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On the docs: there's a good project underway at learnosm.org to write proper beginners' docs. As soon as they're ready for primetime they'll be linked from osm.org (I believe there's a current issue for that), though they're not quite there yet.

On the "b2b" thing: I think that's a mischaracterisation. It's not "to business" specifically, it's to anyone who wants to make use of the data. There are already OSM-powered consumer-grade mapping sites for particular verticals (I run one for UK cyclists, http://cycle.travel/map) and more are on the way.

But it's not true that osm.org goes out of its way to avoid being a consumer service. It may not be the prime focus (and nor should it be) but there's a lot happening on the user-facing side of OSM: a significant redesign last year, lots of stylesheet improvements underway, and routing going live in the next couple of months, for example.

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