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Wow, this is the first time I've heard that Scala 3 is actually in the works (vs. Dotty as research that may incrementally find its way into Scala 2).

Naturally, tradeoffs will be made, are you guys at a point yet where you can reveal what we're going to _lose_ in terms of functionality and flexability?

I know the core Scalaz developers had a bit of an uproar on Twitter when Dotty was first revealed (due to the simplified/less powerful type system in Dotty that may make some scalaz magic very difficult to pull off).

Otherwise, improved tooling, build times, Scala 2 sans les warts, etc. will be a boon for the language.

So, Scala 3.0-M1 in 2016? Give us the inside word ;-)

See also good discussion in ScalaWags #13


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