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Reddit actually brands itself as a "platform for online communities". Given the nature of subreddits, this does not seem like an unfair characterization.

Sure, but your identity persists across all subreddits. If someone makes an insightful comment on a programming subreddit, for instance, and has a high karma score, you may be disappointed to discover that 90% of their previous submissions consists of cat pictures, jokes, in-depth cartography discussion, and porn.

I guess reddit just feels 'diluted' to me. It facilitates a broad range of discussion and does so fairly well, but I can't think of a subreddit that is actually the best place to discuss any particular topic. It's generally my second or third stop.

Easy enough, conceptually at least: Allow people to see other users' activity/karma which is only within the current subreddit.

Similarly, your rep on one StackExchange site doesn't follow you around to all the other sites, because it's not really relevant.

> it's not really relevant

Well, it could be highly relevant, but the system isn't (yet?) designed to recognize when two sibling sites have significant overlap, which does occur.

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