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Accepted projects – Google Summer of Code 2014 (google-melange.com)
86 points by bratao 1370 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 29 comments

That site is just as unusable as back when I did SOC and Code In a few years ago. Just browsing that list already had me frustrated.

Well, at least there are two projects to address Melange usability...

"Responsive Layout"


"Improving Student flow/experience in Melange"


Once upon a time, a feature called "Pagination"...

Is it updating dynamically? I see lines popping in occasionally without reloading the page ...

haha I was thinking the same thing. it's just a long load i guess

Usability, especially with lists, is something we're definitely working on improving.

Well a static page so that ^F works properly would be a start.

Glad to see Guile Emacs returning:

> Complete the integration of Guile and Emacs.


I got accepted ! How awesome is that ?

Congrats! Its an absolutely awesome experience. Take advantage of the mentorship you get, because unless you go into academia you may not have a lot of opportunities to have an experienced engineer field your questions and review your work in a setting where there isn't "real job" deadline pressure.

Also: This makes me feel so old, as an '05 participant.

Grats! GSoC was some of the hardest work I've ever done. And it was very satisfying indeed. Good luck on your project. :)

Me too! It is indeed very awesome.

I also got accepted to work on Unicode support in SBCL!

What project?

Mlpack. Multi-Class Adaboost implementation.

Nice congrats!!

Super excited about this year. I'm implementing the new Internet Printing Protocol over USB standard for Linux.

Congratulations to everybody! I wanted to participate but I learned about GSoC last week when reading through some Julia documentation. I would have been happy to work on their linear algebra related projects. Maybe next year!

Sorry I didn't make it. Goodbye Gsoc. I will still love you tho.

I remember signing up to GSoC to work on a Java forum for an open-source wiki tool and not getting in. It sucked, but it pushed me to apply for another scheme and eventually I landed an internship in a local business using ASP.NET and I fell in love with C#. 5-6 years later, I still write C# and I'm very happy.

At the time I'd have chosen GSoC over the other internship scheme, but ultimately I think it all worked out very nicely for me. When one door closes, another usually opens.

Sad. I didn't make it either...

Really happy I got accepted. I am graduating this year and this was my last chance to do this. This also gives me plenty of time to job hunt :)


I was surprised to not see DragonflyBSD on that list. They have been accepted all previous years.

They seem to be deliberately dropping projects that have had people before in favour of new ones this year.

I've put this up for people who got selected and want to connect with fellow HNers.


Maybe we can do something better.

Is it possible to participate in SoC if you're not currently enrolled?

Some mentors are looking after more than one project. Let's hope they can give the required attention to each project. Let's also hope the corporate managers who sponsored the projects in the first place allow those mentors to take sufficient time away from their charge out time to adequately mentor the students involved and be more able to ensure the project is a success. Allowing mentors adequate time out to assist the students is more important than squeezing every euro of bonus money out of them.

I wish had known about the event a bit earlier since I am graduating in a couple of months..

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