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I've been wanting to look at TeXmacs for a while now. It seems to have similar typesetting abilities as TeX, but the ability to edit the document live and connect with a running program. I haven't had the time to look into it, though, so it may not be what you want.

TeXworks is a simple GUI for editing *TeX, and watching the output at the same time:


You can also click somewhere in the PDF view and 'jump to source'. Used it a few times when polishing/debugging a LaTeX document, I generally don't use it for writing though. (I prefer to do all my writing in Vim).

I've seen TeXworks, but it's different than TeXmacs, which is real WYSIWYG editing with a TeX-like layout engine. TeXworks is still very cool, though.

> real WYSIWYG editing

That's an argument against using it, it seems to me. Having the words jump around as you type them is maddening.

Texmacs is quite nice actually. If you know emacs shortcuts and are willing to learn a few new Texmacs specific ones it is the fastest way I know to write mixed text and maths.

When I tried last time a few years ago it was not as complete as LaTeX is, atleast for me, who is much more proficient in LaTex.

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