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I'm currently developing a website, Longboxed (http://www.longboxed.com), that helps users build virtual pull lists, keeping them up to date with the latest releases.

The comic industry needs more of this. There is a wealth of information out there, nearly all of which is user created. Its nice to see Marvel offering this.

I'm very interested in seeing what people make with this. Now let's pester DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc to get on the bandwagon!

Good luck! I traveled that road for a few years with a site called MyPullList (2007-2010, RIP), and had a heck of a time with ... basically all of it. I did have a lot of fun talking about the data model and its challenges during the height of the NoSQL hype, though.

This is a use case we're very excited about. I know longbox.me is using our API as well and is dreading on similar ground.

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