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Minecraft version or it didn't happen ;)

Great to see more and more of these official maps becoming available.

Is this something that can be (has been?) incorporated into the likes of OpenStreetMap? The full dataset (544GB) is available to download or order, so presumably it is technically possible.

Not necessarily. OpenStreetMap relies on users to digitize features. Many of the OSM editors already include imagery from other providers. My guess would be digitizing from this imagery would not be much different and not worth the effort. The Landsat [1] program is another great contribution for imagery. Though lately programs like these have been in jeopardy with the congressional cut of everything science [2].

[1] http://landsatlook.usgs.gov/ [2] http://ens-newswire.com/2013/08/08/uncertain-funding-jeopard...

OpenStreetMap does indeed sometimes mirror and serve up free imagery sets like this so that contributors can trace from it. Sometimes it's the OSM sysadmins doing this on OSM hardware, often it's just individual contributors doing it for their area.

If our worldwide imagery supporters (Bing and Mapbox Satellite) provide equal-quality imagery then there's no great urgency. But these local sources can often be better than what's available elsewhere.

Hah, well there are national DEMs available, and land use datasets - you could generate a natural landscape minecraft map quite easily.

> Is this something that can be (has been?) incorporated into the likes of OpenStreetMap?

It's worth nothing that LINZ have been extremely helpful with things like licensing and funding to get core topographic data into the OSM set for New Zealand. See this page:


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