in real time ◦ Using complex algorithms and machine learning to target gene mutations that lead to the main causes of different diseases ◦ Create software that connects lab robotics and patient samples for high throughput

What does an Automation Engineer do at Counsyl? Our Automation Engineers are handling all aspects of software design that goes into our robots. They are tackling everything from high-level software implementation to mechatronics systems design to electrical circuits drawing to custom robotics parts development. These areas affect our lab processes when it comes to: ◦ DNA extraction ◦ Controls software ◦ Overall sample management ◦ Sensor software

A lot of companies can't do custom hardware robotics stuff because it takes a lot of software. We are tackling this problem by taking nothing and turning it into full stack software. We are developing algorithms, using 3D printing for functional prototyping, and leveraging 2 decades worth of robotics to help people make effective health decisions on a macro scale. Come be a part it!

To apply, go to: https://www.counsyl.com/careers/software-engineer/


JoVE - Cambridge, MA - www.jove.com

Hiring two developers, one junior, one senior.

JoVE is a video-based scientific journal near Boston, we are growing fast, and are working on a lot of interesting things. We are looking for a junior developer as well as a senior developer. The senior role has the capability to turn into a team lead role in the near future.

Things we work with: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, APIs (Salesforce, Youtube, Gigya, etc.), as well as some Python. We are also working with lots of data, so extensive database experience is a must, especially for the senior role. Also, you should be comfortable working in Linux, both in the cloud and not.

Here are the job postings (apply here):

Senior Web Developer: http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?cmp=JoVE&t=Senior+Web+Develope...

Junior Web Developer: http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?cmp=JoVE&t=Junior+Web+Develope...

Sensor Tower (SF + Remote) (Designer, Engineer, Customer Happiness) https://sensortower.com

Do you play Clash of Clans? Candy Crush? Ever wonder how to get your app on top of the app store? We at Sensor Tower (AngelPad) help mobile apps increase their downloads and rocket to the top of the app store.

We have over 26k customers tracking over 500k apps and used by companies such as Yahoo, Skype, Zynga, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, and Supercell. We're a small + high caliber team located in the heart of San Francisco and backed by Rembrandt Ventures, Merus Capital, and BDMI.

We're built using Ruby + Rails, MongoDB + Mongoid, Redis, Coffeescript, Knockout.js, d3.js, AWS. We reverse engineer apps and internal APIs, write our own gems, and use natural language processing to parse through millions of app reviews for our customers.

What we offer: A chance to revolutionize how information is delivered to mobile marketers and app developers. Competitive salary and significant (enormous) equity in well-funded, high-growth company. Free lunch, daily. Unlimited vacation and holidays. Top-notch healthcare, vision, & dental coverage. Unlimited Gym membership. An incredible team of fun, bright coworkers. We're looking for smart, motivated individuals for full time positions. Ping us at oliver (at) sensortower dot com.


Twenty20 | Los Angeles, CA | http://twenty20.com

We're creating the premier artistic community on the web. We're also going to disrupt the stock photography industry. We've just signed a lease on a new (awesome) office space near Carol Shelby's old HQ in Marina del Rey, and should be moving there from our current space in Santa Monica in June or July.

Full-Stack Engineers (Mid- and Senior-Level Engineers) Our stack is Rails, but we're open to Java or Python engineers who want to learn Ruby as well. We're going to be building a web application and a number of RESTful API's for partner sales as well. It's exciting stuff!

Search Engineer We want to use ElasticSearch - anyone who has experience with scaling ElasticSearch is welcome to apply. If you also have experience with application development (in nearly any language), we'd especially love to chat with you.

Designer We're hunting a designer who knows HTML and CSS. Strong Adobe CS knowledge is required as well. Applicants should have experience with interaction design and a strong understanding of flows and patterns. Experience designing for mobile-first and implementing front-end frameworks like bootstrap is a must.

I can tell you a lot more on the phone or via email. I'm the internal recruiter over here at Twenty20 - we don't use any agency recruiters at all, so the only way to get a job here is to apply directly :) To apply or just learn more, please email me at john@twenty20.com.

Thanks, Dave! I'm John! :) Feel free to email me.

SET Media (http://set.tv) - San Francisco - INTERN, VISA

We are a Python shop recently acquired by Conversant for our industry-leading content classification technology. We develop and apply machine-learning and computer vision technologies to classify millions of web pages and videos. We build on AWS and use the best tools for the job. We have a spacious, well-lit office (not too) near Union Square. We will sponsor H1-Bs.

We are hiring for roles in every team - if you see something that interests you send me an email: craig at set.tv

QA - As our first QA person you will work with Product and UX to develop testing and acceptance processes for UI and API, automating where possible.

Data Systems - Design and build the next generation of our analytics infrastructure to handle up to 30 billion events per day.

Core Engineering - All-round engineering: optimise SQL queries, enhance our API response times, improve our custom web-scraping technologies

Front-end - Build a beautiful, functional, tested UI on top of our API. We believe that enterprise UI and UX shouldn't be an afterthought; our sales-people demo our live UI, not a bunch of Powerpoint slides.

DevOps - Continuous improvement of systems management and automation (we use Chef and Fabric)

Computer Vision & Machine Learning: Research and apply the latest text, image, and video-based classification algorithms and techniques.

Vurb - San Francisco, CA

We just won TechCrunch Disrupt NYC - http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/05/vurb/

Tired of opening browser windows and tabs and jumping between sites? Vurb is working on reinventing how we do things, by creating an intelligent layer over the Internet that helps you get things done in one place.

We're evolving search, browsing, and sharing, by connecting the services we use in a contextual way. We do this through data technologies (search, machine learning, big data, etc.) and original thinking around UI/UX.

We're funded by Max Levchin, Drew Houston (Dropbox), Naval Ravikant (AngelList), CrunchFund, and many others. If you're looking to join a small team that solves complex problems and is making something people will use daily, then check us out.

Full-time opportunities in San Francisco (3+ yrs experience, must be available to interview on-site)

* Product Management / Growth - experience managing and growing a consumer product

* Search / Data Science - search + classification + ranking, machine learning, recommendations, NLP, data crawling/processing. Search experience strongly desired.

* Product Design - visual design, interaction design, and experience design

http://vurb.com | jobs@vurb.com | angel.co/vurb

Assembly (https://assemblymade.com) | Sunny mission in San Francisco | Full-time

We’re hiring Engineers experienced in Go and Ruby to help us build foundational pieces of the Assembly platform.

Assembly uses the open collaborative process of Open Source to develop actual software products that generate income for contributors. Developers, designers, and others around the world collectively build and retain ownership in products they build on the Assembly platform. At the end of every month, Assembly collects the revenue for each product, transparently pays the bills, and then splits the proceeds with everyone that made them. You can see an example of one of the products being built by the community here: https://assemblymade.com/helpful

We’re a 6 person team tackling the challenges of creating a ‘meta’ company (a software company that creates software companies). You would have a direct hand in helping us shape the future of work and unlocking the power of independent creators. We believe in progress over consensus, strong opinions weakly held, moving fast is best even if it breaks things, and we make what we measure.

We can offer an environment where 100% of your code will be public on GitHub, receive competitive pay, premium health insurance, equity, and a generous benefits package.

Apply by emailing careers@assemblymade.com

We're also looking for a director of products and head of community.

REMOTE: We're looking for a Director of Engineering to serve as our first full-time engineering hire. We are SumOfUs.org, a global online-organizing platform with millions of users and a rapid growth trajectory. We use technology to rapidly scale organizing efforts, so that we can win battles in weeks that used to take years. Our ideal candidate is a talented and thoughtful engineer who would rather build technology that solves real world problems than apps that let you rate the bar stools at your favorite watering hole -- or whatever the next it app is ;)

We're mostly remote, but we've got offices in NYC and SF. You can join us at one of those offices, work from your house, or work from your favorite coworking space.

You'll be the first full time hire, so you'll have a lot of influence over the technical stack and future hiring decisions. You'll be an amazing team of one for a bit (with contractors as needed) and you'll scale your team as our organization scales.

This is an amazing opportunity for the right person. Our team is amazing, truly. We hire the right people and invest in their personal growth.

Email info@sumofus.org with the subject line DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING for more info. Applications are open now and we're looking to hire by end of June.

Need a VISA? No problem. We'll help you secure one.

Remote - WordPress Technical Support

http://travelblogsuccess.com/hiring-wordpress-technical-supp... https://travelblogsuccess.recruiterbox.com/jobs/32825

Travel Blog Success, the world’s largest membership-based community for travel bloggers, is seeking to grow our team by one WordPress Technical Support person.

The Travel Blog Success community was founded in 2010 in order to help educate travelers on how to build, market and make money from their blog. Our mission is to give people the resources, tools, and trusted support they need to achieve their goals in blogging, travel and life.

The technical support team manages a variety of WordPress sites for clients. We are looking for an expert in WordPress, PHP, CSS3, and HTML that will be helping us with the support tickets that come through.

Remote part-time position with the potential to develop into a full-time pending growth and, obviously, your ability to dominate WordPress.

Ideal candidates will have rock-solid organizational and communication skills, the ability to effectively handle deadlines and coordinate multiple projects, be self-directed, and focus on quality and details.

Since you are communicating with our clients on a regular basis, we ask that only those who have excellent or near-perfect English apply.

The position is a contract-based position.

Location: Norfolk, VA (full-time employee role, relocation offered) Company: Grow (www.thisisgrow.com) Role: Interactive Developer

Our developers create industry-leading digital work for some of the most recognized brands on the planet. Successful candidates will be pixel perfectionists and students of development, skilled at connecting creative concepts to standards-based code.

What you'll do:

- Create best-in-class experiences for web, mobile, and emerging platforms with a focus on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

- Integrate with back-end systems, APIs, and SDKs to create rich, data-driven behaviors.

- Work collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams from concept to timely execution.

We look to our interactive developers to constantly innovate and maintain a broad knowledge of development principles, industry trends, and emerging technologies.

This is a full-time position at our office in Norfolk, VA. Amazing clients and an inspiring environment come standard, but the best part is finding yourself among a close-knit group of about 30 incredibly talented and motivated colleagues. We’re part of a community of like-minded people in the Norfolk / Virginia Beach area who spend our time creating great work and building culture around us—with lovely beaches, urban amenities, and family-friendly opportunities throughout the region. A wealth of company benefits include health, dental, matching 401k, disability, paid vacation and holidays, paid training, and more.

Please e-mail jobs@thisisgrow.com, including work history and portfolio links.

Part-Time in St. Louis, DevOps JR. Engineer

Remote / Intern welcome

Backup Parachute Software LLC is a small business, committed to developing high quality mobile and web applications with a focus on usability and design.

We leverage open source and the newest technologies to rapidly deliver value and high quality software to our customers.

### Job Description This is a part time, year round position. This position begins immediately. Pay will vary depending upon experience.

### Duties include: - System administration/management of Linux servers within a mixed physical/virtual environment - Managing and monitoring server and client backups - Troubleshooting network and application issues - Monitoring and updating our issue system in a timely manner

### At least 1 year of experience with the following: - building and maintaining Linux/Ubuntu servers - scripting (bash)

### Preferred Experience - Amazon AWS (EC2, ELB, RDS, VPC, S3, Route 53, CloudWatch, ElastiCache) - Experience with high-availability, high-performance, open source web technologies. - Experience with cloud platforms, open source databases and caching layers. - Virtualization (VirtualBox) - automation (Chef, Puppet or similar)

### Education: - High school diploma or equivalent required. - Some College or equivalent experience required

### Application Process Reply to jobs@backupparachute.com with relevant work samples, and anything else that will make you stand out. Extra effort and personal touches will be looked upon favorably.

Chalkfly.com - Detroit, MI

Detroit-based start-up (funded, stable, paying competitive salaries), is looking for experienced Magento developers.

Chalkfly.com is looking for amazing, experienced, OO PHP developers with deep Magento experience to join our fast-growing, first-rate development team. As a software developer, you would responsible for end-to-end product development, from architecture, to development, to rollout. You must be comfortable participating in design and code reviews, as well as delivering accurate estimates, providing regular development progress feedback and consistently meeting project deadlines. Our developers are effective at explaining complex ideas and concepts to non-technical team members.

This is a full time position that would work out of our downtown Detroit office. Occasional telecommuting (like one day a week) is on the table, but we really need people who can be in the office most of the time.

Here's our stats:

    Company size: 21
    Current dev team size: 4 
    Stack: LAMP
    Version Control: Git
    Bug Tracking: Github Issues
    Project Management: Basecamp
    Mac or PC: Dealer's choice. We currently have 3 devs on mac and 1 on PC.
    Office style: Open floor plan, collaborative working environment, very casual. We're in The M@dison Building, which is home to about 20 other start-ups.
    Dev methodologies: We borrow elements of various frameworks, but in general we work in monthly sprint cycles, daily stand-ups, weekly overview meetings.

If you are interested, please drop me an email at evan@chalkfly.com and let's chat.

SPINS LLC - http://www.spins.com

Chicago and Schaumburg, IL

Software Engineers, Designers, and QA Engineers wanted

SPINS is the leading provider of analytics, reporting, and insights for the natural, organic, and specialty products industry. We take in point-of-sale data and other information, and deliver analytics and insights to naturally-focused retailers and manufacturers.

We are looking for a variety of software engineers, designers, and QA engineers to fill out our engineering team, including staffing some new projects.

Technologies we're using include Java, Hadoop/Pig, DB2/MySQL/PostgreSQL, REST, and AngularJS. We use agile development, git, maven.

Reasons to like SPINS:

- We are sort of an established startup. About 100 people, so you have resources, a good team, and security. But friendly, casual, flexible on hours and which office you work from, free snacks, biweekly masseuse, that sort of thing.

- We are at the intersection of two huge growth industries: big data analysis and natural foods/products.

- We are spinning up some cool projects using cool tech: Hadoop big data processing, new webapps, and mobile later this year.

You can see some job postings at http://spins.atsondemand.com/ but a lot of them haven't gone up yet, so feel free to ping me at snoto@spins.com for the lowdown if you're interested in any engineering role.

BloomReach - Mountain View, California

H1B, Intern, Full-time all welcome!

Apply at http://bloomreach.com/careers or send an email to dGFsZW50QGJsb29tcmVhY2guY29t and mention Hacker News.

BloomReach is a small, fast-growing startup tackling one of the Internet’s most fundamental problems: helping leading online businesses get their high quality and relevant content found by their consumers, when and where they want it. Our big data marketing applications deliver personalized discovery to visitors between devices and across channels.

You can check out our full suite of products at http://bloomreach.com/what-we-do/

We have open positions in Engineering (we could definitely use a few more Frontend Engineers), Data Science, Sales, and Product and Engagement Management. If you don't find a position that interests you, fill out a generic application and let us know what you want to work on- we're just looking for smart, talented people to help us continue making BloomReach an amazing place to work.

For engineering positions, if you can also send at least one cool piece of code, or a link to something you’ve built, or a hack that you’re proud of, we’d love to see it!

Benbria (http://benbria.com) - NYC, New York or Ottawa, Canada - Full-stack node.js developer

We build customer engagement solutions for large enterprises. Our product, Loop, is changing how businesses and consumers interact with each other. We are looking for a full-stack developer to join our new NYC office. You will be working with some of the largest enterprises and organizations in the world and have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of many.

We use and enjoy the following: Node.js, CoffeeScript/JavaScript, MongoDB, Backbone.js, MongoDB, Cassandra. You'll be joining our small team and helping us enhance the product by designing and implementing new features.

Who are we looking for?

  * Strong JavaScript knowledge, Node.js, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js
  * Front-end web development knowledge (HTML5/CSS3/JQuery)
  * Web development & full stack experience
  * Preference for simple, elegant solutions to complex problems
  * A history of getting things done

  * Experience with scaling web applications
  * AWS
  * Experience building fault-tolerant systems
  * Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Erlang
We also have other job positions available. To find out more or to apply, please visit: http://benbria.theresumator.com/apply/tO2o51


Omada Health - San Francisco [WILL RELOCATE]

Are you interested in using your skills to prevent an international epidemic?

At Omada Health, we're creating digital therapeutics, a new way of preventing disease through managed behavior change. Our first product takes on prediabetes, which threatens 1 in 3 Americans and millions of others around the world. Our customers are insurers and employers who are looking to improve quality of life for their members as well as avoid the high costs of living with chronic disease.

We have a 10 person engineering team emphasizing pairing, TDD, and sustainable pace. We are about to get much bigger and solve interesting problems in reliable ways. If that sounds like your jam, be in touch.

Senior Software Engineer - You have significant professional experience and know a lot about or are excited to learn Rspec and Rails

Android Developer - You have an app live in the App Store and at least 1 year of professional development experience.

Creative Javascript Developer - You have a portfolio of engaging browser-based baubles.

Systems Administrator - You know how to set up a LAMP server and are ready to tackle devops tools like Chef, as well as help us untangle the office network.

We are working to create a new discipline of evidence-based preventative medicine, and that motivates each person here. Let us know in your cover letter why you'd like to work with us. Email jobs at omadahealth.com. https://omadahealth.com/company/jobs/

HackerRank (https://www.hackerrank.com/) is hiring in Palo Alto and Bangalore.

* a platform for programming challenges used by hackers to hone their skills and a tool for companies to streamline their own recruiting process.

* we make money by selling the tool (hackerrank.com/x) to companies who use it to streamline their recruiting process; this helps us keep the community side of the product to be pure & free forever.

* our revenue is growing at 40% month-over-month with $1m+ revenues and a community of 500k+ hackers (35% growth m-o-m)

* some of the top tech companies like amazon, fb, vmware, quora, palantir, evernote, etc. are our customers

* we are hiring for all roles (PM's, sales, marketing, hackers, etc.) at both locations; we are a team of 37 currently; solid growth & team.

impact on the world:

step #1: we are making the entire world flat, a system of complete meritocracy

step #2: companies interviewing techniques & process is consistent, fast & accurate using our tool (hackerrank.com/x/)

result: time machine

software is eating the world; we are building a platform to help companies create & ship products faster. are you interested in building a time machine?

E-mail us: vivek at hackerrank if you'd like to learn more. The full list of positions is here: https://www.hackerrank.com/careers

REDI Technologies (http://www.redi.com)


Locations :: New York, NY and Dallas (Frisco), Texas

Background :: Our mission is to “make trading better”. REDI is a startup (9 months old) dedicated to taking an already successful trading platform to the next level. As a tech company that operates in the financial trading industry, we have a very different perspective and approach.

Our next-generation platform is focused on building a community for the buy-side, sell-side, and technology providers, bridging the Wall Street and the FinTech startup spaces. We take a highly open and collaborative approach to building our technology (everything from C++, Java, .NET, Ruby, Angular, NodeJS, Chef, PostgreSQL, etc). We need individuals with a passion for technology, and an unparalleled drive to deliver world-class software across the desktop, web, and mobile contexts. Financial knowledge is not required, but a strong engineering mindset and razor-sharp problem solving skills are a must.

Roles (FULL-TIME, H1B, VISA supported) ::

  - Software Engineers

  - DevOps Engineers

  - Test Engineers

  - Product Managers

  - Summer Interns (INTERN)
We'd love to hear from you. Send any inquiries or resumes to: jobs@redi.com

- Josh (CTO)

Location: San Francisco or Palo Alto, INTERN or full time

BrightRoll (http://www.brightroll.com) is looking for all kinds of engineers, especially server side hackers to work on composing internal services into public, REST APIs (we take the Fielding dissertation seriously). We value functional programming, distributed systems, fault tolerance and high availability, backed by all kinds of languages and persistence schemes. We are serious about scala, erlang/elixir, ruby, node, and store stuff in SQL, nosql, and sometimes in plain old files.

Our culture is one of uncompromising transparency and GSD (the good kind of GSD, where anything that blocks us from getting stuff done is prioritized). We value risk taking, learning from failure, provide superb compensation and benefits, as well as having a laid back office culture (I personally practice Hammock Driven Development fairly regularly). Feel free to apply via the web site, and let us know hacker news sent you, or contact me directly (phamilton at brightroll dot com). Thanks!

See http://www.brightroll.com/careers/greenhouse.php?gh_jid=6250

Gurock (http://www.gurock.com/) - Berlin, Germany

Hiring: Technical Support Engineer (English, full time) + others (DevOps, Product Evangelist, Software Developer)

We are a small & successful bootstrapped software company from Germany and build popular web-based applications for software teams. We have been in business since 2004 and many thousands of teams, both small and large, use our products.

We are hiring for different positions, but our main focus right now is on hiring a technical support engineer to help us support our TestRail customers. This is not a typical support role though, as our products and customers are very technical (they are software dev/testing teams), so it's an interesting and challenging position.

As most of our customers are from the US, Canada or other non-German speaking countries, excellent English writing and communication skills are critical for this role (German not required). You can learn more about the Support Engineer role here:


We have recently opened a nice office in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg, near Mitte) and offer great benefits. We use a modern web development stack with PHP, an advanced custom MVC framework (like Rails), Vagrant etc. We provide a very productive and flexible working environment.

If you are in Berlin (or plan to move to Berlin soon) and one of our open positions sounds like a good fit, let me know.

SF - Angaza - http://www.angazadesign.com/

Angaza is building a new energy economy for the billion+ people in off-grid markets, with East Africa our focus. These markets are leapfrogging conventional centralized energy generation, becoming the center of development for the distributed renewable systems that will replace it. Software for integrated metering, finance, and payments makes this development possible.

Angaza is searching for a software engineer to join our team in San Francisco. Your challenges may include extending and scaling our backend platform for payments and analytics; taking our HTML5+JS frontend to the next level; designing synchronization protocols for highly constrained channels; squeezing DSP code into fewer bytes than this paragraph; and traveling occasionally to field sites across the world.

If hired, you will become part of a small team creating a new approach to energy in emerging markets. You will receive both a salary and equity stake in the company. See http://www.angazadesign.com/jobs/software-engineer/ and contact us at careers@angazadesign.com.

Intercom is hiring product designers, engineers, and lots more in San Francisco and Dublin: https://www.intercom.io/careers

Intercom is a simple, personal messaging service for businesses and their customers. Our mission is to make web business personal. We believe that the future of customer communication requires not increasingly complex, impersonal point solutions, but rather a simple, seamless platform that feels a lot more like Facebook than Salesforce.

People love our product: https://twitter.com/intercom/favorites

The company is about 2.5 years old. We've raised over $30MM to-date from Bessemer Venture Partners, and the Social+Capital Partnership.The team is currently ~60, comprising people from Apple, Box, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yammer, Microsoft, and PayPal.

Intercom is installed in thousands of web products and is connected with many millions of end-users. The company has been experiencing double-digit monthly revenue growth from the start.

For a full list of jobs, please see our careers page: https://www.intercom.io/careers

Justworks - New York City NYC NY

Justworks is a payroll, benefits and compliance startup that helps businesses get up and running quickly with payroll that doesn't suck, integrated benefits (health, dental, 401k etc.) as well as compliance (EPLI, workers comp, filing etc.). We do all the hard, annoying stuff, so founders can get back to running their businesses. We were founded by former Etsy, Amazon and Worldpay executives, who have had successful exits in the past.


Justworks is looking for a full stack engineer with a focus on backend, processing, distributed systems, ops etc. This is similar to a Devops position. We move money around, so this is for someone who is comfortable with doing fairly serious engineering. You should be comfortable with basic tasks like running a migration and editing a small amount of business logic, but more importantly things like upgrading our boxes when stuff like Heartbleed comes out, building and maintaining monitoring infrastructure (we currently use Nagios and StatsD/Graphite) etc.

Justworks is an awesome place to work (please feel free to ask me any questions, here or contact info in profile). We're very early (only 9 employees, 3 eng) and we're really looking for someone who wants to have a large amount of ownership, is opinionated and excited to help build a strong culture, and loves what they do. Here is a link to the position.


VL25 - Cambridge, MA (Kendall Square), Boston area, open to remote but local preferred

Lead Developer (part of Founding Team): http://bit.ly/venturelabs

AngelList: https://angel.co/vl25-stealth-codename/jobs

Compensation: $80-100k salary, 3-5% equity

We are building an unbiased crowd-validated reputation engine for people. Most of the information on the Internet about people is self-generated content. Facebook has self-generated content about your personal life. LinkedIn has self-generated content about your professional life. When it comes to people, there's very little reputation info on the Internet. LinkedIn endorsements are a step in the right direction, but they only cover professional topics and many people don't find them useful. We are building the next generation reputation engine that validates a person's best qualities in a way that is reliable, useful, and fun. Everyone has qualities that they're proud of. We will help people build reputation from those qualities and get the most of out of their best reputation.

Be on the ground floor of a new company being incubated and launched out of Flagship Ventures. Work with smart passionate people to build something big and shake up the world.

We want to work with full-stack web developers and are not scared by people who specialize in different technology stacks. So if you're a great engineer and love building products, apply on AngelList or send your resume to Ray Lian at rlian@flagshipventures.com.

Austin TX, AcademicWorks, Senior Ruby Engineer / Systems Architect

We are looking for someone to help us scale, automate, and maintain our SaaS application that is used by some of the largest and most prestigious universities and foundations. We operate a heavily sharded environment and process millions of scholarship applications for our customers. If you love working on interesting problems while knowing that your work is actually helping students pay for school, we'd love to talk to you.

We are a close-knit, pragmatic group. We have fun solving hard problems by tackling them as a team, relying on open communication, and a consistent willingness to pitch in. As a member of our team, you will be given ownership over key projects and entrusted to lead them through to completion. The contributions you make will have a real impact, and will be recognized by both our customers and other team members.

Examples of the work you might do are: * Writing and assisting with the design of new core features for both existing and new products; * Optimizing application and system components for performance and reliability; * Creating tools to automate the scaling of certain components of our AWS-backed infrastructure; and * Instrumenting our application and systems to capture performance and business metrics.

Our technology stack includes: * Amazon EC2, Route53, S3, and ElastiCache * Ruby/Rails * Cassandra * Elasticsearch * Postgres * Chef * Redis

If these types of problems and technologies interest you, please contact us at careers@academicworks.com . Experience in one or more of the technologies mentioned is preferred. Passion (and a basic understanding of Linux) is required.

FlightCar - Lead Front-end Developer - Boston/Cambridge, MA

FlightCar is the world's first p2p car sharing company to operate at the airport. We're a YC company that's raised $6m+ in funding.

We give travelers free airport parking by renting out their cars to others. Everything's insured up to $1m. We're funded by General Catalyst, Softbank Capital, Brian Chesky, Ryan Seacrest, and others.

We're looking for a Lead Front-end Developer. You'll be developing our desktop and mobile sites as well as internal tools. As the front end lead, you'll have the choice of which technologies to call on for projects. Currently we have a Django-backed site, and want to expand our front end work.

About our dev team: We all enjoy teaching and learning, and do things like build telepresence devices together: http://blog.printf.net/articles/2014/03/18/a-robot-for-timo/


- develop new and existing features for our current consumer site, which uses Django templates and Bootstrap.

- create new customer-facing and internal services using the front end framework of your choice -- we're a small team and you'll be able to forge our architecture from the ground up.

- layout user interfaces using FlightCar's current design language.


- comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment

- have solid understanding of HTML5 and CSS3

- knowledge of mobile web constraints and ways to optimize for them

- knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript, preferably including significant work with a modern client-side framework such as Ember/Angular.

- a desire to complement the backend team by exploring server-side JS applications with node.js (or if you're daring, Meteor).

- have a strong sense of UX best practices

- knowledge of Google Analytics or other analytics software is a huge plus

- love simple design and bright colors

This role will be on-site in our Cambridge office. If you're interested, please email chris@flightcar.com. Thanks!


Have experience with AngularJS and mobile development?

Questrade is growing our front end mobile development team with full-time and permanent 1-year contract positions.

Review the full posting and apply online: http://ch.tbe.taleo.net/CH06/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org...

IFTTT - San Francisco, CA


IFTTT is looking for engineers to help build the next generation of its platform. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the core architecture of one of the web’s most innovative and exciting services. You’ll get to work on challenging technical problems alongside a small but driven group of developers, and play a key role in shaping both the product and team culture.

IFTTT’s mission is to help people to create connections between the services and devices they use every day. We’ve built a system that enables users to set up simple “if this, then that”-style recipes, which allow activity from one web service to trigger activity in another. The current system supports over 90 unique services and runs hundreds of millions of recipe-handling tasks per day, and we plan to dramatically expand on our flexibility and scalability. Under the hood, this translates to building a platform that can talk to and move data between virtually any API you can think of, all in realtime and at massive scale.

We're well funded, and we work hard to do right by our employees. New hires at IFTTT enjoy competitive salary and equity, full benefits, sane work schedules, and a flexible vacation policy. Much more than that, we offer interesting, deep projects and an amazing team experience. We operate on the philosophy that the best job perk is fantastic teammates, and to this end we’ve assembled a staff of intensely curious, well-rounded, talented people who happen to be great engineers. We’re hoping you can be the next one.

Visit https://ifttt.com/jobs for more information.

Poshly / Scala Engineer / San Francisco, CA


You know concurrency, how to reduce latency and how to build fault-tolerant scalable applications. Eager to try new technologies, languages, or build new tools, and learn for the sake of building great software. Because we're a small team, help choose the perks, create the culture, and guide the product and the technology used to build it. Comfortable in statistics and lots of data is a plus.

The heart of Poshly Engineering is working with data at scale. We build services that provide insights into the behaviors of beauty consumers, and provide dashboards and analytics to beauty brands and publishers to help them understand their consumers. Our data powers the largest beauty brands in the world and drives business decisions by providing real-time analytics. As an engineer on the team, you'll be responsible for pushing our business and technology forward! We're a lean team and as one of the earliest employees, you'll be designing and implementing solutions to challenging problems in this exciting $382 billion-dollar industry

Glance - San Francisco, CA (Local) - Full-time - Join an early stage company solving high-impact problems

We are hiring:

* Android Engineers - experienced developers who are passionate about writing code to do incredible things on Android and enjoy the challenge of creating experiences that others thought impossible.

* Platform Engineers(Search / Machine Learning) - developers with experience building scalable server architectures that are fast + efficient and enjoy creating tools to process and gain insights from large sets of data

* Front-end Engineers - engineers who are passionate about building elegant web products

We've been funded by an amazing set of investors including Reid Hoffman, Mike Maples, Greylock and NEA to solve the biggest problem in mobile today - with the mission to to fundamentally change the way we use our mobile devices.

Our approach is built on a data driven contextual platform and elegant UX that delights both users and developers.

You'll be a core member of our team as we grow the company and build the platform that will power the Glance experience across billions of devices.

If you're looking to join a small team that solves complex problems and is making something people will use daily we would love to talk.

Reach out to me Amit at amit@helloglance.com

San Francisco, CA Bay Area preferred -- remote ok (contract, part time, chance for full time long term)


Prontotype Inc. is looking for an iOS (with Android a huge plus) developer with UI/UX expertise to join our core team and design, build, and iterate on web and mobile apps for idea-stage startup founders.

Prontotype was founded to bridge the gap from idea to MVP as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are rapidly taking on new clients while maintaining current projects, and we are looking for a creative, experienced, multi-talented developer to further scale. We ship features weekly on a variety of projects and iterate and refine often, so the ideal candidate will be quick on their feet in a brainstorm, write extensible clean code, and communicate very well -- we have our own development frameworks that change as product needs evolve so interfacing well with us is an absolute must.

You will first be hired on a contract basis for a specific project. If we work well together there is opportunity for more down the road. We generate A LOT of work and can offer varied and exciting problem solving opportunities (think 2-5 simultaneous startup ideas) as time goes on -- Prontotype deals with new ideas almost every day! There is also a possibility for equity in some of our projects down the road depending on how things go.

Send inquiries to jobs@prontotype.us and tell us about yourself. Please include links or a portfolio of projects you have worked on (we are most impressed with apps you have shipped now on the App Store, frameworks you have made, pet projects you are proud of... things that show what you love to build!).

San Francisco (SOMA) -- Grammarly -- Platform/DevOps/Backend Engineering Leads

Grammarly (http://www.grammarly.com)is building out our core engineering teams in SF.

First, a little about us:

- Our product: Grammarly (http://www.grammarly.com) makes the world's best automated online proofreader, which highlights 250+ common grammar errors. - Grammarly is profitable, and cash-flow positive -- all without raising any venture capital -- which allows us to chart our own path. - We have significant traction already -- millions of users, 1M+ fans on Facebook, partnerships with 200+ universities and more.

We are looking to add exceptional engineers to the mix here in SF. Our tech stack includes: - AWS stack - Programming languages: Java, Erlang, Node.js, Lisp, Python - Chef, Jenkins, Nexus, Github - MySQL, MongoDB , Redis, PostgreSQL - And/or the best tool for the job

TO APPLY: You can check out our open positions at http://www.grammarly.com/jobs or email to scott.thomas AT grammarly.com.


Skai, Inc. - Washington, DC Metro Area (Arlington, VA)

About Skai:

Originally funded out of the MIT computer science community, Skai is a fast-growing technology company. With over a thousand pages of intellectual property behind our core technology, we are disrupting the data integration market by delivering a cloud platform for the next generation of big data. Skai is working with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Although we can’t go into any more detail in this space, we’d love to tell you more once you’ve applied!

Senior Back-End Developer

Join our engineering team as we tackle the challenges of distributed data and computation. As part of the platform development team, you’ll participate actively in all phases of the development process: architecture, design and implementation. If you’re interested in graphs, distributed data structures, functional programming paradigms, reactive computation, or distributed systems, then we’d love to talk to you!

Skills & Requirements:

Need to have: • Java proficiency • Excellent communication skills • Some experience with the Hadoop ecosystem • B.S. in computer science or equivalent experience Nice to have: • HBase proficiency • Hadoop MapReduce proficiency • Distributed systems experience • Experience using Spark or other tools in Berkeley Data Analytics stack • Experience with Akka actor framework

Skai is looking for talented developers for a Front-End (CONTRACTOR)

Skills & Requirements for Front-End: Need to have: • HTML, CSS and Javascript • At least two years of experience in front-end web development • Excellent communication skills Nice to have: • Experience working with a Java back-end

....and Software-Solutions (Full-Time) position

Skills & Requirements for Software-Solutions: • Programming in Java • Java EE web frameworks • Hadoop ecosystem, including HDFS, MapReduce and HBase • Cloud-based deployments such as AWS

We want our developers to be happy and productive, and we don’t hesitate to buy whatever software or hardware tools are needed to make that happen. We also like to relax with board games and ping pong on Friday afternoons. We offer competitive compensation, including stock options.

If this sounds like the kind of work you want to do, then reach out to us at careers@skai.net

Kira Talent (https://www.kiratalent.com) - Toronto, Canada

At Kira Talent, we help organizations find exceptional talent through video.

A bit about us:

  - we’re a small team (you’d be #15), based in the heart of downtown Toronto; 
    check us out at www.kiratalent.com/about/

  - we’re had paying clients since day 1 of the company, and are well funded

  - we’re hiring both mobile and backend developers

  - we believe that even enterprise software can be beautiful, 
    and pride ourselves on our design 

  - every single one of our developers have committed code within their
    first day at work (some within their first hour), and because
    we love continuous deployment, so we're constantly pushing to
    production and seeing the impact of our work
Here’s some stuff we’ve been working on lately:

  - building infrastructure to allow us to scale our video recording 
    and streaming; imagine thousands of applicants from countries 
    all around the world submitting video interviews right before a deadline

  - designing and creating our mobile suite for both job candidates and
    employers alike 

  - presenting analytics data captured in our product to the end user,
    and our team internally
Our toolkit involves Python (Django), JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS), MySQL (and some MongoDB), Celery, RabbitMQ, Wowza Media Server. We use AWS for hosting, CircleCI for continuous integration and GitHub for everything else (i.e. code reviews, issue tracking).

If this sounds fun, let’s chat! My name is Konrad, I'm the co-founder/CTO, and you can send me a note at konrad@kiratalent.com. :)

Kamcord (YC S12) | http://kamcord.com/about | San Francisco

We just raised our Series A and are growing like crazy! http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/01/kamkord-the-sdk-that-allows.... We are seeing 3 videos shared every second. Check out some of our top games:




Looking for full-time engineering and bizdev, specifically for an iOS lead, but also want to grow our Android, web, and server team. We have a really strong team, some incredible tech, and big scaling challenges. Did I mention we're growing like crazy?!

Feel free to email me directly at kevin@kamcord.com and mention HN!

ObjectRocket (http://objectrocket.com) - Austin, TX or London, UK - Systems Engineers (Linux/Unix) + MongoDB DBAs

We're a DBaaS company (acquired by Rackspace last year) based in the Capital Factory in Austin, TX. The teams are small and tight (30 people or so right now), and stacked with smart, friendly people that love building great things. We focus primarily on MongoDB today, but also supporting technologies as well. All the excitement of a start-up, but with the perks of working for an established company!

Nerd keywords: Linux, Python, Flask, OpenVZ, Fusion-IO, Cisco, MongoDB, Ansible, Performance Tuning, HAproxy, IPVS, Virtualization, Datacenters, BGP, OSPF

Check the careers page for more information:


If you think you might be a good fit, let us know! We're hiring for senior and junior level positions, so if you're interested, don't hesitate to reach out. We're changing the way developers think about data in the cloud, and we'd love to have you on our team.

Contact us at careers !at$ objectrocket .com.

RightScale, Santa Barbara (CA) and Edinburgh (UK). Full time.

Senior Software Engineer, Back Line Support Engineer, Senior Technical Writer, Marketing Operations Analyst

What cool stuff do you do? We help big-ass enterprises like Samsung, EA Games, Pearson Publishing and Sage deploy and manage their systems on multiple clouds. We launched in 2006 shortly after AWS started, and built the first multi-cloud platform that works with the AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware... Since then, we've built Cloud Analytics and Self-Service that with our Cloud Management product have thousands of users.

What perks do you offer? Retina MacBook Pro, Catered Monday lunches and snacks, great compensation...

Are you guys well funded? Yes, we have paying customers and $60M of VC funding.

I'm interested what's next? Email your CV (and Github profile if you like) to recruiting@rightscale.com.

Check http://www.rightscale.com/jobs/senior-software-engineer and http://www.rightscale.com/jobs for more info.

New York City! WARBY PARKER!

Position: Front End Developer (Javascript/CSS/HTML/Coffeescript/Grunt/Sass)

It would be awesome if you knew (or had experience with): PHP/Python/jQuery/Backbone.js/Versioning Software (like Github!)/Responsive website implementation/Adobe CS

Do you have 3+ years Front End Development experience?! Do you want to work on cool stuff like microsites (http://warby.me/1mDzBls) and making our site awesome (http://bit.ly/hxPnMn)?!

About: We're a lifestyle brand offering designer eyewear at a revolutionary price while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses!

Benefits: Company Outings/Gym Stipend/Cell Phone Stipend/Catered Lunch/Flexible “My Time” vacation policy/Health/Vision/Dental/Cell phone reimbursement/Retirement savings plan (401k)/Commuter benefits/Free eyewear (Discounts for friends and family!)

APPLY HERE: http://warby.me/1kYKkr1

Raizlabs - http://raizlabs.com

Design, development, and QA in Boston and San Francisco.

Do more than code. Raizlabs is seeking experienced mobile developers, quality assurance engineers, and user experience designers to engineer beautiful apps and influence product direction for startups and big brands like Virgin, Bloomingdale’s, Localytics, RunKeeper, Rue La La, Care.com, and HubSpot. We’ve worked in a diverse array of fields ranging from education to medical wearables and are always playing with novel technologies.

You’ll be working with enthusiastic and supportive peers in a trust-based work environment. In fact, you’ll be helping to keep it that way. As an early employee of our West Coast office, you will strongly influence our culture, priorities, and future hiring in San Francisco. If you join the Boston office, you'll join the CEO and team in our top floor headquarters in Downtown Boston.

Join us and contribute to the "next big thing" for years to come.

Apply through our website: www.raizlabs.com/company/jobs/apply-for-a-job/

Or just email me directly and we'll grab coffee! justin-at-raizlabs-dot-com

Kindred Prints - http://sdk.kindredprints.com/ - Palo Alto

We are an early-stage VC-backed startup providing an iPhone and Android SDK for mobile developers to offer photo prints through their apps; we handle printing, logistics, customer service, and payments for those apps; our goal is for it to be as frictionless as possible for those developers.

Our stack:

  - servers in node.js
  - deployment on AWS with Ansible
  - RethinkDB database
  - iOS SDK in Objective-C and Android SDK in Java
Our team: 2 coders, 1 printer operations, 1 sales/design

What we're looking for:

  - experience writing iPhone or Android apps - we're looking for someone take full ownership of the SDK of either platform
  - self-directed, good communicator
  - full-time employee (summer interns are great too!) willing to work out of our Palo Alto office
What you get:

  - competitive salary + equity
  - the opportunity to come in as employee #1 and take ownership of a critical part of our infrastructure
Email me – dmitri@kindredprints.com – I'd love to tell you more :-)

South Lake Tahoe (Zephyr Cove, NV)

Informa Investment Solutions, Inc. is seeking both a senior and a junior web developer to join our web applications team at our office on the shores of Lake Tahoe. If you love designing and building modern, responsive web applications that make it easy for business users to run sophisticated investment analysis software, we would like to talk to you. We’re an established company with actual paying customers and we want to make our little corner of the world a better place for our users.

We use standards-based HTML, JavaScript and CSS to build a cross-browser UI. We use a lot of state of the art technology – HTML5, canvas, RequireJS, Backbone, LESS and node.js. The backend is a mixture of C#, Java, C++ because we believe in using the right tool for the job, and we are regularly evaluating our tools to ensure that. Our development process is agile and we release our web products approximately once a month.

Our offices are a five minute walk from the Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe and Heavenly ski resort is a fifteen minute drive from the office. As a developer you’ll also get your own private office and even though we mostly develop on Windows, all our developers have Mac hardware.

We prefer to hire generalists who are as curious and excited about technology as we are. All of us enjoy learning new technologies and tools; we have a small team and each developer should be able to work on every aspect of the system.

Please note: this is a full-time, on-site position. We would prefer you to work in our Zephyr Cove office, but we also have offices in White Plains, NY or Nashville, TN that you could work out of. If you're interested, please email matt.motherway -at- informais.com (and put “Hacker News” in the subject). Thanks.

The Factory - San Francisco, CA -- http://www.thefactory.com/

The Factory is changing the way companies are built. Backed by the founder of Skype and Rdio and led by Rdio's exec team, we're a product incubator without the burdens of outside influence, funding, or time constraints.

We are well-funded and have a small and exceptional team of twelve. We have a gorgeous office in SOMA. Salary is top-notch, as are the equity and benefits as an early member.

We're looking for highly experienced, entrepreneurially-minded builders to help:

* Dream up and build products

* Develop and perfect a common platform and pipeline

* Create open-source tools to help others launch products

Current positions:

* Senior Front-End Engineer (http://www.thefactory.com/pdfs/sr_frontend.pdf)

* Senior Back-End Engineer (opportunistic)

* Other roles (opportunistic)

You can read more about us here: http://gigaom.com/2013/06/21/the-factory-janus-friis-todd-be...

If you think this sounds like a fit, drop me a line: mike@thefactory.com


Goa, India.

Full-time. Senior Web Engineer (4-7 years exp) (potentially CTO)

Browntape.com (VC Funded) (http://www.browntape.com/)

Make a difference to the rampantly growing E-commerce industry in India.

Browntape is a cloud-based multi-channel order and inventory management tool. Essentially for sellers who sell on multiple online marketplaces (like ebay, amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, shopify, magento, opencart, etc.) to manage their daily operations of order fulfilment and updation in one single panel. -

Our current stack: Amazon EC2, Apache, PHP/CakePHP, MySQL, jQuery, Angular.js, Redis, Jenkins, Sphinx, Amazon SES, HTML5 and CSS3 Fiddling with: Node.js, neo4j


Thinking of moving (back) to India? What better place to land in than Goa - cosmopolitan, productive, super fun, wonderful beaches, clean, well-connected to other cities, and we have a beautiful workplace with an awesome view of a bird sanctuary as the backyard.


Read more: http://www.browntape.com/about/jobs

Write to hn at browntape dot com


Frontend Software Developer - LightSide Labs - Pittsburgh PA


LightSide is an educational technology company focused on improving student writing. We're doing great things in PA and NY with our pilot school districts, showing how you can use machine learning and natural language processing to help give automated tutoring support outside of standardized testing and high-stakes assessment.

We're currently a team of 11, mostly in Pittsburgh (with one remote employee), and our founders have a mixture of Ph.D. machine learning and entrepreneurial experience. We're well-funded and more-or-less bootstrapped, through grants from the Gates Foundation as well as a number of corporate and institutional customers.

We're hiring an experienced web developer for a full-time position building front-end applications powered by our machine learning backend. The platform will aim to help teachers assess student work, such as essays or journals, and improve student writing through feedback during the revision and editing process.

You’ll be working primarily in AngularJS on a rich single-page application. Our web services are built in Python using the Django framework, and our backend is powered by state-of-the-art machine learning implemented in Java. Your primary responsibilities will focus on frontend development, but you’ll occasionally dive into our Python web services and collaborate on defining our user workflows including UX and visual design. There'll be many opportunities to learn a lot about NLP, AI, and machine learning, if you're interested.

We prefer an on-site employee at our office in Pittsburgh, PA, but can make exceptions for awesome people. Compensation is competitive and based on experience.

Chicago (remote possible) Full Time

Front-End Engineer at MarkITx

MarkITx is a growing startup looking for a front-end engineer to help us build web apps that will track, value and trade the world's datacenter hardware. We are disrupting the $312 billion secondary IT market and helping to make sure that equipment gets reused, not just recycled. We do that by bringing simplicity and transparency to a process that is currently painful, ugly and untrustworthy. We've got significant traction and funding, and have built one of the best teams in Chicago.

You'll craft readable, maintainable code that delivers a great user experience. You'll have primary responsibility for everything we send to the browser. Our team will support you with thoughtful UI/UX design and simple JSON REST APIs. You'll manage your projects and collaborate with the team primarily through GitHub and chat. With a fully automated test and deployment infrastructure, you'll ship several times a day, including your first day.

More details at http://jobs.markitx.com/#frontend

County of San Juan, Friday Harbor, WA. Workflow Systems Analyst/Programmer

City life not cutting it anymore? Come live and work in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. The person we are seeking will plan and collaborate with multiple departments, agencies, businesses and organizations to establish workflows to pass information easily and efficiently. Knowledge of Sharepoint, database and system administration and web development will be helpful.

Find the job description and job application at: http://sanjuanco.com/administration/employment.aspx

About the San Juan Islands: The San Juan Islands are accessible only by ferry or small plane. Only about 16,000 people live in the county. The San Juan Islands are a popular summer tourist destination for vacationers. Whale watching, kayaking, bicycling and hiking are popular activities.

Count on temperatures around 70° in the summer and 40° in the winter. A happy confluence of weather systems also accounts for the high level of air quality you’ll appreciate across the San Juans.

Backplane - Palo Alto, CA

== About Us ==

We are building a platform for interest-based online communities. We strive to create a platform filled with dynamic discussions. On one end, we are enabling the community leaders to start, grow, and manage their communities without any hassle; One the other end, we are providing the community participants the best experience to express themselves and connect with others.

Right now, we have 15 people in our engineering team. We encourage our engineers to explore and evaluate new technologies. We work together to create learning opportunities for everyone through code reviews, bi-weekly tech talks, algorithm lunches, and internal hackathons.

- Our site: http://thebackplane.com

- Our largest community - Lady Gaga's LittleMonsters: https://littlemonsters.com

== Technology ==

- AWS for hosting

- MongoDB for main data storage

- PHP-backed RESTful API (ZF2)

- Single page JavaScript Web client built with Backbone.js

- Native Android and iPhone apps

- Fluentd, Hadoop, MySQL, and Django are used for our data analytics portal

== Open Positions ==

- Senior Frontend Engineer

- Senior Backend Engineer

- DevOps Engineer

Check out http://jobs.thebackplane.com for more info. Please feel free to email me directly at chengyin [at] thebackplane.com. We do take INTERNs and we do sponsor VISA.

San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Lincoln NE, Irvine CA

Zillow and its numerous business has a lot of openings, including engineering jobs in San Francisco and Seattle. Salary is very competitive, amazing benefits, great company to work for that is investing in growth and hires only the best.

Full list of jobs - http://www.zillow.com/jobs/openings/

Rent the Runway - New York, NY

Rent the Runway is hiring front and back end engineers. Our stack:

* SOA with Java 1.7 (soon to be 1.8!) + DropWizard. Modern Java's a thing and we've got the proof.

* Ruby + Sinatra for lightweight, scalable web applications.

* JavaScript + Backbone for a front end that's becoming faster and more awesome to work on every day.

Rent the Runway is building the first online rental platform for retail goods. We're a disruptive e-commerce business that believes that democratizing luxury products in the US is just the first step of a broader vision to drive aspirational experiences for tens of millions of users across the globe. We're more than "Netflix for dresses"—we're Cinderella Experience as a Service. Find out more about the challenging product-oriented problems we face across the boundaries of e-commerce, mobile, analytics and shipping/fulfillment here: http://blog.tech.renttherunway.com/

Job postings: http://www.renttherunway.com/careers

Azavea - Philadelphia, PA

Azavea uses geospatial data to build civic software and data analytics for the web. As a B Corporation, Azavea is committed to working on projects that have social and civic impact and advancing the state-of-the-art through research. Most Azavea customers are local governments, non-profit organizations and academic or federal research projects. They build custom apps; perform geospatial analysis, manage several open source civic software projects, and develop an open source, high performance computing framework that enables them to build fast analytical applications by distributing the geospatial data processing. Azavea developers work across the technology stack, from the server to the database to the front-end.

The company is currently seeking developers, and will consider experience in Python/Django, Java, C# and fluency in core web technologies and JS/frameworks. Also seeking DevOps.

Company has 100% paid healthcare for employees/dependents, profit sharing, flex time, about 4 weeks PTO + sick/personal, and 10% time to work on research/training projects.

Apply to dave@fecak.com

Nuve - http://nuve.us/ - Austin, Texas

We’re a venture-funded startup with explosive growth and early stage startup culture. Our combination of patent-pending hardware sensors and software monitoring portal helped us win IBM’s SmartCamp competition and gain acceptance into Austin’s Capital Factory incubator. Our hardware and software teams are small, focused, and have plenty of juicy problems for you to solve.

We currently have two open positions:

   * Electrical Engineer
   * Senior Software Developer
An ideal candidate:

   * will excel in a small, focused, goal driven team
   * will enjoy learning whatever is necessary to get the job done
   * will communicate ideas with clarity and precision
   * will write clean, elegant, simple, testable code
   * will commit often, perfect later, publish once
   * will provide meaningful and constructive feedback
   * will take pride in their work
   * will want to work with others who do the same
If you are interested in being one of our first 20 employees email me at crumley@nuve.us

Coolhouse Labs – Developer in Residence – Harbor Springs, MI (Onsite, Contract)

Coolhouse Labs is a startup accelerator on the shores of Lake Michigan working with early stage digital startups to create beautiful products. This summer, we're ramping up our in-house design and development resources available for the startups and are looking for one more solid developer.

About you: You’re passionate about development, love collaborating with small teams, and have a strong interest in startups. You know the tools of your trade and can produce results. Day to day, you work hard to stay up to date with your profession and enjoy working on personal projects.

You should:

  * Be confident in your command of backend development.
  * Have a strong knowledge of Ruby/Rails, Django/Python, or Node.js and framework of choice; familiarity with PHP is also a huge bonus!
  * Be versatile and able to work with startups through all stages of product development (marketing site development, prototyping/MVP development, building out features, etc.).
Some perks to look forward to:

  * Free housing for the summer!
  * Fast-paced environment with lots of hands on learning.
  * A chance to work closely with startups and help play a role in shaping their brand and product.
  * Sailing, outside “conference rooms” overlooking Lake Michigan, and plenty of BBQs and tasty treats provided throughout the summer!
If you're interested, please shoot and email to blake@coolhouselabs.com. Looking forward to chatting!

More info available at: http://coolhouselabs.com/blog/2014/4/27/developer-in-residen...

Mapbox: Washington, DC & San Francisco.

Full time. Designers & coders - https://www.mapbox.com/jobs/ - but especially looking for people to work on an Android SDK: https://www.mapbox.com/blog/looking-android-developers/

Vimeo - NY, NY


2013: The Year We Did More Cool Stuff - https://vimeo.com/82576921


-Engineer, PHP

-Engineer, Payments

-Engineer, Video Encoding

-Lead Engineer, iOS (Cameo)

-Senior Designer


-VP, Audience Development

-Director, Product Management

-Director, Brand Partnerships

-Director, Finance

-Director, Content Acquisition

-Product Manager

-Executive Assistant

-Optimization Analyst

Stuff we use: PHP, Python, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, AWS, Solr, Hadoop, nginx, node, Vertica. And pretty much any mobile platform.

Feel free to reach out: tyler at vimeo dot com.

Administrate -Edinburgh, Scotland. (http://www.getadministrate.com/)

We build online software for training providers that helps them run their entire operation.


Full Time Developer: We're looking for a full time developer who can join our engineering team. We start all developers in support for roughly 6 months working as a support engineer, then they join our product team fully up to speed on our product and code base.

Developer Intern: We're looking for two interns to join our development team for the summer.

Growth Hacker (Marketing): Looking for someone to join our marketing team and help create and deliver great content, find leads for our sales team, and contribute to our growth as a company.


Detailed job descriptions can be found on our about page (http://www.getadministrate.com/about), look on the lower right.

We're looking for smart people that get things done, who want to join a small company, have lots of responsibility, and work in a very challenging environment.

We're growing really quickly, have a challenging product that's mission critical for our clients, and we're located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We have fantastic offices at Edinburgh's CodeBase (http://www.thisiscodebase.com) with spectacular views of the castle right out of our windows!

You'll need to be eligible to work in the UK - we can't sponsor visas unfortunately. Sorry, no remote workers at this time!


I want to apply to be a Developer Intern. You don't seem to have a dedicated link for this role on your about page. Should I apply as 'Software Engineer', or is there somewhere more appropriate?


Santa Monica, Ca.

Full time - Mobile Developers + Designers

Tradesy (http://www.tradesy.com)



Tradesy is a fashion e-commerce startup with ~25 employees and offices near the beach in Santa Monica. Our peer-to-peer marketplace website lets women buy and sell fashion straight from their closets. We are seeking great mobile developers and designers to help expand our mobile team and create the best mobile e-commerce experience available on iOS and Android devices.

If you...

- love developing or designing native mobile apps

- want to work at a fast growing company

- want to help shape how people buy and sell fashion

... we'd love to hear from you.


Some articles about us:




Complete Genomics - Mountain View, CA

Complete Genomics is a leader in Complete Genomics is a leader in accurate whole human genomic sequencing. We're looking for extremely talented software engineers to work with the latest technology and help us make a lasting impact in the genomic and health fields.

Current positions open in software: - Site Reliability Engineer/ Dev Ops - Sr. Software Engineer - Cloud Front-end Engineer - Cloud Back-end Engineer - Entry Level Application Support Engineer

Seeking full-time on-site candidates, not open to remote at this time. Relocation assistance may be provided for the right candidate.

Benefits include a competitive salary, incentive-based compensation, and healthcare. Random perks include fully stocked fridges, free snacks and beverages. We are conveniently located to beautiful trails in Mountain View.

Please check out our careers' page for more details and to view our openings: http://tbe.taleo.net/CH03/ats/careers/jobSearch.jsp?org=COMP...

Touch Surgery — London, UK — http://www.touchsurgery.com

We're changing the way surgery taught and studied world-wide.

The Touch Surgery team was founded by surgeons with the aim of making a real change to global surgery. Our mission is to provide the best surgical reference and training tools to the global surgical community, and make a real impact on the delivery of surgical care, and patient outcomes.

The existing iOS and Android apps have garnered rave reviews from US healthcare institutions and media including TechCrunch, The Guardian and the FT. We're now looking to build on this success through a rapid acceleration of product development and associated expansion of the London development team. We have a unique product and are poised to take a world-leading position in a hugely untapped market.

We're currently looking for these awesome positions:

- Lead Android Developer - Lead UX Designer - iOS Developer - Front End Developer

More about job specs: http://www.touchsurgery.com/jobs

Liquidweb Inc. -- Lansing MI http://www.liquidweb.com/about/jobs.html

Liquid Web Inc. is a privately held managed web hosting company founded in 1997, with three wholly owned data center facilities located in Lansing, Michigan. Liquid Web is a leader in the professional web hosting market with an unwavering dedication to providing the best hosting products available. Liquid Web has over 20,000 clients served in over 120 countries.

Liquid Web has established a world class Heroic Support team that is professionally educated and available on-site at each data center 24 hours per day. Liquid Web currently employs 300+ Heroic Support engineers with specialties in Technical Support, Server Setup, Networking, Security and more.

Currently hiring 40+ Linux/Windows Systems Administrators as well as many other positions. https://www.facebook.com/alan.patrick.96/posts/1020301038079...

See above page for details

Cir.cl is a funded startup founded by former Obama For America tech and analytics team members. We working on a collaborative consumption product in Brooklyn, NY. We are looking for front end, backend, and encryption developers to help us implement a web commerce application.


* Working from our Brooklyn office. * Experience designing and implementing web applications using currently-popular technologies. * Experience integrating and building with APIs. * Experience with javascript development * Experience using graph and key/value databases * Experience deploying. AWS a plus.

Why work at Cir.cl

We are working hard to build the company we would want to work for and we will amass the best team there is to make peer-to-peer sharing transactions easy. We are looking to bring smart people together to solve hard problems. We think it's important to build a diverse team. We hire good generalists who are looking to do great work. We strive to empower everyone to make smart choices. We pay generously. We have health, dental and vision benefits.

email carol at cir.cl if interested.

San Francisco - EasyPost

EasyPost is changing the way shipping works and helping a lot of people while we're at it. Every month millions of EasyPost packages are delivered across the world. By tying together disparate data sources and APIs we've created a scalable shipping API for developers everywhere.

This is just the beginning of the beginning. Imagine if shipping worked like all our other web services. You have a smartphone, why do you need to go to a store to ship something? Why do you need to wait at home for a package? Because no single platform has tied together all these pieces of the transaction yet.

We're excited about solving interesting problems alongside great people. We'd love to have you along for the ride.


Backend - Ruby/Rails (not a requirement, many of us are new to it and we'll eventually migrate away), MySQL, Softlayer - Rates, Tracking, Batch jobs, adding carriers, and other API improvements.

Frontend - Ruby/Rails, JS, CSS - Dashboard improvements, visualizations, site redesign.

Apply at: https://www.easypost.com/jobs

http://www.15gifts.com - Brighton/London UK - Data Scientist

15gifts' decision-engine technology powers some of the largest corporations in the UK including Virgin Media, Orange, T-Mobile and The Times, and we're growing rapidly.

We are now looking for a talented data scientist to join our team and help shape the recommendation algorithms that underpin our product.

Our data science team is at the heart of the company and plays a crucial role in analysing and visualising customer behaviour - using the data to build statistical and machine learning models that generate highly tailored recommendations and drive the product forward through data-led optimisations.

We're looking for someone with strong analysis, statistics, machine learning and programming skills (we’re particularly fond of Python and R). It's a great opportunity to work for a small company (8 employees), while analysing data from some of the largest e-commerce sites in the country and beyond.

Contact peter.fine at 15gifts dot com (our head data scientist) to find out more!

Sailthru - http://www.sailthru.com/ - New York, Los Angeles

Sailthru is the leading provider of personalized marketing communications technology. We automatically aggregate and analyze disparate user data sets for leading enterprise companies to create holistic, highly personalized customer experiences that lead to bigger revenue opportunities.

Our mission is to transform the way companies build and maintain relationships with consumers with a user first mentality. We are focused on the individual and are committed to solving a common marketing problem: impersonal user experiences that lead to decreased engagement. At Sailthru, we believe that every user is unique.

As an engineer at Sailthru you’d be joining a passionate team of engineers -- including our CTO who codes alongside the team -- to tackle complex challenges of scaling architecture, dive into leading edge technologies, and have strategic impact on architectural features in the product roadmap.

Open Dev roles:

New York (HQ):

Senior Systems Engineer - NY - http://jobvite.com/m?3CTOogws

Engineer - NYC - http://jobvite.com/m?3fTOogw5

Engineer - NYC - http://jobvite.com/m?39TOogwZ

Frontend Engineer NY - http://jobvite.com/m?3ZTOogwP

Los Angeles:

Senior Engineer - LA - http://jobvite.com/m?3VTOogwL

San Francisco, CA

Mixpanel (YCS09; http://mixpanel.com) is the most advanced advanced analytics platform ever for web & mobile applications.

Mixpanel is profitable, with millions in monthly revenue, and we're backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and Max Levchin.


We have two types of engineering positions available - systems and product.

Systems engineers build and scale our infrastructure, and write mostly C, C++, and Python. These are the people working on our custom datastore. This position requires at least 2 years of experience writing systems software. Solid C experience is a plus.

Product engineers are full-stack developers who build the parts people interact with - reporting interfaces, APIs, dataviz stuff, and more - and write mostly Python, JS, and Less. This position requires at least 2 years of software engineering experience, no specialization required. Solid JS experience is a plus though.

The engineering team is still small (11), and there's a lot of interesting stuff to do. Happy to talk details.

If you are interested, drop me a line - tim@mixpanel.com.

Jello Labs - Senior Engineer - New York City - http://jellolabs.com/jobs (fulltime, onsite)


We are on a mission to create the world’s best mobile shopping experience.

We are well funded and we have an amazing team with engineers from Google, Foursquare, Ebay, Chartbeat and Medium - http://jellolabs.com/team

We love GoLang, AngularJS, and ObjectiveC. We do code reviews and care deeply about moving fast while maintaining reliable systems. We drink lots of tea and play lots of board games. Every now and then, we ride bikes.

More details at http://jellolabs.com/jobs, or say hi at hey@jellolabs.com.


Lead iOS Engineer

We're looking for an iOS developer who cares about building awesome experiences. Contact us if you enjoy making fast and responsive UIs, even under the slowest network conditions.

More details at http://jellolabs.com/jobs, or say hi at hey@jellolabs.com.

Windsor Circle, Durham NC: Python Developers

We're a Durham area startup that recently won the Google Demo day national pitch competition [1]

Our mission is to make it "push-button simple" for marketers to maintain their customers. We're currently continuing to build out our platform, which integrates with most of the leading ecommerce platforms (such as Magento and Demandware) and marketing platforms (such as Mailchimp and Silverpop)

We're hiring for a junior level python position to help build out our integrations with various ecommerce and marketing platforms. You'd have an opportunity to learn from a group of experienced developers and work in our great new office in downtown Durham

Feel free to send me questions at ben.mccormick@windsorcircle.com or see the jobs page here: http://www.windsorcircle.com/jobs

[1]: http://www.windsorcircle.com/blog/windsor-circle-takes-the-t...

PaperG - http://www.paperg.com/careers - San Francisco, CA or Kirkland, WA

The New York Times describes PaperG as "an ad engine to put Mad Men out of business." We're changing how digital ads are created and distributed by automating much of what people thought couldn't be done by computer. Our technology retrieves all relevant content about an advertiser across the web to intelligently design a beautiful set of ads for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices all in under a minute.

We have great benefits and take care of things like visa sponsorship so that we can put together a team that's always striving to learn and innovate. Here are a few positions that are most important to us right now - either full time or as an internship. But feel free to contact us at careers@paperg.com. We're growing the team pretty quickly, and are constantly adding new positions:

* Software Engineer - Site Reliability * Software Engineer - JavaScript * Sr. Product Manager * Enterprise Account Executive

Location: Los Angeles (Venice Beach). REMOTE OK.

Position: Front-end Developer (JavaScript/CSS/UI)

What we do:

We have created a unique video chat platform that uses augmented reality to enhance our users' conversational and emotional expression capabilities.

What we are looking for:

A developer to implement our web user interface. You should have experience with JavaScript and responsive web design. The UI is being designed by our amazing Art Director.

What we can provide:

More than UI development: We are a bootstrapped startup, so if your skills are there, you will have the opportunity to work heavily on all other aspects of our full stack development (web & mobile). We also have room to let you stretch your legs in areas other than coding if you can hang. You will be joining a team of 6 people who are passionate about the idea.

Other Technologies we use: Node.js, Ruby on Rails, WebRTC, WebGL, and we are working on our iPhone app as well.

Equity: We are just starting our fundraising process, so you will be working for equity and/or deferred payments (paid upon funding). If you believe in the idea, then we want you.

To apply or learn more: Contact jack@larcchat.com

ChatID (New York, NY) http://chatid.com We're building a platform for brands and consumers to directly communicate across any website and on any device via chat.

Our current openings:

* Frontend Developer - we're building real-time communication interfaces for mobile and desktop web using Backbone.js, XMPP, and BOSH

* Data Scientist - in addition to chat messages we have a lot of data about consumer behavior which we want to use to help brands provide better service

* We're also looking for a Product Manager and Sales & Business Development representatives to help build out our brand partnerships

* You can see all of our open positions at https://chatid.gethired.com/

About the company:

- We're 11 people based in NYC with one in SF and one in the UK

- NYC office is in Flatiron between Union Square and Madison Square

- Newegg.com recently awarded us a 2014 Eggie award for "Best Marketing Platform"

- We like contributing to open source https://github.com/chatid

Technologies we use:

- Lua and Prosody [https://prosody.im/] an open source XMPP server started by two of our cofounders

- CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Require.js, Angular.js, D3, SASS/LESS

- Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ

- Chef for infrastructure automation

Sound interesting? Send us an email at careers@chatid.com

San Mateo, CA, Full Time Cloud Platform Engineer

Marketo is a leader in cloud software and marketing automation. We are delighting our customers and hiring some of the best minds in Silicon Valley. Our headquarters is located in San Mateo, California and we continue to expand globally. We offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and a high-energy environment with lots of room for personal and professional growth.

As a Cloud Platform Engineer you will participate in the development and rollout of tools, applications and platforms critical to the management of Marketo’s infrastructure and services.

Who we’re looking for:

• You live and breath Linux/BSD

• You have solid understanding of standard internet services and protocols (DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP, etc)

• You have hands on experience writing Puppet modules (Chef experience OK)

• You can write readable and maintainable Ruby (Python OK )

• You have hands on experience automating unattended server setup

• You have exposure to distributed and large scale datacenter environments

• You have good communication skills and are good team player

• You enjoy working in a dynamic environment

• You are pragmatic and get things done with minimal supervision

What’s the job about:

• Contribute to server configuration management (Puppet)

• Participate in the unattended automation of server setup (DHCP, PXEboot, Kickstart, DNS, Puppet, Foreman, storage, etc.).

• Help define standards and best practices in server configuration management

• Provide technical leadership in server setup automation and configuration management

Eponym (New York, NY, USA) http://www.eponymous.co

We're an eyewear company looking for engineers to help architect and build our API, which powers eyeglass orders for fashion brands. We are also looking for people to help us build our whitelabel eyewear software, and iterate on new UX features.

Our stack is Python (Flask) and MongoDB [1]. Including bits of Celery, nginx, and uwsgi. We do a lot of integration with the UPS (in fact, we maintain an open-source UPS library [2]).

We're building our API and internal dashboards (which we use heavily to process orders, eyewear prescriptions, customer information, gift cards, etc.) We white-label eyewear for other fashion brands; Classic Specs and Steven Alan are some of our brands.

Email me! jay@eponymous.co

[1] https://github.com/classicspecs/Flask-MongoMyAdmin [2] https://github.com/classicspecs/ClassicUPS

Oration - Foster City, CA (http://www.oration.com)

Full time - Front end engineer

We are a seed funded startup passionate about tackling our nation's rising health care costs by eliminating waste in how health care products are bought. We've analyzed data from some of the largest employers in the US and have found that a significant portion of the $28 trillion spent in health care each year goes to inefficiencies in purchasing. Together with some of the largest retailers in the US, we are building a solution that revolutionizes how individuals and companies buy healthcare products.

We’re searching for a seasoned front end engineer to help lead our front end dev efforts. Come join us in building awesome user experiences for both web and mobile that scale and evolve gracefully. Our small, dedicated group of designers and engineers (there's 8 of us) care equally about good design (visual and technical), having a good time and solving this national problem.

Email techjobs@oration.com if interested or with any questions

Blue Apron (New York, NY): Software Engineer

Blue Apron (http://www.blueapron.com) is an NYC-based startup delivering original recipes and premium, seasonal ingredients needed to prepare them, in exactly the right proportions. We've raised $58M from First Round Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Stripes Group [1]. Forbes recently named us one of the hottest startups of 2013 [2].

After just 18 months, we now deliver over 600,000 meals each month nationwide, and we continue to double every quarter.

Our engineering team is building software to manage the forecasting, purchasing, preparation, and shipment of 60 to 80 different fresh ingrededients each week at a massive scale. The nature of our business carries with it unique supply chain and logistical challenges that require custom solutions and data analysis, the likes of which the industry has never seen before.

Our stack: Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Ember, PostgreSQL, HAML, Bootstrap, SASS, JQuery, AJAX, Git, Heroku

About you:

- You've taken features or products from concept to completion and have experience working with production web applications.

- You communicate your ideas clearly, and are capable of designing and implementing complex, scalable solutions.

- You want to build software that has impact on the lives of customers and coworkers alike.

- You are always learning and are excited at the prospect of mastering new technologies and techniques.

- You write tests to improve the quality and reliability of your code.

- You help teammates improve by reviewing their work and appreciate feedback when they reciprocate.

This role comes with health insurance, a flexible vacation policy, and competitive salary and equity. To apply, please submit a short email outlining your experience and why you are interested along with your resume to jobs@blueapron.com.

[1] http://blogs.wsj.com/venturecapital/2014/04/30/blue-apron-ra... [2] http://www.forbes.com/pictures/emjl45himd/blue-apron-4/

How does what your company is doing differ with the "Shark Tank" featured Plated (http://www.plated.com/) [1]?

As for scrambled eggs recipes/techniques, I prefer Gordon Ramsay's [2].

1. http://abc.go.com/shows/shark-tank/episode-guide/season-05/5... (Plated at ~22:15)

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUP7U5vTMM0

Republic Wireless - Raleigh/Durham, NC

About us

Republic Wireless, a division of Bandwidth.com, is the nation's first WiFi-based cell phone service. We launched Republic to unprecedented national attention for a new wireless provider. Our development team has changed the wireless industry, introducing the first widely-deployed WiFi to cellular call handover. We want you to join us to solve hard problems. Contact us if this interests you. We are actively hiring for the following positions:

UI Tester

Join our Front-end Engineering team to help build out and test our modern Web and native applications. Right away you’ll automate testing of Angular and Backbone apps and our core Android and iOS apps that differentiate Republic from traditional carriers. We've got a lot of ideas to integrate stupid phone tricks directly on the phone. (Think as if your carrier were doing phone tricks like Google Voice). We want you to come break stuff. Native app, hybrid mobile app, and Web app automation. We've got it all.


Join our DevOps team and help us scale.

E-mail hackernews@bandwidth.com with your details and let's get talking.

NGP VAN - Washington, DC or Boston, MA - Senior and Mid-Level Developer, Front End Developer, QA Automation Engineer

NGP VAN (https://coderwall.com/team/ngp-van) is the world’s leading political technology firm, providing campaign and organizing technology to Democrats, progressives, and non-partisan organizations. We offer an integrated platform that combines the best fundraising, compliance, organizing, and new media products available.

We are a rapidly growing company that built the voter contact and volunteer management tools used by Obama for America. Nearly every State Democratic Party in the country distributes our VoteBuilder tools to Democrats up and down the ticket, and we provide industry-leading organizing tools for labor unions, environmental groups, pro-choice advocates, civil rights activists, and international political parties across the world. Our fundraising and compliance software is used by the vast majority of Democratic candidates from the Presidential level on down, and our fast-growing new media platform has recently become the most-used platform by Democratic campaigns as well.

We have a few positions open in DC or Boston for developers - our stack is mostly ASP.NET MVC / EF, but we have several node apps and are also using angular pretty heavily in new stuff. We also have a front end developer spot in Boston, and a QA engineer spot in DC, specifically.

The positions offers competitive compensation and a strong benefits package. NGP VAN prides itself on being a progressive and open-minded workplace; we have a fun and relaxed company culture, including blowing off steam on a softball field, drinking in the office on Fridays, enjoying periodic company retreats to warm places with beaches, and casual Friday every day.

Job Postings:




Hit me up at dmiller at ngpvan dot com if you have any questions!


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