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Here are some use cases I thought of:

go to the top level domain directly instead of hunting and hoping that they have a link there

going up several directories on an ftp site

go from reddit.com/r/starcraft to reddit.com/r/nba

go from a foo.github.io/bar docs page to github.com/foo/bar instead of hunting, and hoping, for a link

increment the page number on a blog by several instead of clicking next repeatedly

prepend http://www.google.com/url?q= to NYTimes urls to avoid paywall

add ?limit=100 to see more comments on reddit comment page

going to a new topic on wikipedia

Yup. As well as basic stuff such as, "wow, I just found myself on a cool page after clicking through a few links. What website is this?"

This change was akin to Microsoft removing the Start menu.

And it highlights the importance of open source software.

And demonstrates how greed (seriously, how much MORE money and success does google need at this point) betrays quality.

Keep using duckduckgo, everyone!

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