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Ask YC: Looking for potential co-founders
1 point by sgoraya 3687 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
Hi Everyone,

some quick background of my situation: I have been running a small startup since last year and recently incorporated as a C-Corp; My company specializes in geospatial technologies utilizing API's like Google Maps/Earth, MS Live Maps, VE

Our basic concept is to incorporate any data model with mapping technologies; In addition, we can layer GIS information and other boundary data and overlays on our maps (these include things like zoning, parcel, city/county boundaries, and many many more)

My clients are in the following industries:

-Real Estate


-Non-profits (We have a very cool project about to launch next week)


Anyhow, I would like to meet like minded individual(s) who are interested in growing our core concept - I have vision for taking my company to the next level and would like to find people who are as passionate about geo-data and mapping technologies as I am.

Considering that I will be in the Bay area next week, I would like to meet with some folks who might be interested in a co-founder or other equitable position with my startup

Drop me a message below and I will be sure to send you an email; (if you live outside of bay area/CA and are interested, please feel free drop me a message anyways)

I am interested in what you are doing. I have hundreds of non-profits using officezilla.com and am looking to move into the real estate market (bad mock up on) RealtyGoLive.com gscott@officezilla.com my phone number is 619-873-5648

I'm looking to do exactly this kind of stuff. Contact me at dthefounder at gmail dot com for more info if you're still looking for someone.

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