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A meetings clock that counts UP the price of a meeting based on the the salaries of the people in the room.

I set off to build a simple web version of this today, http://meetingcost.io

This did actually exist, although as far as I'm aware, it failed as a long term business:


My basic Windows 8 (and WP) app, Meeting Money, does this. http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/meeting-money/83826295...

Good Idea. But I'd say it should be the other way around. Focussing on developers (the lower salary cream), higher the developers in the meeting, greater the loss. (Higher people are busy in meetings throughout anyway..)

Related to this, a cost estimator for adding a cc: to an email. Some people might think twice if they knew what their mail really cost the company.

Ha! I had this exact same idea when I was sitting in one too many meetings.

It was more an idea for the "snark" category though.

What would be the effect of it?

to keep aware of how long meetings affect productivity in $ sense for business/management-minded people, I would assume.

Make people realise that many meetings are pointless and very very expensive?

Discourage long, pointless meetings I imagine.

so if you want to know how much someone makes, schedule a one on one meeting.

I confess, I'm one of those people who believes all salaries should be public within a company—compensation should be based on real worth rather than negotiation skill.

That said, for it to work properly, the staff would need to watching the clock too so it couldn't just be a managerial thing.

All staff would need to at least know the wage bands of each other's salaries.

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