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This would require that, between now and 2021, it becomes possible to use HTML+CSS to create an exact publishable layout, and someone makes a TeX renderer that uses it. That would be great. I'm not optimistic about it, given that right now we can't even manage to standardize e-books, but yes, one can only hope.

(It's not that the TeX tuneup inherently needs to be formatted like a publication; but that's what TeX is for, and it would be silly to expect that the TeX tuneup would not be written in TeX.)

Why are you not optimistic? It takes time, yes, but 7 years is a long time. I personally am optimistic wrt what HTML+CSS can do in terms of typesetting (even PDFs): https://authorea.com/users/3/articles/4675/_show_article

Well we have PDF.js, so it's evidently possible, if a bit tricky.

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