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> The main feature that we can’t get anywhere else is Street View, something that nobody has come close to replicating.

Some people are working on it http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mapillary ;) (but yes right now not an alternative)

Yep, Mapillary is pretty cool! But in terms of approaching Google Street View, not close yet. I suppose if I get a dash mount for my phone I can contribute some data, but it'd just be along my daily commute.

If anybody comes close, it'd probably be one of the big mapping companies. An armchair OSM contributor can map out a whole city without leaving the desk, but street-level imagery requires systematically visiting each street.

So I tried typing "SE1" to get south london and all I can see is a map.

That application requires a TON of personal information, including:

* Full access to all my accounts, and ability to set passwords

* Read my entire USB storage

* Record all activity on my device

Not tried the app (it doesn't work on my phone) but you can upload images taken externally if they have certain characteristics (exif gps etc)

I worked on an app that drew streetview-like imagery from Nokia. I think that's http://here.com , based on the company http://earthmine.com/ they acquired.

It's quite interesting, I saw an advert in a local newspaper for a streetview driver today. I don't think that google will have a monopoly for much longer in this sphere.

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