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Streaming is downloading. Your computer couldn't play it if it wasn't on your computer. The argument worth making here is that content on Netflix is generally watched once, or rarely. It would be trivial to not delete streamed data if that was a good solution to a problem.

"Streaming is downloading"

What was the point of this? Is your reading comprehension so poor that you didn't understand "download" to mean "download in full before playback" in this context? Or are you just trying to score pedant points?

Ten days later, but the point to this was that if there was demand for keeping the full copy of "Half Baked" that I felt like watching once last year on my hard drive, implementing that sort of feature would be a DRM problem, not a "waiting for downloads" problem. If you can stream the show once, you can keep it on your hard drive without downloading any additional data. There is no "waiting for downloads" necessary.

Nice personal attacks though. I was only responding to what you wrote, which contributed nothing to the conversation btw. So that was probably a dumb idea on my part.

What about bandwidth issues? I'd like to preload a film in 4K so that I could watch it without interruption.

And lets not forget that Netflix's whole business model is binge watching, which means you could easily preload future episodes of House of Cards.

Streaming is waiting until the point of consumption to download. Buffering entire movies/shows would make a lot of use cases viable that currently aren't.

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