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I want to be writing scala so bad, but there doesn't seem to be any jobs in my area. Are there any scala specific job boards out there?

Go to meetups. This is fully general advice if you wish you had a job programming $LANGUAGE or $FRAMEWORK or whatever. Go to meetups for the job you want, not the job you have.

This is a tough one. I've started working with Scala full time by convincing my boss that this is the way to go. Let's just say without going into too much detail that I've proved my point, because our original stack now looks just miserable in comparison. From what I can see (at least in UK) Scala jobs are more of the high end ones and usually has to do with finances and/or "big data", which is why there aren't many of them. Also, I think Scala if not for everyone which is why it's usually used by someone who's more or less a seasoned professional mastered more than one language.

A good start would be putting your contact info in your "about" on HN. I know a few people here in SF looking for contractors who'd probably be happy to send some work your way...

I haven't seen any job boards specific to Scala, but there do seem to be more jobs popping up looking for Scala experience.

You could also work at evangelizing Scala in your current (presumably) Java shop. I've found success with this approach by getting other developers interested in the language and mentoring them, especially during the steeper parts of the learning curve. If you can pique the interest of a good portion of the development team it's often not too difficult to get a new language introduced through smaller non-critical or non-production systems, which is a good foothold with which to get the benefits visible to the wider group. YMMV of course.

Do the Coursera courses and demonstrate an interest. When we hire we look for developers with 2-3 languages under their belt. Only one has to be professional for a jnr/mid candidate. Most other Scala shops I know of work the same way.

Even this low bar eliminates 90% of candidates so it won't take much for you to shine at this level.

If you're snr then you might find yourself actually having to introduce Scala at a Java shop. Run dojos, lunchtime lightning/brown bag talks and lever it in as a testing framework or throwaway prototype. If that doesn't work, start questioning what you did to deserve being called snr.

Not sure how well-maintained it is but:


We're hiring for Scala development near Los Angeles. (Ventura County) We don't expect you to have prior professional Scala development; a sharp dev can get up to speed and start writing decent Scala fairly quickly. (Profile has my contact info.)

Probably not in your geographical area, but we use Scala at Nest! Contact me:

jared at nestlabs dot com

Where are you based? Reach me via email (it is on my profile page).

We are hiring scala devs at Kivo in London. Ping me leo@kivo.com

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