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what kind of information you can pull? is it possible to pull content of the comics?

Looks like just metadata - characters, series, events - I was just a tad disappointed that event didn't have a "event date" which constituted a date that the event occurred in. Such a date would allow construction of a marvel-verse wide timeline.

Does it have "issue release date"? That's what you'd need to make a timeline that made any sense at all. An in-universe "event date" doesn't really make sense because of the whole sliding timescale thing where continuity makes no sense and we (comic fans) pretend it does.

That link is not telling me a lot

It's just info on the comics, superhero appearances, crossovers. Like someone previously said, just metadata. You can't pull Marvel Universe data like the height of all the X-Men from shortest to tallest or how many planets Galactus has eaten.

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