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Hacker Dojo - community center for hackers (Mountain View, CA) (pbworks.com)
58 points by tortilla 3024 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Most important page on the wiki: http://hackerdojo.pbworks.com/JoinTheDojo

We currently have 40 members, but we need an additional 40 members to consistently cover costs (rent, power, internet access, improvements to the space, etc).

If you're curious about Hacker Dojo, join the mailing list [1] and stop by the open-house scheduled for next Sunday (Aug 23, one day after DevHouse 34 [2]).

Any questions?

[1]: http://groups.google.com/group/hackerdojo

[2]: http://shdh.org/

I'm gonna be in town, and friends are starting one of these locally. I'm not looking to join, I am just curious to see how it works - can I stop by?

David Weekly and much of the Dojo crew are also the forces behind SuperHappyDevHouse (http://shdh.org).

Great idea, would love to see something like this in the LA area.

A really great initiative, maybe another startup incubator( or hatchery) will be born from this.

I can't wait to move out to the bay area.

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