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The PHP Virgin QUIZ is full of wrong answers!

1. To run PHP code it needs to be processed by a web server. They say TRUE. The answer is FALSE. - php-cli is used a lot (composer/phpunit/etc...)

2. If you inspect the source of a web page, will you ever see the PHP code? They Say YES. The Answer is FALSE - I mean maybe if you enable phps (php source) in your web server, but in most usage never.

4.In the following code snippet, 'print' is what? <?php print("Hello beautiful world!"); ?> They say it s a variable. That might be true given that a variable can be a closure function, but the real answer is a function!


The CSS Virgin Quiz includes a question about Justin Timberlake and this True/False assertion: "The Big Lebowski is the perfect movie."

I suspect all the quizzes are jokes or proof-of-concept placeholders.

So... almost every quiz is bugged and says correct answers are wrong.

And then there's

> Which of the following will increment a the variable 'x' by one? * x++ * x+1 * x+=1 * All of the above

False. print is a language construct


+1 - oddly enough, my first thought in reading someone's report on the 'incorrectness' of their answers, and yet, adding to the misinformation.

Hint: any php 'function' that can be called without parens, is a language construct. Some of our favorite impostor 'functions' in php: echo, unset, isset, die, include, require

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