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Honestly, pick a proper open source license like apache to protect yourself (no-warranty clause) and your users (explicit patent and copyright grant).

Also, as you are latvian, under Wipo, you are essentially unable to give something away without a license due to the moral rights clause. I mean you can, but no one has a right to use it unless you explicitly grant it. You cannot disclaim rights and place it into the true public domain.

Also, scraping is bad, m'kay.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll choose a better license! I agree that scraping is bad, but there was no other easy way to do what I wanted (the english improvement program that I talk about in the article), so I had to write this code.

scraping is bad, m'kay

To the contrary, I think scraping is part of the original smalltalk OOP vision, where objects are entities universally accessible, without limitations on who/what/how they are being seen/edited.

I think he outranks you when talking about scraping google contents: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_DiBona

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