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I don't seem to get the point of this post? Seems rather basic and trivial to rewrite google maps code to fit in with another library like leaflet or mapbox. What is something new or innovative done here? Also it seems like you guys jacked a lot of what transloc does http://duke.transloc.com/

If anything this seems like a weak attempt to garner some attention for doublemap. I mean look at the link, its to github.io sure, but is there any actual code. No. Then why not link to doublemap's blog? Why create this false sense of open community (by linking to a github page) and sharing if you're not really sharing anything. You're basically detailing what you did in text, but in no way do you share your code.

Yeah, seems simple. First, get a map of the entire world. Then, allow complete customization of every detail of it. Then, serve it at cloud scale.

The point here is that "Google" is no longer synonymous with "map" and that there is finally some choice in the space. This post by DoubleMap shows that going with an alternative at scale is more than possible.

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