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You're asking more specific questions that what I will cover, and they're good ones. It will be interesting to read how others reply.

For the other people looking, Stroustrup's A Tour of C++ [0] is the guide for getting quickly up to date with the "new C++", C++11 and onwards. It doesn't specifically cover C++14, but if you understand C++11, the few things coming in C++14 are for the most part minor enhancements to what is in C++11.

Scott Meyers should finish up the C++11/14 version of the Effective C++ series this year, and many are waiting for this. For now, his notes Overview of the New C++ (C++11/14) [1] are available for purchase.

If you like videos, there is a wealth of information from last years GoingNative conference [2]. More recently, at this years Build conferece, Herb Sutter gave a presentation on Modern C++: What You Need to Know [3].

Finally, come visit up over on reddit in /r/cpp [4]. Some heavyweights in the C++ world participate there, and the larger portion of participants are similarly knowledgeable in C++ as a whole.

[0] http://www.amazon.com/Tour-In-Depth-Series-Bjarne-Stroustrup...

[1] http://www.aristeia.com/Licensing/personalUse.html

[2] http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/GoingNative/2013?direction=a...

[3] http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2014/2-661

[4] http://www.reddit.com/r/cpp

Definitely take the time to watch the Herb Sutter video (number 3), the first half is mainly about how modern C++ differs from old C++, and the second half is all about how important control over the memory layout of your data is (spatial locality, CPU caches, linear arrays vs lists, etc...). This is one of the most interesting, and most relevant talks about C++ I've seen yet.

Thank you very much for those links. In particular, the Stroustrup book looks phenomenal at less than $20 used for a dead tree version.

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