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Baltimore certainly didn't need Uber to have gypsy cabs when I lived there:) I'd see people putting down their arms when they noticed a real cab approaching, lest they accidentally hail one.

That fact supports the article though; Baltimore is a sad, sad place. Everyone is very nice there, though. One of the nicest towns I've ever lived in. I never really heard about any gypsy cab related crime when I lived there, either. People become more trusting by necessity when they're desperate, but they also seem to become more trustworthy for mutual benefit.

The first time I got off of the Greyhound in Baltimore, the woman who picked me up hailed a gypsy cab for us to ride to her apartment in. It was a first for me.

Yeah, they call gypsy cabs 'hacks' here. There's plenty of hack related crime, but it's mostly passengers robbing drivers.

So, yeah, see, that's fucked up thing -- Uber and Lyft are in bmore too, although in a legal 'grey area' -- wait, 'grey area', how come the hacks are just plain illegal and they are a 'grey area'? How come there is significant support for legalizing uber and lyft, but not hacks? Put a white guy getting rich at the top, and it's different now?

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