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The questioner seems to want to place burdens on all users, rather than on the backs of a few macro- developers.

Words to live by when making software. The best software doesn't concern itself with the burden to the developers; it worries about the effect on the user.

Apple's original rounded rectangle buttons is another good example.

You're right, but the parent statement is the opposite: the questioner wants to put the burden on users, not developers.

No, he specifically talks about a few examples where as a user he prefers the code to look one way. That is, he thinks it should be on the macro writer to allow the users to write the code as they wish. Not learn a new way to write fractions, for example.

By 'he', I meant the questioner, as did my parent post. Your post uses 'he' to mean Knuth. I've edited the post to clarify.

I'm not sure what the topic is, then. :( Apologies for the downvotes, I suspect it is just a misunderstanding.

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